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Hi fruit munchers,

I've been following a lfrv diet for about 2 months now, I'm 30 kilos overweight and I've been struggling a lot to go for runs. I live in London and it's always super cold in here... I know that's just my ego finding excuses not to go for runs but I feel quite guilty everyday that I don't excercise. Could it also be that I need a running partner? I don't personally know any other lfrv, I'm sorrounded by people that keep telling me "all those dates and bananas will give you a blood sugar problem!" and since I know this is a long-term process I'm not even able to prove them wrong by showing how much weight I've lost... I might have lost a couple of kilos of water but it becomes very hard to carry on with no support whatsoever. My only support are Durianriders and Freelee's videos plus some books.

I want to be able to go out in nature and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the beach... instead I find myself struggling to be on time for classes and meetings and some days stuck in the house all day in front of the computer. I want to go for a run but I just can't get myself to do it. Is it because I'm 30 kilos overweight? Do I need to stop worrying about excercising? I know it sounds like such a lame problem but I do get very stressed everytime I don't excercise because I'm too lazy.

I want to get myself a bike but I can't afford it at the moment. Getting a bike would be the perfect solution because I will have to excercise every time I want to get anywhere. Does someone in London have a bike for cheap?

Thanks for reading this and please comment if you have any suggestions!


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Have you heard of Tabata training? Its definetly for those who dont have alot of time on their hands(requires only 4 minutes), only problem  is that you could get easily injured if you arent doing the technique right... But anything is better than nothing!!! I would get a bike if I were you, I bike everywhere now and it s so great! :)

thanks for your comment! I will have a look at the Tabata training and see if it suits me, thanks!

Id stay away from Tabata unless you got a decade of training under your belt. Its EXTREMELY intense and will burn out anyone that doesnt have sound recovery practises. Its a bit like getting a job as a CEO of a company. Gotta have extensive experience or we are gonna break down in the first month! lol!

Get NEW PROPERLY FITTED bike. Get a good lock. Forget running if your genuinely 30kg over. Cycle your way to health and fitness. Ive got plenty of vids on this. :)

Don't be a miser looking for a free bike that doesnt even fit you right and then you cycling lifestyle TOTALLY sucks cos you saved 300 quid. 

Its like my mate that went on a date with a girl and she gave him money to get her a train ticket but he just put it in his pocket and when the ticket inspector came he realised he had saved 3$ but lost a lot more that day...

If you know what bike fits you and you know your stem to seat, seat to pedal axle height off by heart then you can go second hand but otherwise, get brand new and get fitted up by a proper shop. Freelee did. The rest speaks for itself. If people can afford the food and sedentary lifestyle it takes to get sloppy then they sure can afford to buy an entry level road bike and get fit via commuting.

Its like looking for a second hand pair of shoes. Great if  you know what size you need, otherwise its pain!

I had no idea that a bike had to be properly fitted. Now I know what is wrong with mine!

Is there Craigslist, Freecycle, or something similar in the UK?  I got my bike on the local Freecycle list.  Posted a wanted ad, somebody had one they didn't want.  I took it in to the local bike ship for a tune up & maintenance, and now it works great.

I find the longer I follow the HCRV diet, the more I want to move.  You may need to have some patience with yourself, eventually you will not be able to sit still.  Not saying to not exercise at all right now, just start with small steps.

Freecycle... I just placed an ad... let see if I get lucky! :) thanks for the advice

You are right. It's funny how I've influenced some people among my friends... because when they come with their comments I always have an answer to justify why I adopted this lifestyle, even tho I don't need to justify myself. Defo going to just concentrate on me and my progress, thanks!

Walking! Definitely. You with 30kg excess body weight is like you with 30 kg less body weight but with a 30kg backpack. There's no running with a 30kg backpack, unless you have an athletic background and at least 10 years of extreme endurance history.
Go for regular walks every day. If you can only manage 10min, 10min it is. 10min are way, way better than 0min. Then try to go for two walks a day, then try a single 15min walk and so on. But don't start running at once.

