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Hi everyone!

I'm rather new to this forum, but I am very excited to be apart of this way of living.  I read Durianders Book CTFU this summer and went 3+ weeks doing the RT4 program.  I really loved the book.  Having been a Health and Wellness coach and a nutrition junky .... his book really made good sense to me.

I didn't experience any weight loss, which disappointed me.  I thought hey ... if I can be thin like Freely .... and healthy like both her and Duriander are .... I'm all in.

My question is if you do RT4 strictly and follow the guidelines .... eating plenty of calories ... at 52 can you expect to loose some fat?  I'd say I have about 20lbs to loose.

Anyone been there done that?  I'd really appreciate any tips and insights you'd have.

Also I am travelling from Canada where I live to Israel next week for 10 days and wondered if there were any good travel tips on remaining RT4?

Thanks for your input!


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It shouldn't matter what your age is in my opinion if you follow the guidelines provided on this website, Freelee & Durianriders YouTube videos, and reading the 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham. If you stick to the basic rules, you will do great. My mom is 63 and she thrives on this lifestyle, in fact she was 53 when she switched. She lost over 100 pounds and is now a Zumba instructor.

There are also tons of tips on eating while traveling throughout the website that could help you out. There is a link below to the specific topic that you can read through to fit what you are in need of. For me when I travel, I take a ton of dates, bananas, apples, and oranges.

Here is a link to all the topics related to Israel.



Thank you!  This is encouraging.  I will stick to it "for the immense health benefits" and trust my weight will find an equilibrium ... and I'll also keep an eye on the quantity a little bit.  I'll also see if I can find that book 80/10/10 in an e-book for the flight.

I am so excited for you. Please let us know how it all goes with your travels.

Don't know what region of Israel you're visiting, but at least

Tel Aviv is a hotbed of vegan activity now.  I'm sure you'd find plenty to meet your needs.  

And with all the trees that've been planted ini that country, fruit must be popular.

While it's been inactive for some time, you might find encouragement through the 50+ number of members in this group:


Thank you!  I'm going to be near Tel Aviv and touring a lot.

I'll also check out the 50+ group and see what info I can find there.

Your link was helpful!!

Hi Jacqueline,

You can gain or lose weight at any age and RT4 is a healthy option (I'm raw vegan). I personally don't focus on calories or ratios. My advice is to eat as clean as possible (less processed) with a variety of foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes) to help get proper nutrition. Also, stay active. Before you engage in "eating plenty of calories" in the hope of being " thin like Freely", you should first determine if you are as active as she is. If you are not as active as Freely but eat as much as she does, then you may not achieve your goals. For most people, metabolism slows down with age so moderate amounts of regular exercise becomes more important I think.

I hear Israel has a big vegan community so staying on RT4 should be easy. Good luck:-)

Thank you!  i'm active but not like freely.  I think I'm going to stick with this though for the health benefits and I know this is the best way for us humans to eat and keep an eye on the quantity of food a little bit.  

Thanks so much for your help!!

Hello Jacqueline, I'm 47 and it works for me.
First let you body adjust and heal up, this takes some time... slowly you'll start to feel better, really good in fact which is really what this lifestyle is about.  Next add in some exercise, running, cycling, Yoga, so on... Do what ever you enjoy, goal being to do it almost everyday. Start off at what ever rate you're comfortable with... As time goes on and you can increase your exercise... as you become more fit and continue to eat a healthy diet you'll lose the extra body fat and weight.

All this takes time and is a lifestyle for long term good health


Hi Jacqueline O,

I was 51 when I went high carb vegan. Lost 40 pounds in the next couple of months and wasn't really try to. The weigh has stayed off and I'm healthy as ever. That was over 6 years ago and still going strong

Hi there Jim,

Thanks for the feedback!  I've started reading the McDougall protocol this week and am curious if it will work for me.  I want to remain vegan and low fat, I just found I got tired of eating fruit all of the time and really wanted 'more' substance such as potatoes and rice.

I just returned from a vacation this past Saturday.  I am now focused and on track. 

Let's see how it goes.


Hey Jacqueline O,

It will work for anyone I believe. I understand the eating fruit all the time deal. I will on occasion have a tempeh or bean quinoa burger. Not a problem.

3 weeks hey? xD

I could smoke a pack of cigarettes a day for 3 weeks and not change much in my health status.

Over time on RT4 you WILL get so lean that people will say you have AIDS or Cancer. We get that comment many times daily on social media. Or that you are a drug addict.

If you want those sort of comments faster aka get leaner quicker then start riding your bicycle even more. :)



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