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this year i deliberately took a dogsitting job to get out of going to my stepmom's for the 4th of july. why the antisocial move?

well, everyone in my family just has to eat hot dogs, brats, and/or murderburgers on the united states' birthday. an odd and ironic ritual, as the animals on their plates never really had a chance at an "independence day" that they so diligently (and ignorantly) celebrate.

even better is getting drunk and playing with fireworks afterwards (sadly, i'm being serious - it's a common practice). yep, we americans have surely evolved since 1776. so in honor of celebrating the freedoms that most other countries also have, let's brag about it by eating death, getting drunk, and blowing crap up! yeehaw! this one's for you, america *raises glass (or beer can)* you stay classy now.

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And don't forget bragging about how good we have it and how all the foreigners wish they could live here for our "freedoms".... this is the propoganda we're fed in public schools and many people don't know any different.


I'm excited though, cause I planned a really cool color-themed menu.  Of course I'm just hanging out with the people I hang out with everyday, and we all eat the same way.

i know! i remember feeling that way when i was young - so lucky to be an american.


you'll have to tell me about your menu. are you doing like a red-white-blue or all colors? i might do strawberries, blueberries, and nanners tomorrow.

Canada Day is no better.


I am however very grateful to live in canada. I don't not agree with the choices others make though:(

& light fires. when drunk.
nicely put, good you stuck to your guns on independence day! good for you, I am still trying to figure out the social way of changing my family traditions to not revolve around animal products. yesterday I felt like people were watching me as if I was a demon as I ate an apple at my uncle's birthday party instead of cake

yes i've been trying too - with little success, unfortunately. tried every tactic on everyone, which is why i'm no longer engaging in their plans where death is the centerpiece of the event. if they want to choose meat over me, then that's fine. i'll just choose money over them! all proceeds go towards a fruit-filled grocery bill! haha gotta stay positive.

btw very sinister of you to eat an apple yesterday. how dare you choose a fruit from the garden of eden over a hen's menstrual cycle, cow puss, and "god" knows what else! better pray extra hard for forgiveness.

lol you still get offered garbage too? thought i was the only one! i've been vegan almost 2 years now and got offered a milkshake yesterday and a muffin last week by people who know i'm vegan! *facepalm*

I don't have to worry about the 4th of July much any more, but I did kinda lose nearly all of my social life. A choice I was happy to make, as my social life used to revolve around alcohol. I am lucky to have found a few vegans here, and even some raw and lfrv folk. I am definitely grateful for the interaction this allows me to continue to have socially, but it was really weird to see how many of my friendships were built on unhealthy habits.


A good friend recently died of cancer, and at the gathering in the old pub after the service, platters of meat were constantly being thrust at me while everyone became more and more drunk. So strange to me.


Nothing I do or care about seems to be compatible with my old friends. No one ever really feels well enough to join me for bike rides or hikes. I don't want to go out to concerts much as I may like the music, because all venues are constantly full of smoke (the country where I live has somehow avoided the EU smoking ban so far). Sitting around doing nothing at parties is ridiculously boring when everyone else is brain-dead. I tend to make my own fun these days, much as I would appreciate interaction.

I really like this concept for a july 4th celebration:



still going to party with my friends. just going to do it with a watermelon in my hands.


murderburgers:  That is a good one. 

drunks and fireworks, not a good combination at all;)

You stay independent and happy, Peace, PK

that's an awesome status haha. i bet some of your dumbed down meat-eater friends will take exception to this, assuming they don't know half of the things your talking about that is.



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