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Hiya, I'm 5.4 ft, 17 years old (female) and started raw till 4 / HCCV about 6 weeks ago. I am aware that most people on this lifestyle say there is no such thing as over eating but is that true for cooked starches? Or just fruit and raw veg?

I have no problem consistently consuming 5000-5500 calories a day, though on average half my daily intake comes from cooked grains such as polenta, rice, pasta and popcorn! Though i do have to eat some vegan foods such as nut cutlets And bean burgers ect. I am managing to stick to 80/10/10 ratios and my sodium intake is slightly higher than I'd like- averaging about 1000mg a day.

I do find I crave the Cooked foods as well as high calorie fruit such as dates and I don't feel sickly full after eating.
I have gained roughly 5kg so far and wounded if I should cut back on my calories - especially from cooked foods, do you guys think this is wise or will just slow down my results?

As I'm 17 I still live at home and am not really able to consume more raw food than I currently am (my parents do not support this lifestyle and think its far too restrictive) I respect their points of view but I strongly feel (after lots of research) this is what I want to do.

Oh also I do two 45 min spin classes a week (400 cals I averagely burn) and on average 2 body pump classes. I am also a part time waitress (only 10 hours a week).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Some good reading here: http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/digestive-physiology-and-food-combi...

Freelee often eats less than optimal combos because they taste good.  She has a healthy body so it handles it pretty well.  But one will not absorb as much or get all the nutrients from poor combos in addition to the other drawbacks.  If you have health issues and want to heal up then you have the info. you need to make the best choices. It does not matter whether you can feel it or not, poor combos will not to digest well for anyone because of their chemical make up.

I think it's so personal what food combination work- experimentation is the best way. I'm sorry I can't offer an other advise! Let me know if things change. Maybe you should try banana island or a few days of mono meals and see how it affects you? X

Im a steady 55kg i consume around 3500-4000 calories a day, i drive a total of about 2.5 hours driving to and from work work a full 8.5 hr day and dont get much time to sit down and eat during the day except for my lunch break and dinner, ive found the best way to get in calories is to eat high calorie foods, ill make a smoothie in the morning around 1200calories with 7-8 bananas depending on the size and water and drink it on the way to work, i then have a fruit and salad lunch mostly mangos or oranges depending on whats avaialable, ill usually also snack on 2l of orange juice during the day for a pick me up and eat fruit as snacks throughout the day, i then make another 7-8 banana smoothie for my drive home around 6pm and then tuck into around 1-1.5kgs of potatos with lettuce and an avocado for dinner.


i save my main calorie source for dinner so by then im ready for a lay down after i have a big cooked meal :)


Try and go for foods that are high in calories, im onto date rolls at the moment i use 25 dates which is well over 1500 calories and that makes a small container and i just roll them in crushed nuts (also high calorie) or shredded coconut.


When i first started raw til4 i was seriously undercarbed but you learn whats the best food to get the calories you need overtime, hope that helps sunny :)

Hey :) I'm kinda in a similar situation and am finding it hard to not doubt the whole 'unlimited carbs' theory, as I have been watching so many youtube videos that have been saying that there can be a thing as too many carb calories which can lead to weight gain (Andrew Perlot, and many others). I am only 5 ft 2, and am now 65kgs :( I can eat around 4000 calories easy in a day, and i don't feel 'satisfied'. I do come from a ed background, and am scared that i don't know when I'm satiated and satisfied anymore, that is why i eat so much which will lead to me becoming massive :( I don't exercise a lot, i walk to and from work which totals to around 1 and a half hours.

If you only eat plant based whole foods high in carbs and low in fat you'll not become "massive". There's no way. You COULD gain some weight, but it would stabilize at a point. I really doubt anyone could get obese on this lifestyle, unless purposely overeats systematically, to the point of feeling nauseous, day in and day out. And even then, it would be really REALLY hard.

I can tell you for sure that most of the people who gain weight on a High Carb Vegan Diet is because they're not consistent with their caloric intake.

Your body is not stupid and always tries to reach balance (homeostasis). If you eat CONSISTENTLY 4000 kcal / day, MAYBE you will gain some weight in the beginning (or maybe not, it depends on many factors), but eventually your body would increase its metabolism and would start to burn more calories even at rest (Basal Metabolic Rate) to compensate for the energy intake.

Andrew Perlot and other stupids like him fast and restrict their calories and then expect not to gain weight when suddenly increasing their calories by 1000, 2000 or more. 

Eat less = Slow your metabolism down = Burn less calories at rest

Eat more = Speed your metabolism up = Burn more calories at rest

Mix the two, and your body will hold onto fat for not knowing whether there's a famine or not.

By the way, I also come from an ED background and let me tell you that if you allow your body, for once, to eat as much as it wants (even if that means 4000, 5000 or 10000 kcal, it doesn't matter), after a couple of days/weeks your appetite will also stabilize and it will go back to normal.

If you keep restricting and then binging, then you get caught in that vicious cycle where there is no exit.

Hi Martin, 

Thanks for your reply! I wondered if I could ask your opinion on my following thoughts.... (you don't have to reply because they are probably stupid and silly)

You said that the 'weight stabilises out' after upping calorie intake... does that mean if someone consistently consumes 4000 calories compared to the same person who consumes 2500 calories, that the body would hold onto extra weight to maintain their BMR for the 4000 calorie intake, as opposed to the 2500 calorie person? (That was confusing, but what I'm trying to say is that the 4000 person would be larger than if they consistently ate 2500)

And when you mentioned that after eating consistently for days/weeks your appetite stabilises.. does that mean it will stabilise at that high calorie intake amount or at the amount your body requires (which will lower to maybe 3000 or 2500 or whatever..) 

Obviously I have a lot of insecurities lol (sorry) but thanks for your reply and help :) 

I feel exactly the same!



REPEAT!!! :)

Think I've got the Living hard and eating hard nailed ... Struggling with the resting part- I HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY!

George, I just wanted to say that I completely wish this lifestyle existed when I was your age -- not to be like when I was your age. ; ) Instead, I ran competitively and missed as many meals as I could stand. A true mistake I wish you never have. Isn't the energy you feel on 5K calories amazing? : )

Yeah your completely right! I just wish everyone could experience it. It's so liberating. X



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