30 Bananas a Day!

Starting on Mon 25th June (Australian) I will be hosting a 30 DAY High carb raw vegan challenge on my facebook page. Lots of people excited already, about 400. Join us! Please follow this link to the event page. 

Watch my video to find out more --->

Remember if you are not on facebook you could still post your daily journal here. Here is the post from Facebook --->

Time to get your raw on folks! For the next 30 days, EACH DAY please come here and record what you eat, your exercise, water and sleep and encourage others to stay on track. This challenge is only for HIGH CARB raw vegans, 811-style. No superfoods or powders, salt thanks. Example is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtxFC4LHnKo

* Not only the joy of being 100% raw for 30 days but as motivation --> those who honestly stay on track for the 30 days and post here everyday (without fail) will get a free copy of my upcoming ebook!

* If you fall off the wagon please don't post about it here because it can negatively affect others on the challenge. Posts like that may be removed to help keep the high vibe. 
* You must be 100% raw and post here EVERY DAY for the next 30 days to receive the free ebook. You *must* use the same thread day after day so I can read your journal. Journals that are all over the place cannot be accepted. 

* Please set out your journal like this :

DAY 1:

Bfast: 10 banana smoothie
Lunch: 1 head of iceberg lettuce with 20 dates
Dinner: 1/2 jakfruit (med) and a kg of snow peas
(good to include calories)

Exercise: 10km easy jog

Water: 3litres

Sleep: 9 hrs. 

Feelings: Optional

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DAY 26 !

Bfast: 1 cantaloupe melon + 20 grapes + rasberries + blueberries + half a large apple

Lunch: salad of papaye + 1 cup of grated carrots + green leaves+ fruit salad of half an apple + 10 grapes + 1 cantaloupe melon + blueberries + raspberries

Dinner: Green leaves lettuce + 2 large tomatoes + 1 big cucumber + 1 tbs of tahini + 2 cups of pineapple + 1 cup of orange + 15 very big dates + 1 medium size watermelon

Calories: Around 2000

Water: 2,5 litres

Exercice: none

Sleep: 8 hours

Feelings: Super good !

Day 26:

Breakfast: 10 bananas, cinnamon and nutmeg smoothie, nutmeg was oook in it not fabulous. - 1000

Lunch: 20 date datorade (first time in aaages) trying to get my hands on some chocmint herb. - 900

Dinner: 10 banana smoothie half an hr before bed DON"T DO IT. Ugh had it coming into my mouth a little all night.

Total around 2900 cals

Water: 2.5ltrs

Exercise: nothing, went to market and lifted banana boxes

Sleep: 8.5hrs

Day 27:

Breakfast: 2 litres of OJ after my 5km running race
- 1000 calories

Lunch: Just munched banana most of the time today and worked on the ebook recipes. About 14.
- 1400 calories

Jakfruit - another 100 grams - 300 calories

Dinner: Some strange salad creation that wasn't really that good :-/ too low in carbs too about 200 cals.

Total around 2900 cals

Water: 3.5ltrs

Exercise: Weekly 5km running race

Sleep: 9hrs

I obviously needed a reminder about not eating too late! I went to bed within 30 mins of having a 10 banana smoothie and because I hadn't exercised for 48 hrs my metabolism was in relaxation mode rather than burn so everything was slower. Woke up and ran my heart out in a 5km race and felt like chundering most of the race, it was REALLY hard for me to keep going.  Between that and the strong gusty wind i was at my max. Got a bit slow today with 21.24. Sub 20mins will be mine! Feeling better now.

Saturday July 21, 2012

Day 27

Went Shopping today. Scored some Dates, Apples, more Sultanas AND (for the first time here) scored some GOLD Kiwi Fruit. Yay. At least I have something to eat while I wait for those Bananas to ripen.

Sleep: 10.5 hours

Breakfast: Sultanas

[745 cal]

Throughout the Day: Sultanas

[928 cal]

Afternoon Tea: 6 Gold Kiwi Fruit

[309 cal]

Dinner: Salad

[134 cal]

Water: ~4L

Exercise: Just Shopping

Total Cal: 2103

Macro: | 91 carb | 5 protein | 4 fat |


Really glad I have something to eat now. I'll spend the next few days building up the calories so I can start training again. It's not like I haven't had the energy to exercise or anything, I still feel just as strong as ever. When I'm only getting 2000 calories a day. I just get paranoid that maybe I won't have enough to repair from weight training and so forth. I feel safest exercising when I'm getting at least 3500 calories a day.

