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I haven’t had a blood test for at least 5 years or more and haven’t been feeling as good as I did for the first 2.5 years on this diet, so thought I’d get a test to see if there are any problems.  One thing I was expecting to be low but hoping a long water fast I did a year ago had fixed were my B12 levels.  I’ve been vegan for the majority of the last 14 years and always had to supplement as an initial test way back in the first few years came back with a level of 90.  180 is considered to be the minimum here in Australia but I hear it’s as high as 550 in other parts of the world. 

So here’s my new level;

Vitamin B12        86           (> 180)                  pmo1/L

I’m officially on shots as of now which I had hoped to avoid.

As for the rest of the test I’m just listing the levels that were flagged as being “abnormal” on the results. 

Urea                      1.1          (2.5 – 8.0)            mmo1/L

T.Protein             58           (60 – 82)               g/L

Albumin               32           (35 – 50)               g/L

ALP                        131         (30 – 120)            U/L

Under these results was the following text;


Low urea may be due to reduced protein intake, malabsorption or liver disease.


Mild elevation of ALP may occur in response to a wide variety of medications, infectious and inflammatory conditions and early bone disease.”

So if any of you raw blood experts out there have any insights to what these results indicate please let me know!



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I had high triglycerides and low HDL. I've been doing it 2 months

Hey Summer

so I think I eat tons of greens and fruit, but my perception of 'tons' maybe different to yours. So when you say tons how much is that for you? and how many calories did you up by to get everything to normalize?


That should change. Two months, not quite enough time.

Supplements will do only one thing, make someone else rich.  These people take advantage of your fear of sickness, poverty, body odor, and other such things to fatten their wallets.  I did a little research on B12 and here's what I found:

1.  B12 is necessary for producing an acid called pepsin.  This is used to break down proteins into energy.  If you need to break down proteins to get your energy on your current diet I'll be a horse's butt.  Your body doesn't like to use protein and it is a last resort where other things like simple sugars, carbohydrates, even fat are more desirable for energy production. 

2.  Even if you did have a high amount of B12, you're body won't absorb it without intrinsic factor.  Intrinsic factor is produced by the stomach.  Taking B12 supplements could be like kicking a horse with no legs, you ain't gettin nowhere bro.

3.  B12 is stored in your liver, up to three years worth.  Your body is also extremely efficient at recycling B12.  Your ALP level is just fine according to what I researched.  The range I found was between 44 and 147. 

4.  If your wish is to become a meat eating machine, then you'll need as much of that stuff as possible.  B12 functions to convert a specific amino acid which is used to convert protein and fat into energy and B12 is used to regenerate folic acid.  Looky Looky, there's plenty of that in your diet.  Sources of folate include Mangos, oranges, and many others, HECK! even DURIAN FLESH!

If you don't have any of the symptoms of pernicious anemia then I wouldn't worry too much about B12.  "That little guy? don't worry about that little guy."  I'm also a bit skeptical about anyone on this site recommending getting B12 shots or taking supplements.  Don't let "The Man" sucker you out of another penny.  Save that cash and buy a mango.

If early homo sapien didn't have B12 shots, how'd he survive?


(Clearing throat)... well, early homo sapien didn't tend to live all that long... 

And this argument is a bit like saying, "well, you would've died in childbirth 10,000 years ago, so I think we should skip that c-section and let you die".

Lots of people failed to thrive & died for unknown reasons for millenia. Now we know some of those reasons & can do something about it. I'm not saying we should be taking 15 pills a day (I take no supplements myself) - but if you have a known physical anomaly and a way to fix it, why wouldn't you?

Stephen, you say you haven't been feeling good. Can you please elaborate? Did you observe any physical symptoms of B12 deficiency?

I'm not sure if these are symptoms of B12 deficiency or not but lack of mental clarity, overall negative state of mind, and periods of depression.  Basically have felt no better in these regards than I used to on cooked food and alcohol.   I've been trying to get an e-book copy of "Could it be B12?"  to read up on it but can't seem to find one on the net.

Thanks Stephen. As far as the info, there is a lot on line. Wiki is a good start:


Thanks Gosia, interesting about the amenia as my doctor was very confused that I didn't have it and wasn't sure what frequencies of shots to put me on.  Even the dosage on the instructions that come with the injections are all related to anemia except for one for Tobacco amblyopia and leber's optic atrophy which I have no clue what it is but I know I haven't got that one!

what are your vitamin d levels? did you test for them?

No I forgot to ask and I've been in the tropics for the last two years so have been getting more than enough sun.  Would have been good to know though.  I'll get them checked next time.

Have you felt any different after the shots you had last Monday?  I'm curious.. It's so hard to find b12 here in the states... :\



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