30 Bananas a Day!

Starting on Mon 25th June (Australian) I will be hosting a 30 DAY High carb raw vegan challenge on my facebook page. Lots of people excited already, about 400. Join us! Please follow this link to the event page. 

Watch my video to find out more --->

Remember if you are not on facebook you could still post your daily journal here. Here is the post from Facebook --->

Time to get your raw on folks! For the next 30 days, EACH DAY please come here and record what you eat, your exercise, water and sleep and encourage others to stay on track. This challenge is only for HIGH CARB raw vegans, 811-style. No superfoods or powders, salt thanks. Example is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtxFC4LHnKo

* Not only the joy of being 100% raw for 30 days but as motivation --> those who honestly stay on track for the 30 days and post here everyday (without fail) will get a free copy of my upcoming ebook!

* If you fall off the wagon please don't post about it here because it can negatively affect others on the challenge. Posts like that may be removed to help keep the high vibe. 
* You must be 100% raw and post here EVERY DAY for the next 30 days to receive the free ebook. You *must* use the same thread day after day so I can read your journal. Journals that are all over the place cannot be accepted. 

* Please set out your journal like this :

DAY 1:

Bfast: 10 banana smoothie
Lunch: 1 head of iceberg lettuce with 20 dates
Dinner: 1/2 jakfruit (med) and a kg of snow peas
(good to include calories)

Exercise: 10km easy jog

Water: 3litres

Sleep: 9 hrs. 

Feelings: Optional

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Wow, 30 days already!

Day 30:

Breakfast: Strawberry-Banana Smoothie, 2 Bananas (544 cal)

Lunch: Tropical Smoothie, a little bit of leftover Pico de Gallo (500 cal)

Dinner: Banana Ice Cream w/ a chopped strawberry (319 cal)

Snacks: Blueberry-Banana Smoothie (400 cal)


Water: 3 liters

Sleep: 8.5 hrs.

Exercise: 1.5 hr. walking

Feelings: My dates are on their way. I can't wait until they get here! Also, I feel like 30 days have gone by really fast on this lifestyle and I'm definitely going to continue. Now it's the next 30 days (plus today) on raw vegan plus no overts.

Day 30 (Tuesday, 24th July)

Food - 8 bananas, 8 cups of grated carrots, 1 melon, 1kg of watermelon, 2 cups cabbage, 1 lettuce, 2 tomatoes, a handful of hazelnuts (25g), 4 oranges

2284 calories, 84/10/6

Exercise - I resumed the ChaLean Extreme programme today and boy! do I feel good!

Sleep - I slept from 10pm to... 9am!!! I really  needed it.

Water - 5 litres (it's getting hot)

Feeling - amazing. I had a wonderful busy day and I look forward to keeping on eating this way. Thanks so much for this great idea, Freelee! Take care, everyone!

Day 30 - July 24 - Tuesday.

Wow - thirty days done!!  Thanks Freelee!!

B - 2 dates blended with some peaches, 1 c. strawberries & 1 1/2 C. Raspberries and poured over:  3 C. Peaches & 2 C. Mangoes & 2 Gold Kiwi

L - Peach Pie Smoothie - 5 peaches & 2 Mangoes blended with 2 dates and 2 gold kiwi 

S - Large Salad of Spring Mix with orange cherry tomatoes - dressing of 1 Mango, 2 Tomatoes, 3/4 Tbp Tahini, chives, basil & parsley and some dried celery powder & dill.  Also had 1 brazil nut and 2 walnuts. 

Calories:  about 2000  - 83/7/10
Water - 3 quarts
Exercise - 45 minutes - weight lifting & floor exercises , 5 min trampoline

Sleep - 7 1/2 hrs
Feelings - Feel really good.  Thank you freelee for doing this.  Keeps us focused. 

Day 30

Breakfast: banana smoothie, 900 cal

Lunch: banana smoothie, 900 cal

Dinner: banana smoothie, 900 cal

Total calories: 2,700

Water: 3 liters

Exercise: nothing

Sleep:8 hours

Yes! I made it! and now I´ll celebrate with another 30 days :)

Thank you Freelee for doing this, it was nice knowing lots of people around the world where on the same boat with me.

So very happy that i made it too, it has been a real pleasure and i feel truly like staying raw, i feel so much better and really enjoy it, all the heavyness of cooked days is gone. Thanks ever so much Freelee and everybody, it was also so enlighning to read everybody's experience, although it ended up crashing my computer, i had to learn to understand the machine a bit better, which is not a bad thing. Looking forward to the 1st of August if i can.

Today started with : 3 peaches, a few loganberries and blueberries

Lunch : smoothie of apples, pear, romaine and 4 dates, which i find perfect for hydrating me for the day and have all year round.

