30 Bananas a Day!

Starting on Mon 25th June (Australian) I will be hosting a 30 DAY High carb raw vegan challenge on my facebook page. Lots of people excited already, about 400. Join us! Please follow this link to the event page. 

Watch my video to find out more --->

Remember if you are not on facebook you could still post your daily journal here. Here is the post from Facebook --->

Time to get your raw on folks! For the next 30 days, EACH DAY please come here and record what you eat, your exercise, water and sleep and encourage others to stay on track. This challenge is only for HIGH CARB raw vegans, 811-style. No superfoods or powders, salt thanks. Example is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtxFC4LHnKo

* Not only the joy of being 100% raw for 30 days but as motivation --> those who honestly stay on track for the 30 days and post here everyday (without fail) will get a free copy of my upcoming ebook!

* If you fall off the wagon please don't post about it here because it can negatively affect others on the challenge. Posts like that may be removed to help keep the high vibe. 
* You must be 100% raw and post here EVERY DAY for the next 30 days to receive the free ebook. You *must* use the same thread day after day so I can read your journal. Journals that are all over the place cannot be accepted. 

* Please set out your journal like this :

DAY 1:

Bfast: 10 banana smoothie
Lunch: 1 head of iceberg lettuce with 20 dates
Dinner: 1/2 jakfruit (med) and a kg of snow peas
(good to include calories)

Exercise: 10km easy jog

Water: 3litres

Sleep: 9 hrs. 

Feelings: Optional

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Day 26:

Bfast/ lunch: dates and bananas + watermelon juice :)

Dinner: datorade

Water: 1,5L
Exercise: none

sleep: 9h

Day 27:

Bfast/lunch (i wake up very late): big salad that my mum made specially for me :) (date island is a complete fail haha)

Dinner: daaates :) + 1 mango and 1 banana

Water: not enough!! 1,5L?

Exercise: I walked 1h in the forest: it was lovely

Sleep: I go to bed now

Day 27 - Sabbath July 21

B - 1.5 C. Strawberries blended with 2 dates and a some peaches and poured over:  2.5 c. mangoes
   2 c. peaches, and 2 gold kiwi

L - Large salad of Romaine and Red Leaf with 2 C. mangoes, 2 C. Tomatoes, cukes, and a dressing of Mango, chives, bail, sage & 1/2 T. Tahini

S - 2 Muskmelons and a bit later 3 dates

Calories a bout 1800 - 88/6/6
Water  3 qts
Exercise None today
Sleep 7 1/2 hrs and then a half hour nap

Day 28 July22 - Sunday

B - 2 dates blended with some mango and peaches and poured over 2 C. mangoes, 3 1/2 c. peaches, 3 gold kiwi and 4 figs ( talk about YUM!!

1 1/2 c. Coconut water after my run

L - 3 C. Mangoes and 2 1/2 C. Peaches and 2 gold kiwi

S - 6 large Nectarines  4 dates

About 2100 calories  89/6/5
Water 3 qts
Exercise - Ran 3 1/2 miles
Sleep - Another night of less sleep. Was with friends and didn't get to bed to nearly midnight. Something I do not like doing.  Probably got 6 hrs.  Not good.
Feelings - need to work on sleep issues of late.  Theres been a lot of stuff to deal with and handle.  Need to work on boundaries.  But surprisingly I feel good - just need more sleep.  Dah!!

Day 28

Lunch: banana smoothie, 900 cal

Snack: banana smoothie, 500 cal

Dinner: banana smoothie, 900 cal

Total calories: 2,300

Water: 4 liters

Exercise: 1 hour walk

Sleep:10 hours

Computer shut itself down so starting another thread!

DAY 28

This morning some orannge juice and capsaicum since I had a migraine.  Began running and ended up doing about 3 miles.  just wanted to run and run and run .

Maybe 5 or 6 hours of sleep?

went back to sleep about 7 after running and slept till after 8 and woke with the most incredible feeling of well-being (no doubt, hence the running joy)  I even tired out the puppy a bit!


Had some salad at about 2:20 a.m.

Fasting was again easy, thirst came and went.

After sundown just had 5 peaches and a lot of fresh durian.  I love durian!


p.s. migraine gone during running.  And the well-being was there despite the pain.  Interesting!


This page finally opened so I'm reposting this so they're in (some kind of!) order.

DAY 29!

Slept about 6 hours, sleeping right through what I was supposed to do in the middle of the night!  That durian put Me out! 

