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Hi Guys

Been on more or less 100% fruit now for 6 days.

During this time I had one day 'off',  3 days ago where I was out socialising, had some cooked food.  Last night I had some lentils and brown rice.  So, in 6 days, 3 cooked meals, the rest 100% raw and 99% fruit.  I have been only eating one type of fruit at a time, sometimes mixing on different days.  I have also been having some salad leaves and plenty of water.  I have had NO weight loss.  I have also upped my exercise regime dramatically, and am out brisk walking for at least 2-3 hours every day.

Was it that 'one day off' that ruined it for the whole of the six days? Should I have been on a mono fruit island only? Has anyone else had similar problems when transitioning?  I know Freelea says don't go on the scales, but I was just curious as I felt like I had lost weight and I def feel fitter!  My asthma symptoms have also subsided dramatically (hurray!!) and my candida is becoming more controlled..and I feel great on the inside...calmer and more at peace, happier all round...just shocked at the no weight loss!  

Anyone with any advice for this transition period?  Forget about the weight issue altogether and just carry on upping my high fruit and eventually the weight will start to drop off?

Help please...:-(

Many thanks :-)

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ok, so you really need to give up this notion of weight loss because the thought that you need it is just a symptom of a negative core belief.  Be happy in your body now or you never will.  Last year I drastically under ate and was exercising insanely (this was before I went hcrv) and I got really skinny.  The thing was I never felt it.  There was never that day that I finally woke up and thought "I love myself because I am thin and now I can be happy with the way I look!" It doesn't happen.  The first step to weight loss is realizing that you don't need it, then it will come naturally. :)

Hi Kaitlyn

Many thanks for your reply.  

Yup, I am def stuck in the weight issue mindset, so agree with your comments whole heartedly!  I am just a bit confused as to why the weight has not shifted..yet...and wondering if I was doing anything 'wrong', to inhibit the weight loss?  I was just under the impression that with a high fruit diet, would also come with it, weight loss.

As I said, I have had a lot of other amazing benefits...so I guess I should just carry on, forget the scales and you are also right, the moment I don't think about the scales and my weight, that is when it  will shift..and I really do want it to shift..believe me.  But, this was not the main reason for going 'fruity', but one of the reasons, for sure.

Many thanks for your reply


and 6 days is not enough time for your body to reverse a lifetime of less-than-optimal food choices.

Seconding what was said previously.

Also, how about gaining weight from water and the build of new muscle mass (with the trainiing regime you described....) while simmultaneously losing weigth from body fat?! You thought of that?

the body kind of has its own unpredictable rules when it comes to shedding weight. you might go 2 weeks with no losses, then lose a few pounds in a few days, gain it back, back down, back up... you have to think in terms of longer intervals. let yourself fluctuate then check the scale in a month. get away from the days/weeks mindset.

Now, if you were to go on a protein shake and caffeine pills fad weight loss thing, guess what? Your weight loss WOULD in fact be more consistent, but you'd be losing mostly water weight, dehydrating yourself and going nuts in the process. You're here because you're smarter than that! Just relax and enjoy the benefits. The weight loss ALWAYS happens in time. Otherwise all the long termers would still be overweight, which they're demonstrably not.

"you might go 2 weeks with no losses, then lose a few pounds in a few days, gain it back, back down, back up... you have to think in terms of longer intervals. let yourself fluctuate then check the scale in a month. get away from the days/weeks mindset....The weight loss ALWAYS happens in time. Otherwise all the long termers would still be overweight, which they're demonstrably not."

Exactly what I needed to hear today, thank you. I have been following this diet 100% for over two months now with no weight loss. At first I lost a couple pounds but it is all back now. But I have more energy and feel like my body shape is changing for the better. Looks like I just need to step off the scale and listen to how great my body feels instead of obsessing over a stupid little number!

yup what the others said, 6 days, not enough.

Also, you need hard data, not guesses. Log all your food intake using something like www.cronometer.com enter everything you eat and drink and see if you really break down to 10% of calories from fat or under. If you go over it will make a big difference in weight loss and how good you feel. Also, if you do not eat enough calories (see our sticky notes on the main page) you will be sabotaging yourself. We do recommend jumping right in, don't do a  juice cleanse or anything, just eat a lot of good ripe fruit and lots of tender young greens, believe me it WILL clean you out! And soon enough, when your body is ready, if you have excess weight, it will start dropping off. But like the others mentioned think more about how good you are feeling, the weight will take care of itself, but if you make it a primary focus, it may hinder you.

I don't think it's always an unhealthy mindset to want to lose weight, but to get realistic about weight loss and how it works is going to help. 

Imo your one day out of six should be looked at more like 5 days out of six, 5 days you gave your body the best, and one day it was less than best, but that's ok.  It's not going to spoil everything, of course not.

Depending on your fitness and how much you have to lose 0.5 − 1 kilo a week is what you can expect as an *unfit* person with fat to lose.  If you're reasonable fit it may take a whole month to shift 1 kilo, however, yay that means you're fit.  Keep at it, you want no asthma for life right? :)  


My mindset is def changing with regards to weight, but I have had this mindset for YEARS! But it is changing now, for sure :-)

Yup, my asthma is DEF improving!  I use to wake up every morning with a tight chest and have noticed hat the past two days, hardly any probs at all...so in that aspect, it is def improving..which is far more important than weight loss.

Oh cool...that would partially explain things, I am quite fit and do vigourous walking most days for a good few hours and generally busy.

I am keeping at it and thanks again,


What's wrong with you???????????????????


6 days isn't enough time to lose weight or get fit!!! You  got to change your thinking  You sound more crazy than me when I go nuts and binge eat garbage!!! Forget about 6 pack abs and all that BS...no shortcuts! :)


How much do you weight and how tall are you?


Start exercising!!! :)


And Carb the **** up!!! :)

Hi Haley! |LOL|..

Ok ok, got it now..haha...From all the replies, I am now DEF changing my mindset on all this weight loss stuff.  I am 5ft 3 and weigh 149lb.  My 'ideal' weight would be about 9 stones...but...that seems totally irrelevant, as what I am def seeing is that it's a completely different way of looking at health and it is HEALTH first, and how you generally feel..I KNOW this is THE best way to be, so eventually, when my body is ready if any weight is ready to be shed, it will.

Thanks for your reply, very much appreciated!


It took Freelea over 1 year before she started losing weight, but she saw the health benefits immediately so she kept up with the lifestyle. You are getting healthier! Focus on better health and feeling better. The weight will come off in due time, but it won't help having you stress about it.



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