Bananas slices, blackcurrants and grapes mixed

Tea : Salad of cucumber slices, celery bits, 2 small mushrooms with 3 tomatoes

Dinner : 1 Romaine and 3 carrots smoothie with 4 sliced bananas in it

Later i made a bowl of bits of celery and cucumber with a tomato and date sauce, delicious ! It only just beginning to occur to me that, if you are creative with your food, it is more satisfying so you are less hungry ! So looking forward to more of this sort. . .

DAY 30 ! Already finished ! wow

Bfast: 2 bananas + 1 big apple + half a watermelon

Snack: 2 bananas + 5 dates

Lunch: 10 dates + green lettuce + 1 big tomato + 1 cucumber + 1 zucchini + 1 grated carrot + lemon juice + 1 cantaloupe melon

Snack: 1 apple

Dinner: 5 dates + 3 bananas + 1 cantaloupe melon + 1 mango + 1 big apple

Calories: 2591 (91/5/4)

Water: 2,5 litres

Exercice: 25 minutes easy jog

Sleep: 8,5 hours

Feelings: I feel really happy to have finished and succeeded this challenge. I feel encouraged. I'm looking forward to feeling better and better un my body and in my mind. Take care everyone !

Day 30 everyone! Woohoo! Hope you are all feeling awesome!

Breakfast: BG Chai tea - 1100 cals

Lunch: 1.5 ltrs of orange juice followed by the last of the jakfruit 200grams XD Nooooo! Must.order.more.now. I love it so much. - 1350 cals

Dinner: Entree: 5 kiwifruit - 250 cals
Cabbage slaw creation which was OK, not fantastic so I won't put it in the book. - 150 cals

Total around 2700 cals

Water: 3ltrs

Exercise: Nudda

Sleep: 9hrs.

Feelings: woohoo! we made it! I have had such a great time and haven't found it as hard as I thought to avoid the salt. Funnily enough my face didn't change that much (because I wasn't having much anyway) but I do feel less swelling in my hands which is awesome. I am so happy and grateful to you all for joining me on this journey, I really hope you continue you!

If you have done every day without fail 100% and blogged it please send me the link to your thread on freelee@30bad.com and put FREE EBOOK in the header. As explained at beginning of challenge, I can't accept blogs obviously that are all over the place, they need to be on one thread so I can take a look, this is necessary to receive the book so please only send this format, as you can imagine I will have a LOT of blogs to go through! I will send you the book as soon as it is ready! Thank you :-)

Day 30 : 25th of july
Bfast : 1 Melons + 2 Mangos
Lunch : 0,5L coconut water + 1kilo of peaches
Dinner : 8 bananas + 1kilo of apricot + parsley/tomato salad
total calories (cronometer) : 2400

Water : 3L

Exercice : None

Sleep : 9h

Feelings : Amazing.. Today is not the end, today is only the beginning of a wonderful lifestyle. I feel so blessed to have discovered this lifestyle, thanks to people like Harley, freelee, Dr Doug graham, kristina and so many.

This 30 day challenge was wonderful, my dad and mum started also their 30 day challenge one week ago :) .. Life is just wonderful! Take care everyone.

DAY 29:

Bfast: big date/banana smoothie

Snack: 20 deglet nour dates

Lunch: Datorade + cabbage salad + orange juice

Dinner: lettuce + bananas & dates

Water: 2L

Exercise: 15mn run + 15mn brisk walk

Sleep: 7h

Feelings: Not feeling so good today... bloated and tired + a lot of cravings

I should sleep more!

Day 30!

Breakfast: 9 bananas

Lunch: 4 bananas and 10 dates

Exercise: 30 minute jog

Snack: Green fruit smoothie

Dinner: Mixed greens salad

Water: 2.5 liters

Sleep: 7 hours


Tadaaaaa... DAY 30: I made it :)

Bfast: 8 bananas smoothie (and I realized it was my first mono-banana-smoothie haha)

Lunch: vegan lebanese "taboule" with tomatos and a lot of unidentified greens = delicious

Snack: dates, strawberries and grapes

Dinner: Big salad

Exercise: 20mn run but I didn't stretch properly before running so I messed up my leg!!! F*ck!! I'm so stupid

Water: 2,5L

Sleep: 7h

Feeling: Better than yesterday :) I'm ready for the next challenge! I will try to make better food combinations because it's my biggest problem.

Thanks Freelee for organising this: it was great to read everyone's diary!!



After 30 days on this amazing challenge, I wanted to share my results with you: I lost ('only') 1kg, compared to 2.5kg the previous 30 days BUT I lost 2cm off my waist, 1cm off my hips, and 1cm off my thighs. The most rewarding stat of all is that I lost 2% of my body fat. Yeah!

So once more, thank you so much for coming up with this challenge! Now I'm off to a new one - keeping my new good habits and getting back on the fitness track with ChaLean Extreme.

Good luck to all of you!




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