30 Bananas a Day!

Starting on Mon 25th June (Australian) I will be hosting a 30 DAY High carb raw vegan challenge on my facebook page. Lots of people excited already, about 400. Join us! Please follow this link to the event page. 

Watch my video to find out more --->

Remember if you are not on facebook you could still post your daily journal here. Here is the post from Facebook --->

Time to get your raw on folks! For the next 30 days, EACH DAY please come here and record what you eat, your exercise, water and sleep and encourage others to stay on track. This challenge is only for HIGH CARB raw vegans, 811-style. No superfoods or powders, salt thanks. Example is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtxFC4LHnKo

* Not only the joy of being 100% raw for 30 days but as motivation --> those who honestly stay on track for the 30 days and post here everyday (without fail) will get a free copy of my upcoming ebook!

* If you fall off the wagon please don't post about it here because it can negatively affect others on the challenge. Posts like that may be removed to help keep the high vibe. 
* You must be 100% raw and post here EVERY DAY for the next 30 days to receive the free ebook. You *must* use the same thread day after day so I can read your journal. Journals that are all over the place cannot be accepted. 

* Please set out your journal like this :

DAY 1:

Bfast: 10 banana smoothie
Lunch: 1 head of iceberg lettuce with 20 dates
Dinner: 1/2 jakfruit (med) and a kg of snow peas
(good to include calories)

Exercise: 10km easy jog

Water: 3litres

Sleep: 9 hrs. 

Feelings: Optional

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Day 16:

Breakfast: 8 bananas

Lunch: 9 bananas

Exercise: 30 minute jog

Snack: Green fruit smoothie

Dinner: Huge salad

Water: 3 liters

Sleep: 6 hours


Wednesday July 11

Day 17

Sleep: 6 hours


600g Sapote

[744 cal]

Morning Tea:

5 small Apples

[387 cal]


600g Sapote

[744 cal]

Afternoon Tea:

4 medium Bananas

[420 cal]


300g Sapote

[372 cal]

Water: 4-5L

Total Cal: 2667

Macro: | 93 carb | 4 protein | 3 fat |


Just shopping, etc


Yay, I finally did it... I bought a bike.

It's a 2013 Trek Wahoo 29er.

Day 17:

Breakfast: Green Smoothie, cherries, dates, & peanuts (600 cal)

Lunch: Tropical Smoothie, 2 cups Cantaloupe (558 cal)

Snacks: 5 Bananas (525 cal)

Dinner: Strawberry-Banana Smoothie (229 cal)


Water: 3 liters

Exercise: 1.5 hrs. walking

Sleep: 8 hrs.

Feelings: Feeling better after eating lighter yesterday. Today it continues.

Day 17 : 11th of july
Bfast : 1,5L fresh orange juice + 1300g Melon
Lunch : 1,5 kilo of Peaches + 6 banana
Dinner : 2 bananas + Huge Zucchini/cucumber/tomato salad
total calories (cronometer) : 2615

Water : 2,5L (will take another 0,5L before bed)

Exercice : None

Sleep : 9h

Day 17

Only slept 5 hours of not very good sleep because of work, went to bed at 3 pm and feel i missed the best hours.

Morning: some water

Breakfast at 1pm : Apples, Pear and Romaine smoothie

Lunch : 4 bananas and grapes salad

Tea : Salad of 2 slices of sweet potatoes, 2 sticks of celery, slices of cucumber and zucchini, 1/4 avocado, 4 radishes, Romaine and 3 tomatoes

1 peach 2 bananas

And for dinner i will have the usual : Romaine and carrot smoothie with 4 sliced bananas and go to bed early.

The best news for me are that there will be at the end of August a raw festival at about 6 miles from where i live called "Raw Fest 2012". How is that for luck? I am over the moon.

