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      Oh not me!  Heck no!  But there's a raw food coach out there who already juice fasted for over a year who is now dry fasting for a whole week.  I can't wrap my mind around that.  My native American friend dry fasted for three days for her religion.  I wouldn't even recommend that of course, but what on earth do you think of doing it for a whole week?

      Once again I'm so grateful that I found the 30bad lifestyle and the sense of abundance that I have always craved!

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There is a repeating fasting mania with some people 

Is it a modern self flagellation ?

No animal in nature stops eating if its hungry 

I don't agree with fasting just for the sake of it. 

Anyways, if someone decides to fast, that's ok with me, but a DRY fast for SEVEN days!? That's the most idiotic thing I've ever read in a long time.

If anyone search information about dry fasting they'll probably find that it's never recommended to do a dry fast for more than 3 days.

Good luck to that person and I hope the hospitalization doesn't cost much for him.

I think some people get addicted to fasting...

people get addicted to extreme things, hey lets try no food experiment!! lets put cinnamon up our nose!!  i heard something about kids vaporizing alcohol or sometehing.

Some people can try if they like spending a week  whithout any energy, meditating, or sleeping it's a choice....For myself i find life much interesting with a lot of energy... If it is for curing yourself i will say listen to your body , he better know how to do that than your will power, only extrem case need a fast and usually you are just not hungry..

Concerning breathanism this persons just nourish themselves from another energy and don't fast, you see the difference your body need energy

She calls her self a health coach just because she lost a lot of weight, does not make her a health coach. She is always acting like an expert, I just feel bad for the people who pay her thinking she knows what she is talking about. Also she took in liquid so I think she is just looking for more attention saying she was dry fasting. Crazy how so many people  are coaching people and have no idea what they are talking about.

Ha ha!  You know who I'm talking about.  I just reread my original post and realized I didn't write it very clearly.   My Native American friend is not the one who was doing the extended dry fasting; that's not who I'm talking about.  But the lady I'm talking about is the one Gia is referring to.  I think it's fine when someone does three-days for religious purposes.  She said she was given the gift of forgiving her enemies.  The other one is kind of a nut job if you ask me.  No judgement there or anything!

all these skammers are a joke. But then again the world are full of retarded people who wanna be fooled regardless. Risking your health for some nonsense sweet talker.

Some weeks ago i talked to a Hipocrates healthcoach- she was talking like a robot- curing sick people etc- i asked her 4 times- what do you eat as a base/stable...? Cause NOBODY can live off sprouts and wheatgrass- she could not answer me.  refering to bottle of chlorella wich was 70 dollars...LOL- the "raw"food scene is 99% utter nonsense and crap.

the mystery  staple is F A T   in my opinion oil & green crap

As soon as I've read the title I was like - just no. This is some sick stuff, don't even think about it, jeez. Those 'gurus' are just out of their minds. It' downright dangerous for such a long time.



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