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Now it is of course your choice whether you want to be 100% HCRV, high raw, or whatever, but this site's primary intention is to encourage and support those whose goal it is to be HCRV 100%, wherever you live, ideal climate or not. Those who are vegan and/or high raw are of course still welcome here.

While there are certainly far worse things we can be eating than cooked veggies, it is the conviction of the 30BaD crew and many of the most experienced frugivores here that they are far from optimal compared to our specific foods, raw fruits and vegetables. Nor are cooked foods necessary if we have access to enough ripe fruit. Even frugivores in the coldest winter climates are able to secure abundant supplies of fruits and stay 100% raw throughout the winter.

If you want to eat steamed greens or boiled sweet potatoes, that's your choice. Being vegan is probably the most important dietary choice you can make for ethical and environmental reasons. A high raw low fat vegan diet has tremendous health benefits compared to the alternatives.

30BaD is ultimately about what is optimal regarding health, particularly with respect to diet.

We are not ultimately controlled entirely by our external circumstances: staying 100% raw or eating cooked food is our choice. Either way is not right or wrong, but like all our choices they have consequences. Most of us are aware of the health benefits of staying HCRV so I won't elaborate on them here. We do encourage you to consider doing so if you haven't already, and to stick with it if you are 100% raw but are having doubts. The consequences of wise choices regarding health are health benefits after all.

Those who are AGAINST the idea of being 100% raw vegan or have absolutely no faith that it is optimal for human health would probably do best seeking another forum.

I do understand that doing lfrv 100% in a cold winter climate can be quite challenging at times; it gets as cold here where I currently live (Canada) as it does in northern Scandinavia. So I've decided to start a support group for those in colder climates to go/stay raw, BigG's 811rv Winter Bootcamp. Humans were intended to live in the tropics, particularly during the winter. No frickin' doubt about it! But that doesn't mean that any of us can't do 811 100% virtually wherever we live, until we can relocate ourselves to a more suitable location. I'm sure as heck planning to move to a warmer location as soon as I can, but I'm staying 811rv 100% until that time; I'm not going to wait for ideal circumstances to present themselves. If I decided to wait that long for going 811rv 100% may never have happened.

Whatever vegan diet you choose for yourself, and of course we encourage you to choose HCRV 100%, we do welcome you here as long as you abide with the forum guidelines.

The 30BaD crew: Freelee, Harley, and the mods.


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Thank you B and others. I appreciate your high standards!
I wholeheartedly agree with this. Personally, I have no problem staying 100% low fat raw vegan throughout a cold, Norwegian winter, and I believe that mindset has a lot to do with this: If you tell yourself that something is difficult, then it will. I source the best fruit possible in my area and make sure to always have an abundance of ripe fruit in the house. I also make sure to get enough calories, sleep,, exercise. wear warm clothes and supplement with Vitamin D3. I celebrate the benefits a 100% low fat raw vegan lifestyle gives me and I am loving it raw in the winter. ♥
Well, you have presented an opinion which may well be correct. But if someone disagrees, should not she or he also be allowed to present her or his opinion?
is your goal to be 100% low fat raw vegan (zero cooked food or animal products), jack?
I don't if I want to commit with a positive "yes," since I remain not fully convinced with regard to the dangers of occasionally eating steamed vegetables. That said, however, I am convinced as to the benefits of eating 811 and I certainly strive to remain close to its principles.

There is a further issue of relevance to me, though, which is ecological. I currently do not desire to move away from England, and I question how ecologically sound it is for me to eat a great deal of fruit that has been transported from continents such as South America (although I do still eat bananas from there, I have recently switched to Spanish oranges and local apples as my main fruits of choice). So, in the long term, I'm not sure really.

All this said, however, I don't think your question really strikes to the heart of the issue. I don't think its a good idea to eat cooked food regularly, but I don't think that should mean that someone who does so should be discouraged from stating or discussing their dietary habits, assuming that there is still an 811 influence in their outlook. As Voltaire said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

In another post of mine in this thread, I have tried to make the case that complete openness will benefit the community in the long run. As Mill once wrote

"However unwillingly a person who has a strong opinion may admit the possibility that his opinion may be false, he ought to be moved by the consideration that however true it may be, if it is not fully, frequently, and fearlessly discussed, it will be held as a dead dogma, not a living truth." (sic)

I accept, however, that this is just my opinion and that I may well be wrong. Furthermore, and more importantly, it is not my opinion on this subject that is important. Thus, I shall henceforth abide by the guidelines.
thank you for this,

For me, I must admit that only having been 100% lfrv 811 for a short amount of time and I personally do find it difficult to read about cooked food, as I am still trying to overcome a lifelong addiction to the crap, and reading the 'alternatives and justifications' does put an element of doubt into my already 'addicted' mind.

I do believe that it would aid me immensely, and those who are also trying to overcome the addictions of SAD.

Thanks B.

yes carrie, this is the main purpose of this "policy".. thanks for your input.. and those addictions will completely fade in due time.. just keep living fruitful :-)
Sorry I couldn't read all of your long post, but I think I got the point. Here is my opinion; people come here to know if low fat raw vegan (LFRV) is the right diet. They want to know if 100% LFRV is the ideal diet and what percentage of fat. Therefore, it is a moral obligation of anyone here, who was on a LFRV and now he can't maintain it. It is his/her moral obligation to state explicitly that he is no longer LFRV and to explain honestly why he can't be LFRV anymore. That doesn't mean that he should keep posting about cooked food. It should be one or two posts maximum. Whither you are in cold or hot climate, you should not be treated differently.
If you promoted 100% LFRV before and you think you can't maintain it, and then hide this fact or you leave this forum without saying anything, then you are being dishonest.
I even go further by suggesting a separate folder for those who quit, to state in one or two posts why they did so.
I agree that there should be no posts about recipes of cooked food. But, everyone should state somewhere in their posts or profile if they are eating cooked food - what kind and what percentage.
If someone is advocating relying on apples for calories, I need to know if they can sustain being raw on this kind of fruit.
The irony is that many of the people here who suppress any criticism of DR and of LFRV are not close to being 100% raw. They do so just to proof their loyalty and to feel being accepted in the pack.
Everyone should be clear about his/her diet. I'll start with myself: For two years I've been 100% raw for 97% of my meals. That means only 2 meals of steamed vegetables per month. I do that just to suppress any further thoughts about going back to cooked food
Karmyn: on a logical level, your analogy is fine. Empirically, however, it is dubious.

I agree that cooked food is suboptimal for human consumption when compared with a low fat raw vegan diet based mainly around sweet fruit.

I disagree that eating cooked food (especially when considering that this blanket term includes a
Now I would never put down anyone still in TRANSITION with a goal of adopting 100% lfrv, but the GLORIFICATION of cooked foods on this site is unacceptable IMO.

This was point I was trying to make Karmyn, thank your for expressing it so succinctly.
i think if you'd have read the whole post you would have realized that this is not what B was talking about (people being honest about their own diet).. B is addressing members of this forum talking about the "harmlessness" of cooked foods and recommending non raw vegan choices to others for whatever reason (cold climates, transition, to avoid overt fats, etc)

i think members being honest about their own food choices and explaining their reasoning is fine, as long as they are not making it out to be the optimal choice and are moving towards a completely low fat raw vegan diet with no cooked food or animal products.. for the record i have been following 811rv to a T for 15+ months with not one bite of cooked food in 17+ months



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