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I am 7 days into melon island

I am on day 3 of the worst migraine I have ever had.... It is unbearable and I feel like dying

Anybody got the remedy ????


I have drank about 2 liters a day along with lots and lots of melons, always water melon at the beginning of the day, some days followed by various other melons.

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You really need to give us more to go on. What was your diet like before? What kind of melons? How many calories? etc..

Diet has been vegan for 4 years . 80/10/10 off and on for 3 years .. I used to get migraines right before I went vegan every single month for about 6 months straight that would last for 3 days in a row. Since becoming vegan I have only had 3 migraines in 4 years. I have been going pretty heavy on cooked vegan non lfr.

The melons have mostly been watermelon however, I have been eating cantaloupe and honey dew . I have only been eating about 2000 calories a day because anytime I try to eat more melon my headache gets worse

what did you eat before you went on the melon island ? i mean the couple of days before you started?  you mentioned above that you were heavy on cooked foods.. what kind of foods ? just steamed veggies or was it grains (such as rice), vegan pizza etc? it sounds a lot like detox! 

have you tried water with organic lemon as a remedy for headaches? 

I was eating rice most recently and the few weeks before was cooked vegan foor from catering from the music featival company I work for and it was no where near 80/10/10. But I was thinking detox , its just been 4 days of migraine and it sucks..

I have not tried water with lemon but I will .. although two times I have had flare ups in my migraineast night and today and celery juice gave me a lot of relief..

it is better to have at least 1 fully raw day with no fats and many water rich fruits or/and green juices before you go on a melon cleanse, especially a longer one (like more than 1-2 days) to prepare the body for a deeper cleanse!

rice has gluten, and when you start eating melons it works like soap.. so that may be a reason for the extreme detox symptoms.

yeah and don't drink too much water, when you are doing a melon island! the are watery enough ;) have been on a melon island as well 2 weeks ago :)

are your melons ripe, organic?

celery or cucumber juice, or even both is great! especially when you are doing a melon cleanse!  

Thanks , the melons, are very ripe, very sweet... but not organic but from a local farm ...

locally grown should be fine :) at least they are not frozen.. unfortunately people who sell melons here are SAD eaters and they don't know or don't care how to store melons, so they store them below 10°C which is a no go for melons! they get soft and frozen, not good at all.. 

by the way a good bowel movement is very important - many people get headaches because they are not having a good bowel movement! so that could also be a reason for your headache!

Rice does NOT have gluten! Otherwise, coeliacs like me were in a terrible mess...

depends on the brand ;) sometimes gluten also appears in pre-packaged flavored rice or rice products processed on equipment or in a facility that also processes gluten-containing products!

True, that's why i wouldn't recommend prepackaged products unless they are declared as gluten free. As far as the regular rice goes, you're supposed to rinse it before cooking, anyways. That usually helps reducing the risk of gluten-contamination from production/packaging even more.

yea I was thinking the same about them not having gluten ( actually I was knowing the same...) I think she meant it is glue like


you need to watch your water intake mate! obviously water melons are mostly water! I think 1kG is 1L so you could be overhydrated, how many melons are you eating? you do not need to drink water when eating water melon! when I eat oranges melons etc I leave out the water!!



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