30 Bananas a Day!

Starting on Mon 25th June (Australian) I will be hosting a 30 DAY High carb raw vegan challenge on my facebook page. Lots of people excited already, about 400. Join us! Please follow this link to the event page. 

Watch my video to find out more --->

Remember if you are not on facebook you could still post your daily journal here. Here is the post from Facebook --->

Time to get your raw on folks! For the next 30 days, EACH DAY please come here and record what you eat, your exercise, water and sleep and encourage others to stay on track. This challenge is only for HIGH CARB raw vegans, 811-style. No superfoods or powders, salt thanks. Example is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtxFC4LHnKo

* Not only the joy of being 100% raw for 30 days but as motivation --> those who honestly stay on track for the 30 days and post here everyday (without fail) will get a free copy of my upcoming ebook!

* If you fall off the wagon please don't post about it here because it can negatively affect others on the challenge. Posts like that may be removed to help keep the high vibe. 
* You must be 100% raw and post here EVERY DAY for the next 30 days to receive the free ebook. You *must* use the same thread day after day so I can read your journal. Journals that are all over the place cannot be accepted. 

* Please set out your journal like this :

DAY 1:

Bfast: 10 banana smoothie
Lunch: 1 head of iceberg lettuce with 20 dates
Dinner: 1/2 jakfruit (med) and a kg of snow peas
(good to include calories)

Exercise: 10km easy jog

Water: 3litres

Sleep: 9 hrs. 

Feelings: Optional

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Day 13


7 hours sleep. 

nice 1 mile run in the heat, then quick swim


A litttle orange juice

Nice 15 meditation with my neighbour (the one who's 91.  She's just starting to meditate!


Later morning

Juice of one good-sized honeydew


Figs (the ripe ones) are next when I'm not full from that anymore.  And had a great revelation/understanding about why we don't have to die.  It's supposed to be 100 here.  Nice hot sticky weather!  Baby fig trees doing well. More later.

Day 13 part 2


Had all the ripe figs, at least 12!  So good.


late afternoon

Salad of Spinach tomato, mango really juicy and good.


Dinner of spring mix, tomato, mango, avocado


Ran about 1/2 mile with my daughter who's just getting into running.


Good day.

Are you brushing your teeth with toothpaste? Flossing? 

Day 12:  7/6/12  (Guess I mistakenly put down two different Day 10's  both for 7/4 and 7/5.  Yesterday's (7/5/12)  should have been marked Day 11 instead...)

Breakfast:  2L Fresh Orange Juice = 1000 Cal

Lunch:  3 Bananas & 3 Dates = 510 Cal

Snack:  1 Cup Fresh OJ = 110 Cal

Dinner:  3 Banana Smoothie w/1 Cup Blueberries = 400

Total Cals:  2020

Exercise:  Not Today, cleaned house loaded stuff up for a garage sale tomorrow.

Water:  2 L

Sleep:  8 Hours

Feelings:  Not really losing any weight, but definitely feeling good and  having more energy.  Trying not to get discouraged, I am making a new life change and this is a great start.  I've got a long way to go  to even consider this long term, so been reading to keep myself motivated.

DAY 12:

Bfast: 1 big smoothie (15 dates, 5 bananas) + figs

Lunch: Cherries + strawberries + 1 banana/mango/coco smoothie + little salad

Dinner: My first big salad with NO dressing and it tasted absolutely delicious (salad+corn+black olives+white oinions) + 1 date/banana smoothie

Exercise: 30mn bike

water: 2L

Sleep: 10hours

Feelings: woooaaoow for the first time I felt this incredible energy all raw vegans speak about! During my exercise, I felt so full of energy that I could easily have run 15km :) It felt so good

Day 13:

Today was a mish mash of foods. 

Breakfast: 2 litres of juice --> 1000cals

Lunch: Visited mum at market had bites of this and that from her stall (all raw and vegan dried fruits and nuts) probably added up to about 100 cals.

Followed by 10 gold kiwi's --> 500

and 5 bananas -->500

Noon: Quarter of chempedak 300

Dinner: (estimation) 800grams flesh custard apple around 800 cals

Total around 3200 calories

Water: 3 liters

Exercise: 5km running race today, went pretty slow today for me 21.30

Sleep: 9.5hrs

Feelings: Really felt the 5km race today, maybe after last weeks half marathon although I feel fully recovered from that. Maybe because I wore my training shoes instead of racing ones

Day 12

Breakfast:8 bananas 4 dates smoothie (1100)

Lunch: 8 oranges and (later) 3 cups grapes (850)

Dinner: Half an avo and some veggies (200)

Calories: 2150


Exercice: None

Feeling: From 5pm to bedtime, I felt like I could throw up as soon as I moved. That's why I didn't do any exercice and ate like nothing for dinner.

Day 12:

Breakfast: banana, mango, and pineapple smoothie

Lunch: 9 bananas

Exercise: 30 minute jog

Snack: 6 bananas

Dinner: Huge salad with mango dressing

Water: 3 liters

Sleep: 7 hours

Saturday July 7th

Day 13

Sleep: 8.5 hours


9 extra small Apples

[472 cal]

Morning Tea:

4 small Bananas

[359 cal]


98 Seedless Grapes

[331 cal]

Afternoon Tea:

4 medium Pears

[413 cal]

Dinner & Desert:

10 extra small Apples, 17 extra small Bananas, 12 Dates

[2548 cal]

Water: 4L

Total Cal: 4125

Macro: 95 carb | 3 protein | 2 fat


None. Well I did collect Rain Water today. I've counted that as exercise on other days, for some reason it just didn't feel strenuous enough to be regarded as exercise today.

Storing the Glycogen for a couple of big weight training sessions tomorrow.


Lazy, but Strong & full of Energy at the same time. Relaxed & Happy with mental clarity.

Day 13 (Saturday 7/7)

Food - 1 cup spinach, 2 oranges, 5 bananas, 12 Medjool dates, 1 cantaloupe, 1/2 head of lettuce, 1/2 cucumber, 1 apple, 3 apricots, 3 cups cauliflower tabuli, 1/2 watermelon, 1 cup cherries, 3 tomatoes

2410 calories; 90/4/6

Exercise - half an hour walking

Sleep - 9 hours last night, yeah! I also fell asleep reading on my bed this afternoon (for about 15 minutes)

Water - 4 litres or more

Feelings - I'm happy! Everything's fine (apart from the dismal weather, that is...).

Day 13 : 7th of july
Bfast : 1L fresh orange juice + 1kilo of mango
Lunch : 500g of peaches + 500g of apricot + 3 bananas
Dinner : 500g figs + 5 oranges
total calories (cronometer) : 2527

Water : 3L

Exercice : None

Sleep : 9h

Feelings : Today I learned a big lesson, always eat before going to lunch if invited :) Even if people tell you they will have food for you...

I had to eat when I got back and I felt tired in the afternoon! Learned a big lesson today

Take care everyone

Day 13

Breakfast: banana soup with chopped bananas on top

Lunch: grapes

Dinner: 1,25 ltrs of orange juice mixed with some strawberies 

Water: 3 ltrs

Exercise: 1,5 hour walk

Sleep: 10 hours



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