30 Bananas a Day!


So I have went round and round in circles with myself.

I feel deep in my heart this diet is worth my time and energy. However, I have been "adjusting" things for comfort. I feel to REALLY get where I want to ... I need a little kick start!

Is anybody interested in buddying - up for 30 days? Basically sharing a daily email to keep one another "going." To swear off the cook food.

I will be very honest with you...I have a newer espresso machine, so I do like to enjoy a cup occasionally. I also choose to take a supplement. However, that is it.

Anybody interested in joining me on this journey...starting 2/6/12




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I will be your buddy if you want.  PM me!  

awesome! Thanks greenmama


Hi Lala M, I'd like to be your buddy too, felt off the wagon and need a kick to get back on again :)

Mellene, if Lala is already taken, I'd love to be your buddy, I slipped up on cooked vegan food this weekend and feel awful mentally and physically... time to get back into the groove!


Hey Apollonia, I totally agree, it is time to get back on track :) and yay, lets be buddies then :D

haha I love how others are now joining in and finding buddies :)

Great Mellene! How would you like to do this, via e-mail or PM's for example?

Haha, yeah, the idea of buddy support is great :) Any way is good for me, what would you prefer? I will try to check this website everyday (usually I lurk around sometimes), so if you are not here often maybe email could be better, or Facebook :)

I am here daily too... so we can do PM's!

How are you starting your day tomorrow? :)

I tend to have banana in the mornings - smoothies are always so easy and fast to prepare in a rush :) Bananas and apples or banana/oranges are amazing!
What about you? :D

Mmmm yes bananas in the morning!

Usually I make a spinach or kale banana/date smoothie... lately it has been just dates with the spinach or kale because a lack of ripe fruits available...which is fine, because I really love the taste of blended dates, so caramel-y! Do you like dates?

I think it will be great to write each other to just update, but also if something is itching, like a craving for cooked food or anything of the like, we can ask more objective questions to eachother, because you can't be objective with just yourself :) we can be eachothers pseudo science shrinks! haha x

I agree, if anything is itching, it's good to share and talk through it :)

 Apollonia, can you give me your recipe for a kale smoothie??



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