30 Bananas a Day!

Good evening everyone!

Bonsoir tout le monde!

30 raw days, here we go!!! I'm using Freelee's rules from last June.

En route pour 30 jours crus!!! Je reprends les règles du jeu de Freelee au mois de juin.

Each day, write down:

Chaque jour, indiquez:

- les aliments consommés avec le pourcentage de glucides / protides / lipides (vous aurez tous ces renseignements sur Cron-O-meter, c'est parfait)

= the food you've eaten with the percentage of carbs, proteins and fat (using Cron-O-meter, which does a wonderful job of it)

- le sport pratiqué (type, durée)

= the exercise you've done (which one and how long)

- la quantité d'eau bue

= the amount of water you've drunk

- votre sommeil (qualité, durée)

= your sleep (how well, how long)

- votre humeur

= your mood

D'autres suggestions?

= any other suggestions?

Personnellement, je surveille aussi mes taux de fer et de calcium et je n'oublie pas mes compléments en B12 et D2.

= personally, I'll also check my iron and calcium levels, not to forget my B12 and D2 supplements.

Une idée de récompense dans 30 jours?

Any idea as to our reward in 30 days?

C'est parti!

Let's go!

A demain pour un premier jour 100% cru!

See you tomorrow for a 1st 100% raw day!


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oh, ok. sorry for the mistake...

and yes, we must support languages other than english, especially a language and beautiful and rich as french.

 Hey everyone !! So here is DAY 1 then !!

- Food : 4 bananas, 5 apples, 1 mango, 5 dates, 30 grapes, 2 cups of orange juice, 2 big zucchinies, 1 cucumber, 6 large tomatoes, 5 plums. Total calories with cronometer : 2371 (90/5/5, pretty cool ! )

- Water : 2 litres

- Exercice : 30 minute easy jog this morning

- Sleep : 9,5 hours last night and I actually slept 3 hours this afternoon too !! Incredible, but true !

- Mood : Ok in the morning, but I got really tired in the afternoon, and I really HAD to sleep. And this evening, I'm feeling good. Well, good thing this is one out of two days in the week when I don't have classes to go to ! (Since I'm doing my second year in the violin making school again, I only have the workshop class to take, and that three times a week).

Catch you all tomorrow ! Hope you all are doing well !

Day 2

Hi everyone ! How are you doing today ?

I'm fine and still enthusiastic to participe in this challenge of 30 raw days ! For the moment, I feel absolutely no frustration regarding my usual and terrible addiction for tofu or cereals. It's been 3 days now without feeling any crave for them. I hope at the  end of these 30 days I will be completely out of any compulsion about them...

Here are my data for today :

Food : 3 bananas, 2 kilos of grapes (no desire for any juice today)

Water : 1 l (I have to work on it... but it's difficult and not really convenient for me to drink a lot at work...)

Exercise : 30 mn walk

Mood : excellent (I feel enthusiastic and happy, rather energetic, don't know why ?)

Sleep : very well, nothing to mention (except I wish I could sleep until 9 in the morning which is not possible at the moment...)

Bye !

I'm so glad you're feeling fine and on track. I think about you 2 too when I might get cravings. Thanks for joining me on this challenge!

Day 2

Good evening, friends!

Lots of stuff to do today, I feel slightly overwhelmed but I'm not going to be sidetracked!

Food - 5 bananas, 1 cucumber, 3 Deglet Noor dates, 1 melon, 150g strawberries, 1 head of lettuce, 5 tomatoes, 500g of cherries, 1 peach, 1 apple


Water - 3 litres (maybe more but I forgot to track)

Exercise - my legs were quite tight today, so I did some 'yoga for runners' from YouTube and it felt so good I'm going to do it again tonight. Here's the link:


Sleep - 9h30 last night and this is really getting easier now I've resolved to go to my bedroom by 9pm and sleep from 10. It's working! My eyelids start closing at 10 now. However, tonight might be a bit more difficult as I've got so many things on my mind... So it's definitely time for yoga!

