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I haven’t had a blood test for at least 5 years or more and haven’t been feeling as good as I did for the first 2.5 years on this diet, so thought I’d get a test to see if there are any problems.  One thing I was expecting to be low but hoping a long water fast I did a year ago had fixed were my B12 levels.  I’ve been vegan for the majority of the last 14 years and always had to supplement as an initial test way back in the first few years came back with a level of 90.  180 is considered to be the minimum here in Australia but I hear it’s as high as 550 in other parts of the world. 

So here’s my new level;

Vitamin B12        86           (> 180)                  pmo1/L

I’m officially on shots as of now which I had hoped to avoid.

As for the rest of the test I’m just listing the levels that were flagged as being “abnormal” on the results. 

Urea                      1.1          (2.5 – 8.0)            mmo1/L

T.Protein             58           (60 – 82)               g/L

Albumin               32           (35 – 50)               g/L

ALP                        131         (30 – 120)            U/L

Under these results was the following text;


Low urea may be due to reduced protein intake, malabsorption or liver disease.


Mild elevation of ALP may occur in response to a wide variety of medications, infectious and inflammatory conditions and early bone disease.”

So if any of you raw blood experts out there have any insights to what these results indicate please let me know!



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I am getting my own blood test results soon, I'm about as far along as you are. 

It is my understanding that urea increases along with animal product consumption so it makes sense that you would have low urea. I believe that a low score would only be problematic if you were actually eating normal amounts of animal protein but not breaking it down and excreting it properly. 

yeah that's what I was thinking.  Just hoping it's not too low I'm trying to put on muscle so do wonder if I'm getting enough greens in.

Funny you mention that vid as I watched it a couple of hours ago and was just thinking about where I can get some raw pine nuts from!

I never had any diagnosed digestive issues but my digestion definitely was not as good as it is now.

Hi Rawfruity - been looking for the video ...can't seem to find it? can post a link to it please.

Me too! Left out the garlic though and replaced the green onion with chives.  Also  I couldn't get arugula and I'm not a big fan of coriander.  Tasted fantastic though and I will make it again!

bro if you want to pack on muscle you need to eat triple what your eating now. Get to bed early consistently too.

Also lift heavy weights vs doing push ups. Push ups are good for cyclists looking to stay light or good for keep warm on a winters night. Thats about it. 

Yeah eating a lot more since I left Bangkok.  Doing lots of smoothies now which I've never really done much of before.  Loving the datorade!  As for sleep I love it and have had consistent early nights for the last 2.5 years so that's not a problem.  Usually in bed by 8 at the latest!

After a lean but muscled physique more in line with a gymnast than people lifting heavy weights.  From what I've read they do majority bodyweight exercises.

So why are your liver enzymes elevated? Tylenol or some other irritant?

Good question.  I haven't had any medication that's for sure!  My first B12 shot yesterday was the first non fruit/vegetable substance I've taken in since I've been on this diet.

Your liver enzymes aint even elevated really. Get tested on any day of the week and you could be over or under. Your only 11 points over when the range is 30-120. Look how much variance is allowed. Your less than 10% over the highest limit. Highest limit for that lab. Some labs have a 145 limit.

Your liver enzyme level is no concern. If it was 500 then yeah, its something to think about. If the range was 118-120 and you were 131 then that would be an issue too. Its vital to put things into context.

Also cos you have been running a bit more and running barefoot then that is shocking your whole skeleton and therefore enhancing new bone growth which can raise ALP. Still your ALP is not really elevated. Its just at the high end of the spectrum.

Ive had my alp tested after a big week riding and running. It was 320 and then went down a week later. I have to go do different labs so they test me. ;)


can you explain or send a link so I can understand ALP a little more. Thanks



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