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I've been low sodium, low fat, Raw Till 4 vegan for six months, and vegan for 5 years. I'm still gaining weight. I went from my healthy weight that I've been at for years (113 lbs) to nearly 130 lbs. I feel so uncomfortable at this weight. I have a very small frame (all the women in my family do), and I'm 5'7". I work out three times a week, cardio for 15 to 30 minutes and 30 minutes of weight training, although the weight training is light. I easily eat 2k calories a day. I love bananas, grapes, mangoes and rice, as well as the occasional potato meal (they dehydrate me big time!) and many kinds of tropical fruits, greens, and vegetables. It really looks like I've gained fat on my stomach. I used to have abs, but those are long gone, as well as the muscle definition on my arms and legs. I used to feel good about myself, but now I just feel horrible. I don't have very much confidence because I feel like I'm carting around an extra limb! This is the heaviest I've ever been and I'm supposed to be auditioning for modeling soon. What should I do? I've been messaging and emailing Freelee for months now, but it seems she's too busy to get back to me. 

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 It sounds like you need to do something about a toxic buildup in your body that is restricting oxygen flow to the cells.

 Add antioxidant rich food like blueberries etc & eat more cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts) to increase your sulfer intake.


dont eat cruciferous!!!!!!! kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts etc

they r goitrogenic! can @#$% up ur thyroid coz they
block iodine (if enough in food) from getting used.

hibiscus tea is full of anti oxidants and the mentiond
berries etc.

how did u eat before going high carb?

did u eat less than ur 2000 cals now?

ppl r gonna tell u to up the calories when they
see u "only" eat 2000 cals since 2500 is the minimum here.

whats 130 pounds? 55 kg?

i weigh 70 kg !!! haha and i m 5.6

i burn 1900 calories on super lazy days (only walking to
the toilet and back to the couch)
and up to 3200 cals when working (3h standing/walking)
and 1 hour cardio (running 10km/h)

6 months is not very long. Tomorrow it will be my one year anniversary with raw till 4 :D, I feel great, but haven't lost weight. Went from 139 to 166, my highest was 169 I think but for a while I was 160 when I consistently got 3,000 calories. My body holds on to more weight when I eat less, but if I eat 3,000+ calories I usually wake up a pound lighter the next day.

I don't think the body will focus on loosing weight until it's healed itself by gaining weight, just give it time and make sure you eat enough to heal your body.

If you need to drop weight, cut out all salt and sodium intake except what occurs naturally in things like tomatoes and celery.  I trouble losing weight, took a long, long time to lose it after I was completely vegan (cooked).  I stopped eating fats, next to none, well...that never helped.  I take out sodium (and I still eat a stalk of celery at a time) and I have been dropping 1-2 lbs per day.  I used to workout, lift, walk miles and NOTHING would work.  I workout about 2-3 times per week, shoot for at least 2 raw meals and just have smaller cooked and a salad or other raw instead, drink at least 1 gallon per day and I am loosing weight - IN THE WINTER! :)  I'm just at 130 (5'5.5") and am about to start back into the 120's (as long as I stay away from junk and salts!) I used to weigh 112, but that was 10 years ago.  I don't get really good sleep with a teething toddler, but I know that helps the body to release excess weight.  Don't let it discourage you, that only produces stress hormones that mess up your metabolism more!  I feel good making progress, at least, every week if not daily!  Keep doing good, stay happy and you'll soon see better results.  Hope this helps you!

eat alot more



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