See you tomorrow!

DAY 2 ! Here it goes :

- Food : 4 bananas, 1 cup of orange juice, 20 dates, 3 mangoes, 1 litre of fresh gaspacho, 5 plums. Total calories : 2217 (81/15/04, the "15" being the protein and the "04" being the lipids... I don't remember which we're supposed to put first... does someone remember ?)

- Water : 2,5 litres.

- Exercice : 30 minute medium easy jogging this morning.

- Sleep : 8,5 hours last night.

- Mood : Pretty good today ! But, I am going to sleep well now, because I'm quite exhausted ! Have a good night ! And see you all tomorrow !

I usually follow the pie in cron-o-meter clockwise, so that would be the carbs (easy to see, hehe!), the fat and then the protein. But it's really as you like so long as you know it I guess.

Day 3

Hello  !

How are you today ? I feel a bit exhausted tonight, without any particular reason for... Perhaps a first sign of detox ?

Anyway, here are my intakes :

- Food : 4 bananas + 1,2 kilo of grapes + a delicious juice mixed with 3 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 4 apples... delicious indeed ! no need for tofu, but I'm a little tired of grapes and bananas... 

- Water : about 1,5 l

- Exercise : 20 minute walk

- Sleep : rather good, last night I went to sleep at 10 pm and woke up at midnight, in a very good shape, very energetic... 

Hope everything is doing well for you ! Have a good evening !

Day 3

Good evening friends!

I'm also exhausted tonight and there are still so many things to be done today! Gosh, I'm crazy busy but I'm going to be ok soon. I just need to be even more organised.

Food - spinach, 4 bananas, lettuce, litchis, melon, some watermelon (I shared it with my son who used not to want to touch any - he was the one who wanted to buy it and it was deliciously sweet!), 10 tomatoes, 1 mango, 5 Deglet Noor (Hubby has brought back a packet from Franprix - 1euro for 1kg - and they've got no sugar added and they're to die for!), a handful of cashew nuts


However, I need to work on my calcium and iron. I want them to be a 100% on Cron-o-meter and they're not - 61% and 84%. Any tips?

Exercise - just running around Paris trying to do everything I planned to do (and kind of did - visited part of Le Louvre with my son, took the bus on the way, got the laundry done - I know, I know, I lead a pretty exciting life! =)) I'm going to do some yoga tonight because I definitely need to unwind before bedtime.

Water - 3 litres. I need to get a little bit more in my system because my perspiration is a bit smelly. I should get more organised because I don't want to get up at night. It means I'll have to get 4 litres before 6pm tomorrow.

Sleep - I slept ok yesterday, more than 8 hours so I can't see exactly why I'm so tired. As Cathy said, I could be detoxing too. Or after 10 days back to work, I could need some holidays?! ;-)

Mood - pretty good! I'm pleased with my day.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading and I'm off to bed! See you tomorrow!

Hi Nan and Cathy ! It seems we're the only ones on this challenge after all. Anyway, I'm really happy to do this with you ! It's encouraging. I'm sorry about yesterday, I did not have any internet connexion whatsoever, and could not log in to write my day's intake, but here is DAY 3 then :

- Food : 2 cups of orange juice, 6 bananas, 4 plums, 30 dates, 2 mangoes, 1 avocado, 1 apple, 2 zucchinies, 2 tomatoes. Total calories : 2393 (84/11/04... and thanks for the order of these numbers, this time it should be correct ! First carbs, then fats and then proteins).

- Water : 2 liters.

- Exercice : None.
-Sleep : 8,5 hours.

- Mood : Good ! Very energetic, which is good because I had a very long day at the workshop in school, and then music lessons at night ! And all that went really well !

Have a great day both of you !

Oh ! Just wanted to show you some of my fruit !


Nice! Thanks!



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