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Do you guys have any dental advice? I made 2 videos explaining my teeth situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J188GdTwij8


Now after getting the fillings, on of the front tooth started hurting, so I went back to check it again. After XRay she said I might need a root canal. I ve heard it's terrible procedure and you should avoid it. Any tips and advice. Should I get a root canal what further actions should I take to prevent further cavities to develop?

Thanks guys.

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Root canals leave dead tissue in the body: https://www.hugginsappliedhealing.com/root-canals-toxic.php

I would get at least three opinions from different dentists on your cavity diagnosis, lots of dentists are not honest. 

Thanks I will try different dentists verdict, maybe they just want my money, that´s why I tried to avoid dentist in the first place, cause when doing the filling they can easily damage all your tooth and then you need a root canal.

Also ednshell, do you have any specific dental hygiene advice and tips that could help to heal my teeth. I read that cavities take months to years to develop, but I doubt it started before this lifestyle 6 years ago. Therefore do you recommend any changes or things I should pay attention to?

Thank you very much for replying. 

What has your dental routine been these past 6 years?

I have been to one dentist after another that seemed legit with excellent recommendations but ended up not honest or maybe they were fooling even themselves.  I had a friend who worked for a dentists that outright lied to patients saying there was a cavity when she could see there was not. 

In 2010 when I started the low fat raw vegan lifestyle, I followed strictly the natural hygiene. I believed that when animals in nature dont brush their teeth, why should we. So I went quite a long time without even brushing my teeth, but eating strictly raw, with few slip ups of cooked food. After few months I noticed yellow stains on my teeth, that were hard to rub off.

Then after maybe half a year of strictly raw with few slip ups I started eating rice with vegetables for dinners, sometimes pasta. At this time I also started brushing my teeth in the morning and in the evening, but only with toothbrush, no toothpaste. And that was exactly the recommendation of many gurus, including Durianrider.

I continued this routine until maybe 3 years ago, so 2013 when I started using toothpaste, simply because my girlfriend was using it. But not on regular basis, I would still brush my teeth only with water on many days. I started using toothpaste regularly (vegan, no fluoride), sometimes in 2014.

That is also a time when I noticed 2 of my wisdom teeth starting falling apart. Literally pieces of tooth would just fall out, eventually creating a hole, that would get bigger and bigger. Of course this was alarming to me, but I didnt experience any pain. First I thought that my body is naturally getting rid of those teeth to make more space for other teeth, cause my teeth are pretty close together.

When I arrived to Thailand in 2015 and started eating rice literally every day for dinner and sometimes even for lunch, one of the wisdom teeth started hurting badly. The other one was OK. This was alarming to me, and after  experiencing lot of pain, I decided to go to dentist. Doctor said both wisdom teeth need to be exctraced and plus I have a cavity forming on my front teeth.

Upon some research I realized I really need to start flossing. My parents never thought us about the importance of flossing, and in the health scene, you hear it now and then, nobody really emphasizing the importance of it. So I started flossing every evening after dinner and sometimes after lunch. but not every time. The wisdom tooth stopped hurting, so I didnt pay much attention to my teeth anymore.

I asked Durianrider and Freelee about teeth at the Raw till 4 festival, and they said dehydration is the main cause. I am always drinking plenty of water, always peeing clear. Then Freelee said that the airconditioner can dehydrate your mouth. I was actually using airconditioner in Thailand for about 2 months at this time, but also drinking water at night.

My teeth seemed to be good until 2016, when the wisdom tooth started hurting again. This time I couldnt deal with pain anymore, so I got it extracted, sometimes in May. But what was more shocking than exctraction is that I had 4 more cavities on my front teeth.

I started to get worried, but I didnt see anything on the outside, so I thought they are just deceiving me. But about month later I saw a white plack forming between my front teeth, which was getting bigger and bigger.

Sometimes in June I went to the dentist again to see what I can do. At this point I was flossing religiously after each meal. Eventually in beginning of July I decided to get 3 cavities filled. 2 between my front teeth and another one on the side on the front tooth. After the procedure I felt immediate pain, even though I was still on anesthetics. I asked the doctor if its ok. He said it hurts because the filling is hitting the nerve, but the pain should cease in about 3 days.

In 3 days the pain did get better, but was still hurting just before sleeping, when laying in the bed. I waited 2 more weeks and I still had the pain, so I went to check again. After X Ray, the dentist said I might need a root canal if the pain doesnt stop, cause the bacteria is in the tooth.