Oh, in case anyone wonders about my randomness... I live in a place where fresh produce supply is fairly unpredictable. Nobody really grows enough fruit around here. I have to basically resort to the nearest towns for shopping. I reckon it's pretty bonkers that it takes shopping in 3 towns to support my family's eating habits. And whether or not we can get enough fruit is just so random from week to week. One week I can be eating 4000 calories a day worth of fruit and the next week I'm stuck with about 1300 a day and have to fill the gap with salads. Of course, not having much in season at the moment doesn't really help.

Things are looking up though, Bananas are starting to come back into regular supply again. I'm really hanging out for Mango season. We know someone we can get heaps and heaps of mangoes from, so that should be good.

DAY 25: 

Bfast: datorade (didn't taste very good because I soaked my dates too long I think)

Lunch: Datorade

Dinner datorade + bananas

Water: 2L

Exercise: none

Sleep: 10h :)

Day 26:

Breakfast: 7 bananas

Lunch: 4 bananas and 5 apples

Exercise: 20 minutes cycling

snack: 4 bananas

Dinner: mixed greens and veggies salad

Water: 3 liters

Sleep: 7 hours

Day 27:

Breakfast: Apricot-Banana Smoothie, 3 Bananas (658 cal)

Lunch: Green Smoothie, Cantaloupe (510 cal)

Dinner: 5 Bananas, Dates w/ almonds, walnuts, & pineapple (715 cal)

Snacks: 2 cups Cantaloupe (120 cal)


Water: 3 liters

Exercise: 30 min. yoga, 1 hr. walking

Sleep: 8.5 hrs.

Feelings: Fabulous

Day 27 : 21th of july
Bfast : 2,3 kilo of peaches + 1 Melon
Lunch : 10 oranges + 4 bananas + 1 Mango
Dinner : 1kilo of apricot
total calories (cronometer) : 2724

Water : 2,5L

Exercice : None

Sleep : 9h

Feelings : Very good, enjoying life, I missed my jogging today! Tomorrow for sure!

Day 27 (Saturday, 21st of July)

Food - 30 Deglet Noor, 13 bananas (!), 3 cups of sliced cucumber, 5 cups of cabbage, 2 oranges, 5 olives, 1 cup of grated carrots

2306, 92/3.5/4.5

Exercise - walking to and from the open market, wearing the baby and carrying the yummy fresh produce I bought - heavy but necessary!

Sleep - so much better (8 hours)

Water - more than 4 litres

Feeling - happy and well rested

Day 27

Breakfast: banana smoothie, 900 cal
Lunch: 10 small bananas, 900 cal
Snack: 1 l orange juice 450 cal
Dinner: banana smoothie, 900 cal
Total calories: 3150
Water: 4 liters
Exercise: 1 hour walk
Sleep: 9 hours

DAY 27 ! Hard to believe !

Bfast: 1 cup of chopped pineapple + 1 cantaloupe melon + 10 blueberries + 10 strawberries

Lunch: Big salad with lettuce + carrots + cucumber + zucchini + tomato + cherry tomatoes + lemon juice + 1 tbs of tahini + 1 cantaloupe melon + 2 cups of chopped watermelon + about 20 grapes + 2 bananas + 5 dates

Dinner: 2 bananas + 5 dates + 1 big orange + 1 peach + 2 cups of watermelon + 2 cups of cantaloupe melon + same salad as lunch

Calories: 1916 (82/7/11) It's not enough calories, and I will try to do better.

Water: 2,5 litres

Exercice: none

Sleep: 8 hours

Feelings: Really happy and good. I love this way of eating, it gives me so much more energy !

Day 27:

Breakfast: 8 bananas

Lunch: Half a watermelon

Exercise: none

Dinner: 3 apples and a large salad

Water: 2.5 liters

Sleep: 6 hours

While running errands, I happened to see a Mediterranean Market I didn't know was there. I stopped to see what they had, and they sell dates by the case! :)  So of course I bought one!


Sunday July 22, 2012

Day 28

Sleep: 9 hours

Breakfast: 9 Kiwi Fruit

[465 cal]

Morning Tea: Sultanas

[464 cal]

Lunch: Salad followed by a stalk of Celery

[374 cal]

Afternoon Tea: Sultanas

[580 cal]

Dinner: Salad

[307 cal]

Water: 6L

Exercise: None

Total Cal: 2190

Macro: | 86 carb | 8 protein | 6 fat |



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