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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a buddy! I like the idea that many people seem to have about sending each other a daily "pep talk" via email or this site. 

I'm new to HCRV but I have been a vegetarian for years and semi vegan - only dairy I like is in the form of milk chocolate :) 

I understand that it's the holiday season but I figure no time like the present! I am coming off of a week long transitional phase where I allowed myself a small portion of cooked food (steamed veggies on top of my salad or gluten free toast with almond butter) each day. Now I want to cut the cooked and focus on raw only.

Wanna do it with me??!?

Send me a message if you'd like to start tomorrow by sending each other a daily email of encouragement and advice or even just listing out what you ate for the day!

I have kind of a silly question but it has been bugging me - do raw foodies drink tea? 




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hey i just requested you as a friend! i am very new to this site and was about to post about needing a buddy because i want to get started ASAP!!! 

ps.. i saw on your profile you are from carlsbad... i grew up in encinitas, CA and danced in Carlsbad at carlsbad dance centre for 7 years! 

That's crazy! So did my cousin... I always went to her recitals! 

Anyways, I will message you my email and let's get this started... I am new on here as well so I'm still trying to figure out the layout and navigation..




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