Day 17:

Breakfast: banana and pear soup

Lunch: 1 ltr of OJ

Snack: banana and pear soup

Dinner: bananas

Water: 3 ltrs

Exercise: nothing today

Sleep: 7 hours

Day 17 July 11

B. 2 c mangoes 2 c peaches 2 c nectarines 3 gold kiwi. 1/3 c blueberries

L. Green smoothie. 3 dates. 3 c mangoes 2 c peaches. 2 gold kiwi 5 celery ribs. 4 to 5 c spinach

S. 4 c cherries. 3 gold kiwi
Before supper 1 c coconut water.

About 2100 calories. 89/6/5
Water. 3 qts
Exercise. 6.5 miles. And tons od housework. Have family coming in this wend
Feelings. Blessed to be able to run
Has anyone read a life without limits by chrissie Wellington. It's an incredible read about the woman who has won ironman in Kona HI a few times. Inspired me. Her diet didn't but she did.

Day 16

Breakfast: 8 bananas 4 dates smoothie (1100)

Lunch: 2 mangoes, 3 peaches and 3 bananas (720)

Dinner: zucchini pasta (340)

Calories: 2150


Exercice:30min fast walk outside

Sleep: 9h30

Day 17

Breakfast: watermelon (600)

Lunch: 4 bananas, 3 kiwi, 2 mangoes (750)
Dinner: guac with veggies (250)

Snack: 8 bananas ice-cream (800)

Calories: 2400

Water: 1.5L

Exercice: 30min fast walk outside

Sleep: 9h30

DAY 17 !!

Bfast: blueberries + cantaloupe + 1 big apple + pineapple + half a mango

Lunch: arogula + lettuce + 1 big tomato + celery + lemon juice + bleberries + cantaloupe + 1 peach + half a mango

Dinner: arodula + lettuce + 1 big tomato + grated carrots + lemon juice + cantaloupe + blueberries + cherries

Calories: around 2000

Water: 2 litres

Exercice: none

Sleep: 8,5 hours

Feelings: Great after my second day of internship ! And ready to sleep now ! Quite tired ! It's been a intense but rich day !

Incase you were wondering I don't punch my numbers into cronometer anymore, after all these years I know roughly how many cals are in what and that's why you see the number rounded off :)

Day 17:

Breakfast: 2 litres of juice --> 1000cals ( just don't want anything else)

Lunch: 13 bananas blended with cinnamon and cloves - 1300 cals

Dinner: just wanted jakfruit and more jakfruit, can't believe I got through 300grams of dried jakfruit - 900
Tasted amazing.

Total around 3200 calories

Water: 3 liters

Exercise: Did a 7km very easy jog as calves were sore after hill repeats XD

Sleep: 9.5hrs

Feelings: Great! Loving salt-free living again, really makes a big difference.

Day 18:

Breakfast: 2 litres of juice --> 1000cals

Lunch: 12 gold kiwis (they are so good right now)-->600
More dried jakfruit for lunch --> 500 cals

Dinner: 'Rainbow rice', a recipe I invented tonight that will be in the ebook - 200 max

Total around 2300 calories

Water: 3 liters

Exercise: Nothing letting calves rest

Sleep: 8hrs (got woken up by Mr Cyclists alarm clock early)

Feelings: Didn't eat as much today because I was literally sitting around all day doing my ebook and didn't feel like it. Have been a heap of cals in lately so my tank is all topped up. Got a 3-5km run first thing tomorrow morn then market day!

Day 17:

Breakfast: 8 bananas

Lunch: 6 bananas and 2 apples

Exercise: none

Dinner: huge salad

Water: 3 liters

Sleep: 5.5 hours


Thursday July 12, 2012

Day 18

Sleep: 7.5 hours


1/3 of a Watermelon

[406 cal]

Morning Tea:

2 Pears

2 Apples

[361 cal]


400g Sapote

[496 cal]



[116 cal]

Afternoon Tea:

6 Kiwi Fruit

[252 cal]



[355 cal]

Water: 5L

Total Cal: 1989 ... Whaaat ?!? Feels like I ate more than enough today. That can't be right...

Macro: | 90 carb | 6 protein | 4 fat |


Less than 20 min ride on my new Trek


Missing today's weight training. Normally Lat/Back day, but I skipped it to go for a ride instead.

I'll do it tomorrow.

My crap is starting to look just like Sapote, so I only ate one today. I'll have to shove a few down tomorrow, though. I have 14 or more ripe.



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