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Hi fruit munchers,

I've been following a lfrv diet for about 2 months now, I'm 30 kilos overweight and I've been struggling a lot to go for runs. I live in London and it's always super cold in here... I know that's just my ego finding excuses not to go for runs but I feel quite guilty everyday that I don't excercise. Could it also be that I need a running partner? I don't personally know any other lfrv, I'm sorrounded by people that keep telling me "all those dates and bananas will give you a blood sugar problem!" and since I know this is a long-term process I'm not even able to prove them wrong by showing how much weight I've lost... I might have lost a couple of kilos of water but it becomes very hard to carry on with no support whatsoever. My only support are Durianriders and Freelee's videos plus some books.

I want to be able to go out in nature and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the beach... instead I find myself struggling to be on time for classes and meetings and some days stuck in the house all day in front of the computer. I want to go for a run but I just can't get myself to do it. Is it because I'm 30 kilos overweight? Do I need to stop worrying about excercising? I know it sounds like such a lame problem but I do get very stressed everytime I don't excercise because I'm too lazy.

I want to get myself a bike but I can't afford it at the moment. Getting a bike would be the perfect solution because I will have to excercise every time I want to get anywhere. Does someone in London have a bike for cheap?

Thanks for reading this and please comment if you have any suggestions!


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That's interesting... I thought after eating so much fruit I will have sort of a rush of energy needing to be burnt but I don't feel it! I'm waking up earlier and everything but I don't feel this "need" to excercise. I will follow your advice though... I've been wanting to do pilated for a long time now... I will probably (even though I don't want to but I would cost me less money) get a subscription in a gym so I can enjoy the classes and use the tredmill.

Thanks for the advice!

The gym sounds good if you can do it because you might find some in-person support for your health goals.  Are you getting enough calories?  And it might help us in helping you if you let us know what your previous diet/health style was.

hey, i just wanna let you know that it is definitely harder at first than it is as you hit your stride. i am starting out again, (a lot of personal stuff came up for me last time i tried) and i'm where you're at right now. i don't know the pounds to kilos equation or whatever, but i'm pretty sure i'm right where you are on the experience. 

it will definitely get better, too though, and i know that from experience as well.

so, the real reason for my response here, other than to let you know you're not alone, is that my vote is for the bike commute. if you can afford a gym membership, then spend the same sixty plus bucks on a bike, and with the thirty plus monthly on taking a class here and there. the bike commute is amazing for reshaping your body, and feels a lot like good progress for more than just exercise, fresh air (which you won't get in a typical gym), and the quick destination arrival.

also, if you're spending days on the computer, try youtube videos on those days. there are some great in home exercises all over the place on there, pilates, core, yoga, etc 

good luck and best wishes!

Stick to fundamentals. There is nothing new under the sun. Only a new you from following proven, efficient basics. 

First of all you must realize that in order to lose weight, diet counts for at least 80% in terms of time and effort. In my experience, 90%. After you have been training people as long and as completely (including diet), then you see what works the best way. 

Do not worry about exercise. I did not say don't do it. But then again walking is not really "exercise" unless you carry a heavy backpack and/or walk up lots and lots of steps. In any case (in all cases), forget working even a fraction of that hard! 

All you have to do to lose that 30 kilos is to figure out your maintenance calories (you do this mostly by trial and error once you have decided on a close number for you, your mass, activity and metabolism. You must keep accurate tabs on your food intake every day for while.

Once you have figured out how much you need to maintain, then all you do is cut it 15% for a few weeks and see what happens. (You can see-saw 100% days with 70% days of course, making your 100s four or five days per week. I am telling you this b/c you want the quickest, healthiest and most efficient results without any mood swings or lack of body or mind energy, right? Then follow this. It is the best way).

In fact it does not really mater what you eat. That is for health. This weight loss process works vegan, non-vegan, raw vegan or high carb low fat vegan. Remember it is about fundamentals, Arianna. Health is not fitness and fitness is not health. Weight loss is a whole different story.