Woke about 5:30 and went with the puppy only for a mile run because I had (have) work to do!  Could have run more.  Woke again with a migraine that is still hovering.

Ate almost the rest of the durian after running.  Found one more pillow and put it in the fridge for tonight. 

Feel so peaceful!!!

With this sunrise-sunset fast am noticing the knee-jerk reaction to putting something in my mouth at the slightest 'provocation'!

Forgot to mention yesterday that we need a smaller bench for this little tiny foyer (4ft by 5ft) that we have, and asked God, and there at a garage sale (which turned out to be a deceased high school classmate's home and bench) was the perfect little wooden (very solid) bench. And her son and I reminisced about when she and I went to secretarial school together eons ago! Experiences lately are either delightful or instructive!

I notice eating lighter always does that.

The current thread disappeared, and this one came up.

Only one more day and it's 30! That flew by.




After sundown had that last durian pillow, and then opened another one, sharing with my daughter and a friend.


Then made mango, red grape strawberry durian shake (just a little durian for flavoro.  It's delicious and too full to drink it!  The colour is beautiful.


Almost day 30!

DAY 28 ! And then, only two more days ! Can't believe it !

Bfast: 2 cantaloupe melon + 1 big orange + about 20 cherries + 2 bananas + about 20 grapes + 1 peach

Lunch: 3 large tomatoes + 2 zucchinis + 5 olives + 2 cups of green leaves lettuce + 2 orange tomatoes + 2 bananas + 1 cantaloupe melon + 2 cups of watermelon + about 20 grapes + 1 cup of grated carrots + 1 red bellpepper + 2 cups of green lettuce + lemon juice

Dinner: 1 big apple + 10 grapes + 2 cups of green lettuce + 1 cup of grated carrots + 1 big tomato + 1 orange tomato + 2 cups of cranberries + 2 bananas

Calories: Around 2000

Water: 3 litres

Exercice: none

Sleep: 9 hours

Feelings: feeling good. I'm excited to start my second violin making internship tomorrow for two more weeks !

Day 28 : 22th of july
Bfast : 1,5L of orange juice
Lunch : 1 Melon + 2kilo of peaches
Dinner : 1kilo of peaches
total calories (cronometer) : 2300

Water : 3L

Exercice : 20min jogging in the hills

Sleep : 9h

Day 28:

Breakfast: BG Chai Tea (will be in recipe book) this is literally my fav breakfast in the World! -1100

Lunch: 25 Gold Kiwi's, just sat down infront of puter just shovelling, it was great, over 1000 cals

Dinner: BG B.A.D Strudel, 1200 cals. 

FULLY carbed up love it!

Total around 3300 cals

Water: 3ltrs

Exercise: nothing

Sleep: 8hrs

Day 29:

Breakfast: Didn't have breakfast until 1pm today BAD idea. Will explain more. 
BG Chai tea - 1100 cals

Lunch: 5 bananas followed by 200grams of dried apricots. 1050cals

Then had some Orange juice, bit of a mish mash on digestion, putting juice ontop of dried fruit etc. - 400

Dinner: Made 'indian' rice with this sort of relish on top, about 300 cals

Total around 2800 cals

Water: 3.5ltrs

Exercise: Kicked my butt up Mt Warning today, 3 miles up or nearly 5kms, it was slippery, muddy and a real challenge, actually pretty dangerous but like Helen Kellar says - 'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all'

Sleep: 8hrs. late nights at the moment

feelings: I really didn't intend to eat that late and during the run near the top I nearly passed out from so much exertion and not enough food! I hadn't eaten in like 19hrs which is crazy. It wasn't planned just turned out that way, I don't recommend it!

This no salt challenge hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be! Having everyone here sharing their journals has been really awesome :)

Monday July 23, 2012

Day 29

Sleep: 10 hours :)

Breakfast: 1100g Watermelon

[330 cal]

Morning Tea: Sultanas

[696 cal]

Lunch: 550g Sapote

[682 cal]

Afternoon Tea: 6 Dates

[398 cal]

Dinner: Salad

[115 cal]

Water: 4L

Exercise: Collected Rainwater

Total Cal: 2222

Macro: | 92 carb | 5 protein | 3 fat |

Day 28:

Breakfast: 7 bananas

Lunch: 6 bananas

Exercise: none

Dinner: 16 dates and a large mixed salad

Water: 3 liters

Sleep: 4-5 hours

I didn't sleep well last night. It felt like I was tossing and turning for some reason.  :(




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