30 Bananas a Day!

Good evening everyone!

Bonsoir tout le monde!

30 raw days, here we go!!! I'm using Freelee's rules from last June.

En route pour 30 jours crus!!! Je reprends les règles du jeu de Freelee au mois de juin.

Each day, write down:

Chaque jour, indiquez:

- les aliments consommés avec le pourcentage de glucides / protides / lipides (vous aurez tous ces renseignements sur Cron-O-meter, c'est parfait)

= the food you've eaten with the percentage of carbs, proteins and fat (using Cron-O-meter, which does a wonderful job of it)

- le sport pratiqué (type, durée)

= the exercise you've done (which one and how long)

- la quantité d'eau bue

= the amount of water you've drunk

- votre sommeil (qualité, durée)

= your sleep (how well, how long)

- votre humeur

= your mood

D'autres suggestions?

= any other suggestions?

Personnellement, je surveille aussi mes taux de fer et de calcium et je n'oublie pas mes compléments en B12 et D2.

= personally, I'll also check my iron and calcium levels, not to forget my B12 and D2 supplements.

Une idée de récompense dans 30 jours?

Any idea as to our reward in 30 days?

C'est parti!

Let's go!

A demain pour un premier jour 100% cru!

See you tomorrow for a 1st 100% raw day!


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Ok ! C'est parti ! On commence demain, je suppose. Je me joins à vous !

Bonne nuit !

Super Nan, alors à demain pour ce démarrage !

Bonne nuit à tous !


Welcome to 30BaD.  Out of respect to this being an international forum and English the language we all communicate in, we kindly request that in the main forum, people use English.  

Meanwhile, this is a google translation for those who might be able to assist:

Hello everyone!
En route for 30 days raw! I take the rules of the Freelee June.
Every day, specify:
- Food and calories consumed with the carbohydrate / protein / fat (you have all this information on Cron-O-Meter is perfect)
- The sport (type, duration)
- The amount of water drunk
- Sleep (quality and duration)
- Your mood
Any other suggestions?
Personally, I also monitor my blood iron and calcium and I do not forget my supplements B12 and D2.
An idea of ​​reward in 30 days?
Go! Tomorrow for the first day 100% raw!

Peace, PK

And, to get you started, you can copy and past our banana wagon tour into google translator to get you started:

Et, pour commencer, vous pouvez copier et le passé de notre tournée wagon banane dans google translator pour vous aider à démarrer:


30BaD Banana Wagon Tour - 30 Bananas a Day!

Good luck and Peace, PK

Thank you very much for your input, PK! I especially appreciate the banana wagon tour which cleared a few doubts for me.

It may be difficult for some of us to write in (proper) English but I'm sure they'll take this opportunity to improve their language skills! ;-) We'll see how it goes...

Hi everybody !

Sorry for the misunderstanding regarding the language ! I'll do my best to write a correct English, but the challenge is a bit hard for me ! So please, excuse me for the numerous mistakes I will probably do, and feel free to correct me !  

So here we go for the first day of our raw diet ! As far as I'm concerned, I've eaten :

3 bananas, 1 kilo of grapes, 1 liter of a delicious juice made with 4 nectarines (peaches ?), 4 tomatoes, 4 apples... for an amount of approximatively 1500 calories.

I've drunk about 1,5 l of water. The day was very nice, I was happy and comfortable. Everything was fine indeed ! 

Day 1

Good evening!

@ Cathy Vegan - well done for your first 100% raw day and your English. It's very good actually!

- food: bananas, about 10 apples, lettuce, 1 cucumber, 3 melons, about 10 tomatoes


- exercise: a 20-minute jog this morning

- water: 3 litres (but I'm breastfeeding, so it's a bit particular)

- sleep: I had a good night's sleep last night and I'm about to relax with some yoga before bed. Here's the video I'm going to follow:


- mood: overall, ok


You English is very good too:-D  Thank you for your efforts here and your help.

Peace, PK


No problems.  And your English is very good.  You are not alone.  Probably more than half of our members speak English as a second language too:-D and come from all over the world.  

So no worries.  You can always use google translator both to understand what we say, and to translate your own thoughts.  

You can also check through our groups and see if you find one that fits your needs:


Raw in Paris



Good luck and Peace, PK

@PK - Thanks for your kind assistance ! This is really appreciated. I'm in the process of discovering all the richness of this site; grateful thanks for all of that !

PK, everything he wrote in French, he wrote also in English, so I don't see what is the matter, unless of course your real goal is to defend the hegemony of the English language.

Peace, Daniel

Actually, I had started writing everything in French, so PK was right to intervene. I edited the intro afterwards. Thank you so much for your support to the French language anyway!

Errr... 'he' is a 'she' - that's my son's picture I use because he was drinking a green smoothie (what I call a 'kiwi juice', hehe - spinach and oranges), which is MOST unusual to him!



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