Now for your "exercise" You are fortunate. Losing fluff is ten times easier than building muscle. Hands down. No contest. So you are lucky as heck. Also, you have to walk from class to class so you will be doing all the light exercise you need. Don't forget this. All you have to do is walk and breathe. To lose weight (along with cutting calories properly.

Remember, there are many ways to do something but only one best way. This is a super easy one. Just enjoy the process of taking control of your body without grimacing or sweating profusely or having to "compete with the elte" What you want to do is painless and physically effotless. All  you have to do is become aware of your body .. that will be an adventure for you....

NOTE: Of course, you can do whatever other fun activities that you like. That is not the point. Just know that most people who get results from any classes, or popular TV routines is in spite of what they are doing not because of it. In most cases not all. (If one applies fundamentals without over or under training, under sleeping or under or over-eating then of course they will get results)But 99% of the time, no 100%- they would get three times "more" results in less than half the time with less expense and less hassle if they just truly stick to a basic program. 

when i don't feel like going out but need to do some moving, i do jumping jacks in my room!  i also love body weight exercises and hiking, i've been seeing better results from doing those than i ever did from working out in a gym.  when you truly enjoy what you're doing, you'll be more likely to do it regularly and get the results you want.  there's a group on here that's really helped me, check out your body is your gym.  i've gotten a lot of great moves there that i now do almost every day, hope that helps =]

I don't have a lot of input here because I'm in the same situation as you are, Arianna. I agree with the person who said to focus more on gaining good health than actual weight loss. For me, that alone keeps me more motivated to even stick to the eating part of this.

I'm 80kg and 162cm... that gives a BMI of 30.5.... pretty high right? I figured that somewhere between 55 and 66 is my perfect weight. I'm not expecting to lose it overnight (since I've been overweight all my life), it's just that I'm trying to find the most effective ways of excercising :)

the most effective way is to just start moving your body. little bit, by little bit, you'll amaze yourself. you'll develop momentum as you're going, and want to do more naturally. you'll see ;o)

Hi!  I have to make this quick because baby is crying (her name is Ariana, btw!). :)

I can only speak from personal experience.  It took me a couple months to have the motivation to exercise.  I knew I needed to, but I'd make excuses all the time (it's too cold out, it's too late in the day, there's weird-looking people out there, it's too hot out, etc.), so I exercised very rarely.  It's almost as if my body needed to finish getting all the toxins/fat out of my blood (I don't know if I believe this, but that's what it felt like) before the energy kicked in.  Once I lost a substantial amount of weight (30lbs/13 or 14 kilos), I just started feeling better all around.  More energy.  More confidence.  Easier breathing, especially while exercising.  Now, I *want* to exercise.  It's a completely new feeling!  And it's pretty awesome!  In fact, my husband and I are getting ready to go to the gym today, where I'm actually running on the treadmill for 20+ minutes at a time (I never could have done that even 3 months ago).

Be gentle with yourself.  Start small.  Definitely find an exercise buddy if you can.  You will get there! :)

lol; there's weird looking ppl out there. that's great. 

I actually just started walking about a month ago. I work 12 hour shifts, 24 to 36 hours at a time. During those 12 hours I am moving constantly. When I am off, I scrub my house down, floor boards and all. Still no formal exercise. My feet killed me! Me back hurt all the time! No more. All the pain is gone! 

Anyway, started walking a month ago or so. I was amazed at how fast I got around the mile course. Now I am up to 3 miles a day...when not working. No shortness of breath, no pain. Just be prepared to get hungry. About two weeks in, I started starving! I had to increase my calories just to be comfortable which had the nice side effect of increasing my energy! 

Life is good!

Guys thank you SO much for your support, alll your comments have really helped a lot! I'm integrating exercise into my life and not stressing too much about it. Since I'm always late I'm walking super fast and long distances and I love it! I'm so thankful to the Universe for my two legs. However, I have great news... yesterday I bought a bike! my first bike ever :) What is best about it is that it's a recycled bike! :) I will start practicing this week and hopefully I will be able to get on London traffic soon enough! :)



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