Upon doing farther research on dental health I found out following:

-bacteria feeds on sugar and the excrement from it are highly acidic, which creates cavity, therefore never flossing in my life is obvious, when dates and starches would get stuck between teeth and cause cavity

- saliva on the other hand reminirilize and protects your teeth, making alkaline environment, me always grazing to get maximum amount of calories, never giving saliva a chance to repair my teeth, now I try to eat 3 big meals a day

- phytates and oxalates can inhibit calcium, zinc and iron absoption, eating 1kg of rice dried weight every day is full of phytates, possibly leaching the calcium

- I started using fluoride toothpaste upon further research, I neutralize the acidity in my mouth with either baking soda or xylitol spray after each meal

- each morning I do wheat grass pulling

Thanks for reading, I appreaciate your comments and any further advice that you might have.

And also I found about vitamin K2. It is used for proper calcium absoprtion as I understand, and some people cant convert K1 into K2. The only vegan source of K2 is natto and kimchi. Do you recommend also supplementing with it, cause I didnt see any testing for K2 at local hospitals.

White rice has the husk removed, so doesn't contain phytic acid. It's fortunate you're not on acidic, health harming animal products.

I avoided toothpaste for three years on high raw, but didn't have any issues. If only brushing once per day, despite teeth feeling unclean, this will have led to your issues, plus perhaps not including enough mineral rich greens. You would probably do better to consume the wheat grass, rather than spitting it out, plus get tender leafy greens in your smoothies. 

Also, h-pylori is a bacteria which causes malabsorption and all kinds of issues, and I would say you have it, judging by what you've said about non-optimal energy levels at times, plus some mention of neck ache (seems to be a classic symptom). I'm wondering if it's the dentist's fault that bacteria has got under your filling, or whether it's h-pylori bacteria being problematic. 

Still, four fillings does not seem so unusual for people on a mainstream diet either, but obviously, you would be disappointed not to get a better result with plant-based, HCLFV.

It seems you would need to do a lot of research on root canals, and the pros and cons. 

As a non-expert, I can't think what the alternative would be, but to see if you can get the filling removed and redone, or the tooth removed / false tooth put in. Ask dentists' opinions about these options. 

Sorry you're going through this. I hope all is better for you quickly! 

I also consume a lot of sugar with blood test results in range.  So grateful to learn about how to eat a vegan diet healthfully and sustainably from Durianrider and Freelee. But I have h-pylori. Does anyone want to gift me with some remedies so I can make a video (can't promise it will be good)? :) 

I was never really drawn to eating lots of raw greens, especially not in Thailand. But I would always steam some chinese cabbage, bok choy and other green leafy vegeatables that I dont know names of, together with broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms. 

A nervy, painful tooth can settle down after a few weeks or even more.  So if it is not too bad and you can tolerate the pain reasonably well I would wait and see if the nerve deadens some more. 

Magnesium deficiency is in about 80% of the population at least.  This does effect tooth health for sure.  I love this interview with M.D. Carolyn Dean: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x26i3oj_anna-is-pregnant-from-anna...

Some raw foodists talk about orally swishing with a few drops of 5% Lugol's iodine in a glass of water to help kill bacteria as well as to help remineralize the teeth.  A water pic is a great help as well.

It seems we have all had our bacteria eco-systems from mouth to gut totally off balance and this is the ultimate cause of the decay.  So trying to reintroduce a healthy balance with pro-biotics seems like a good idea to me.  Of course the plaque build up feeds them along with stuck sugar etc.  So getting regular cleanings from a pro who is very careful with scraping and polishing without damaging the teeth or gums seems like a good idea to me.

Plus keeping good oral hygiene of brushing with an extra soft tooth brush gently and flossing 4 times daily 

Flouride is poison and does not help teeth at all. Google Dr. Blaylock's talk on Flouride.

What do you think about what I have said so far, have you heard of these things before?

I know your comment was for Milos, but I just want to say I found it incredibly insightful and helpful in any case. 

I'm just wanting to add as well that clove oil is apparently very good at numbing tooth pain. 

I'm nervous / on the fence with the iodine swishing, due to this. 



Oh another thing. due to having h-pylori, my legs ache if I don't eat a small block of tofu at least every 10 days ( I enjoy the plain type at the side of my meal).

I avoid overt fat for the most part. More than a very limited amount of fat gives me acne, and also beans do (yes beans). *But tofu is good*. Been doing this for about 2 years now, and every time I cave into beans - acne. 

Hi Lind thank you for replying here as well. Yes I ve heard about Clove oil, but its incredibly hard to get in Thailand, I will have to order again. What is that supplement that you recommend for H-Pylori infection and do you have a webiste link to order it from?



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