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I am 6 days into my endeavor and LOVING IT! Feel great and my workouts are awesome. I am coming from a place of higher fat more veggie diet with alot of veggie juices so I HAVE detoxed before but this is different.


There are a few issues I was wondering if anyone has dealt with and how long it lasts.


1. My skin is VERY dry and flaky. I am using a body brush

2. Watermelon seems to give me temporary heartburn symptoms which I think is weird

3. In the 80-10-10 book Dr Graham emphasizes that we should eat about 3 meals a day which I am having a hard time doing. I get SO FULL! But it goes away quickly and I can generally finish my meals within a couple hours. So when I start my morning eating routine at 6 am after my workout I may have melon or a smoothie but then I am really hungry again by 8 am and eat till about 9. I just eat melon generally till I am full. Usually takes me an hour or so to finish it up. IS "grazing" this way going to hinder me in any way?

4. My schedule goes from 330 am till 730 pm. I work out at 4-6 am and go to bed at 7 and sleep by 730-8 pm. I eat my big salad around 2-3 pm. Then I am TOTALLY full till around 5 or so when I have a smoothie then go to bed. IS not eating my salad as the last meal a big deal?


All in all I really enjoy this, it is VERY easy compared to my past vegetarian attempts. I have no craving for any cooked foods or granola or nuts. As long as I plan ahead I am not having trouble. I am starting this at a primo time with fresh fruit in abundance here in Florida at this time of year. Hopefully it will be an easy switch. Anyway, Thank you all for the support and the posts and the kindness I find in this site.. 



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Hi there, good on you !

I just remember Dr Graham saying clearly that it doesn't really matter when

you eat your veggies (tender-leafy greens etc), whether as dinner or lunch,

as long as you eat them.


I don't know about the rest of your issues but it sounds like you're doing great.


thank you- I am reading his book again for the second time and with the renewed motivation I am taking the 100 day challenge.. Shall see how it all goes@!1!! loving life though for sure.

Ciao, good on you !  I'm quite new to this too but i just wanted to tell you

that at the beginning it's hard to get all that fruit in just 3 meals so it's normal

to have more.

it takes time to adapt the stomach.

more meals won't kill you for a while so i wouldn't worry about it.

just focus on getting your stomach more elastic :)


All the best


Watermelon seems to give me temporary heartburn symptoms which I think is weird...


Maria, this is likely due to one of the following 2 things...


1. Food Combining - It would be best to only eat watermelons for breakfast on a very empty stomach and completely mono (no food combining) because when you combine watermelon with other foods (and that includes the meal you ate earlier in the day if it still hasn't finished digesting) it will cause this feeling.  


2.  Unripe Watermelons -  Is the watermelon you've been eating bright red inside and SUPER sugary???  Eating watermelon with a spoon should taste sweeter than any of the sugary breakfast cereals you tried as a kid.  (If you are eating watermelon and someone else at the breakfast table is eating "Froot Loops", "Frosted Flakes" or "Lucky Charms" and you feel even the slightest desire inside of you to eat some of their cereal you aren't eating ripe watermelon.)


Oh, and your skin will be hydrated and glowing in time as long as you are drinking enough water and eating lots of water rich foods.  It won't happen overnight or even in 6 days, but you'll have the fruit glow soon enough :)

I have to add that sometimes eating to fast causes me to feel like this. I have noticed also that when I eat cold (refrigerated) watermelon slows the digestion down and I get pains in my back, neck and get a heart burn feeling too.

There's a number of 811'ers who don't agree with Doug on 3 meals a day. Many like grazing, which sure makes it easier to get in your food.


I don't think humans started to have meals before we began hunting on a large scale 200,000 - 300,000 years ago. All grazing until then.

thank you all for your insight and help. I get up at 345 and drink about 2 quarts of water at the gym but also drink about 25-32 oz of smoothie while starting my workout. The "burning" uncomfortable sensation has happened with different fruits but only at my 8 am meal. Its starting to go away-- Also the dry patchy skin is gone too. :) I am enjoying this and its very simple for me to follow..no cravings, no hunger, great energy, no afternoon dip, and I sleep like a rock.. yay!



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