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Hiya, I'm 5.4 ft, 17 years old (female) and started raw till 4 / HCCV about 6 weeks ago. I am aware that most people on this lifestyle say there is no such thing as over eating but is that true for cooked starches? Or just fruit and raw veg?

I have no problem consistently consuming 5000-5500 calories a day, though on average half my daily intake comes from cooked grains such as polenta, rice, pasta and popcorn! Though i do have to eat some vegan foods such as nut cutlets And bean burgers ect. I am managing to stick to 80/10/10 ratios and my sodium intake is slightly higher than I'd like- averaging about 1000mg a day.

I do find I crave the Cooked foods as well as high calorie fruit such as dates and I don't feel sickly full after eating.
I have gained roughly 5kg so far and wounded if I should cut back on my calories - especially from cooked foods, do you guys think this is wise or will just slow down my results?

As I'm 17 I still live at home and am not really able to consume more raw food than I currently am (my parents do not support this lifestyle and think its far too restrictive) I respect their points of view but I strongly feel (after lots of research) this is what I want to do.

Oh also I do two 45 min spin classes a week (400 cals I averagely burn) and on average 2 body pump classes. I am also a part time waitress (only 10 hours a week).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Oh and i started at a weight of 54kg - healthy though I have previously suffered from bulimia
You should be perfectly fine as long as you're not stuffing yourself. If 5500 calories is what it takes to get you full, then that's okay :)

I definitely agree with Katie. Just make sure you are properly food combining because for me, it affects how I feel throughout the day. But believe me, you're not the only one who's packing in the carbs! :)


Yes the unlimited carbs goes for cooked carbs too! :D

Vegan eats up to 10 bowls of rice per day! Time for fruits!

Ahh thanks for that! Yes I mostly eat brown rice, polenta and popcorn for starches, not much white grains, only whole weat pasta( would love more sweet popatos and yams but the rest of my family aren't big fans!)
Fingers crossed!

Excellent info. Thank you!

I'm 54kg also and have gained 6kgs over the past 3 months since upping my intake (average around 2000). How can you manage to get in so many calories? I find it so hard to even reach the minimum recommendation of 2500. I'm trying to include more raw as cooked carbs don't work well for my digestion. But with a busy schedule like yous how is it possible to consume 5000-5500 without feeling so bloated?

I think most people are in the same boat as you- that's what is concerning me! I have lately been paying close attention to proper food combining but I haven't ever really had a problem with bloating- I don't know it that because roughly half of my calories come from cooked starches...

don't worry you're not alone! I was like: Finally :) when I read your post here. I can also eat, eat and eat and not feel really replete. Even after 2000 calories. The only thing that bothers me at the moment is that my belly won't get flat again after eating or even over night... I'm trying fully raw at the moment (since 4 days) but it won't get any better. Seems to have nothing to do with the cooked carbs I ate before. Do you have a flat stomach few hours after a meal or in the morning after waking up?

That's so weird I have also had that on and off- are you following the food combining charts/rules? Because my belly is much flatter since I've been stricter on that (quite hard sometimes when you have so much food which needs eating and you want to eat it all!) my belly is also much flatter when I wake up in the morning but during the day I can look pregnant!!! Thanks for the reassurance with the quantity I'm eating- I've been a bit worried about it though I haven't reduced as I genuinely am not that full!

Yeah I do follow the food combining rules, I really don't know what's it about ... I often find the food combining rules very different though from page to page .. they're not the same everywhere you look. I've also noticed Freelee putting bananas and strawberries (sweet and acid fruit?) together in a smoothie, which actually doesn't go together does it?

I'm not quiet sure about bananas and grapes, I do eat them a lot together...

and also: some people say that tomatos do not combine well with starches BUT Freelee always eats corn pasta with tomato sauce .. so I' a bit confused about that ..

Oh and maybe you know if there's like a time you should pause between the meals? I only know that you should wait half an hour after drinking water before you start eating, but what about after eating? When can you start drinking water again and eat the next meal?

Sorry tons of questions :D but the puffed belly really frustrates me ... just looking for reasons



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