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hello all :) 

first off i would like to say i have been vegan for almost a year and a half and during that time i have experimented with fully raw, raw till 4, starch solution, and just general vegan eating with calorie counting all with the main goal in mind of losing weight, this is some stuff i have found and would like to share with you :)

my #1 piece of weight loss advice and by far most important is to make your own personal diet, not just do exactly what freelee and DR tell you to, not that i don't think they have great advice because they do, i greatly respect them and they have great guidelines but the fact is this....

THEY ARE NOT YOU! they don't have your budget with your exact work schedule with your exact injuries and cravings etc. YOU have to come up with something that fits YOU!

meaning if you have a hard time downing 1,000 calorie banana smoothies because that's all you can afford, maybe you should go a more starch solution approach. 

if salt is the only thing that helps you eat piles of potatoes and rice instead of that burger you're craving than have some damn salt.

if you want a dessert after dinner then have some fruit, no your stomach will not explode contrary to popular belief ;) 

just try out some things and see what works for you, don't force yourself to follow someone  110% just because something works for them.

#2 DON'T CALORIE RESTRICT!!! CALORIE RESTRICTION IS A VERY VERY VERY BAD IDEA! i don't care that you don't exercise or "feel fat" or whatever, seriously EAT AS MUCH AS YOUR WANT!!!!

your body will bite you in the ass eventually if you starve it! if you feel fat now how do you think you'll feel when you gain another 20 pounds down the line because you calorie restricted for awhile? hmm? yeah i thought so. HOWEVER! i don't believe in stuffing it in!

#3 stop worrying about everything needing to be so perfect and pure. 

a lot of us come from a past of SAD eating, i personally used to consume soda, burgers, dairy and processed crap all the time, so it seems rather silly considering my past to say i can't have cooked food before 4 pm or turn down a bottle of naked juice because "omg it's cooked!"  seriously sometimes those little extras like being able to eat out and have some vegan junk food with your friends might be what helps to keep us feeling sane and help us stay on the vegan wagon, having some store bought almond ice cream now and then or occasional hummus won't change our long term weight loss and if it helps you to be happy and have fun than its worth it as long as you understand junk food should be occasional :)

#4 stop weighing yourself and getting stressed out over the numbers, it seriously doesn't matter and results will feel like they're taking twice as long as you start every single day by checking to see how much fat you have.

believe me i understand the struggle, i'm fighting the urge to run to the bathroom right now to check my weight, but it is wonderfully satisfying to just one day after a few months of not checking your weight to jump on the scale ((i don't actually recommend you jump ;) lol )) and finding out you lost 5 or 10 pounds! so put the scale in your closet and give it a rest, how do you expect your fat to go away when you keep checking on them every morning?  let them pack up and move in peace !!! :P

#5 be patient, 

this is a LIFESTYLE not a quick fix, don't try to force the weight loss either by over exercising or under eating. just eat healthy and move your body in an enjoyable way and your body will slowly slim down :) it could take a couple years so calm your ass down and go fruit or root yourself 

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Do you have a weight loss story somewhere here?

HOWEVER! i don't believe in stuffing it in!

Good tip, some people try to do this beyond what is reasonable. Eating until full and then taking one more bite will increase your stomach capacity just fine in a week or two.  Just take in smaller more frequent meals to get in those calories.  For example 2 mangoes every two hours will get you to 2800 calories in 12 hours. Or two cups of cooked rice every two hours or 4 small sweet potatoes will get you the same.



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