30 Bananas a Day!

Losing weight and getting really fit is like getting out of debt and becoming really rich. You need to make steady progress and keep consistent!

When people win the lottery they often piss away the money and end up going back into debt shortly after. When people go on a restrictive diet they lose the weight fast but then gain even more weight back shortly after!

To achieve lasting wealth and the sustainably beautiful body of your dreams, you need to ease off the gas, slow down and keep consistent. Nobody cares how fast you can make progress if you're just going to burn out and end up back in the chase pack.

3 Tips for Success (Don't skip #3!)

1) Set long term fitness goals.

Set specific goals for the next 5 years. Ink it, don't just think it! Actually write them down on paper... How much do you want to weigh? What kind of food will you be eating? How fast do you want to be able to do 500 squats?

In the same way successful businesses will set 20-30 year financial goals, you need to make your success YOUR BUSINESS and THINK LONG TERM with your health & fitness goals.

2) Make it a habit.

"First we form habits, then they form us." Whatever you can turn into a habit becomes effortless. Habits do not require willpower, and you do them automatically. Create helpful habits like waking up at 6am, doing your 100 Squats A Day, making a morning smoothie, eating raw, plant based meals throughout the day, and getting to bed by 8pm and soon you'll be doing them all without even thinking about it! You'll wake up alert and fresh at 6am, be inspired to workout and eat clean during the day, and you'll find yourself getting tired around 7:30pm automatically.

3) Act the part.

Your self image will ALWAYS determine your results. That's worth reading again: Your self image will determine the results you get in life. The "sloppy" person makes a mess without fail while the "organized" person stays neat and tidy no matter where they are. The "healthy" person can stay fit and trim effortlessly while the "fat" person can never seem to lose a pound. Why is this? This is due to the persons self image! The way you see yourself is the way you act. So label yourself the way you want to be!

Create your own identity and then act the part. Act, dress, think, and eat like your ideal self would. Talk to yourself in the way your ideal self would talk to themselves, and always keep your focus on your long term goals... which you first have to set! So go back and read #1.

Now, who's ready to do their 100 Squats and eat their 30 ripe bananas?

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Love this! Thinking long term is the way to go. I set goals for myself, but usually don't think years into my future. I'll definitley be writing down my goals on paper and sticking them somewhere visible so I can remind myself every day why I changed to a HCRV lifestyle!

LOVE this! Just what I needed to read today. :)

Thanks Ted. Or in my case just move to a tropical country makes life much easier.

Great advice!! Inspiring!
Yeah, this is so true. It's hard for me being 23 and going to bed early when all my friends are just getting started!



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