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My name is Jessica. I am new to this site and thought I oughta say Hi.;-)

I have been a raw vegan on and off for about a year, and recently re-committed to it. I was spending a good amount of time on GoneRaw, looking at recipes, suggestions, advice on staying raw, and just generally leaning on the network for support (I don't know any other raw vegans). I noticed a lot of people mentioning the 811 diet, and it piqued my interest, but I wasn't clear what it was all about...eventually someone mentioned 30 BaD, and a whole new possibility opened up. 

I hadn't considered anything even near fruitarianism before--it seemed extreme, and unhealthy, based on what I knew about protein and vitamin needs for vegans. I'd always eaten a lot of tofu and other soy products, in part because I enjoyed them, and in part because I thought I needed things of that sort to fulfill my body's needs. But the more I read, the more I understand that there is a wealth of nutritional information out there that I was completely ignorant of! 

811 appeals to me for some of the same reasons veganism and raw veganism do: it is a simpler way of nourishing oneself, but one that opens up an amazing new field of beauty and possibility once you've entered it. The simplification gives me the time and focus to really taste and appreciate every bite that goes into my mouth, and it is gratifying to know that I am harming this planet and its inhabitants as little as possible with my food choices.

I have wondered about vitamin B-12. Do most lfrv's take supplements? Or are there sources I am not aware of? I would have thought sea vegetables, but I think these are not strictly part of 811. 

Also, I find it has been a bit difficult to get as many calories in as I need. I know this is a common concern! For example, the other day I ate an entire canteloupe for lunch--it was delicious (especially because it was around 50 and sunny, so I could eat outside!), and I felt totally full when I was through. But then I realized I'd only consumed about 300 calories! I've been adding more dates and bananas to try and make up for it, but mainly I just feel like I'm not able to fit enough in my belly. I suppose this takes care of itself in time..?

Happy to have found such a valuable resource!


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Howdy back atcha, Jessica!

Nice to have you with us.
Yours are common questions here that you'll probably best find answered by reading the related conversations as they expand here.
Re: B12; some supplement and many do not, but in either case, you have plenty of time to learn before you make a final decision.
And for eating, the rule of thumb (or tum) is to simply eat as fruit as you want and as many greens as you desire, to the point of feeling satisfied, with perhaps a couple of extra bites thrown in. Over time these extra bites grow and translate into proper amounts.
Have you gotten the chance to read Dr. Graham's "80-10-10" Diet book yet? Those and numerous other valuable topics are covered within its pages.
Stay Fruity! :)
Hi Jessica
I looked to see if there was a raw food meetup group in your town and there does not seem to be.
There are 35 people registered in Syracuse but nobody has organised a meeting yet but it does mean that there are that number of people are interested.
Hey Jessica
Its simple. Eat till you are sastified.
Its best to eat mono meals as well.
As with supplements personally I dont take them. But you decide. There is alot of people including myself who will gladly help out. :)
Thanks, all! I'll keep reading --and eating. ;-)



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