Don't forget sleep, water and sufficient calories. Sleep at least 8-8,5h; if you can't get all that into night's sleep, rest another 2h in the afternoons (each sleeping cycle requires about 90min). Drink as much water (low lime) that you have to pee about every two hours at day and 1-2 times at night. Eat at least (!) 50kcal per kg body weight, heavy on the carbs. Remember the backpack you're wearing all the time. You need enought fuel, hydration and regeneration for change.

Most important thing: Have fun at everything you do. When persistance and endurance are needed, associate your efforts with how much better you will feel having been outside. Choose nice routes, so you can enjoy your walks and they turn to fun and play rather than force and exercise.

Best wishes!

Thanks for your comment! For about a month I was walking for 30 mins and jogging for 30 mins every other day and I was really enjoying it. My body has adapted very well to excercise but it just simply hates cold weather. Its very hard to even have smoothies for breakfast, so cold :( I come from Venezuela, a very hot country so my body is not used to this cold weather (not even after 4 years!)... I think those 4 years I managed by eating a high fat diet but I guess now my body is more vulnerable to cold weather. I will slowly get back to my 30 mins walk at least :) 

Believe me, I know. You won't get around eating a lot of bananas up there, like 3-4 times a day 1,2kg blended (pulsed) with 200ml of cold water. The more you lack calories, the more you'll feel cold, unmotivated and will lack the conviction that change is possible and actually easy and exciting. I mean, we beat down our bodies for decades and when you see how much can be mended in three months, half a year, year, it's just amazing.

Don't forget to supplement Vitamin D3 in the winter. Essential, when you live that far north. EVERYONE that far north, no matter what they eat, develops severe D-deficiency during winter. Only 10-20% come from food, the rest is sunshine.

I certainly hope so! The weather is killing me... all I can think of is tropical Thailand or Venezuela haha. But there is something weird about walking.... If I do it as a means for transportation... I don't feel I'm working out! you know what I mean?. I need to be on my running gear and get it done. I need to stop thinking this way because that's why I feel guilty in the first place!

Thanks for your comment!

I would suggest as far as exercise, instead of getting down on yourself for not running, find something you really enjoy doing, dancing, yoga, whatever you like to do and can enjoy doing.  I am still overweight too, though have lost quite a bit and I remember clearly those same feelings of guilt for not exercising.  But after a while on hcrv my attitude has switched to 'I need to clear up more time for exercise/fun' -it's now a huge priority, not just to assuage my guilt but because I WANT to do it and enjoy it and know how good it makes me feel.  Hang in there with hcrv and you will experience this change.  For now rest, move when you can and enjoy doing it.  A couple things I used to do to fit in small bouts of exercise included:  up and down the stairs 20 times, rebounding (bought small trampoline at yardsale for $5 and it's really fun to rebound to music), and walking has always been enjoyable and relaxing.

2 Years ago I would think it was a really active day to go for a walk, strength train for 1/2 hour and do 15 minutes of yoga.  That would have been my most active.  Now a day like that is low activity day for me!  Yesterday I played baseball for 3 hours, then shovelled compost for an hour, walked 2 miles, and did yoga.  Today I walked 2 miles, will strength train later, and will go dancing this afternoon.  Then since it's Sunday usually another walk this evening and yoga.  It's been progressive for me and the longer I've been hcrv, the more active and happy I've been.  It's my hope that every one gets to experience this.

I've learned to not focus on weight loss because it suits me better to think of gaining health.  I am losing slowly now but it's not like I feel I have to lose this much weight to be optimal, I just keep on going on, feeling better all the time and focus on the progress made.  Try not (I know it's hard) to worry about the weight.  Just feel better.  If you're eating hcrv, the weight will come off, there's no question.  Let it happen naturally while your health improves.



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