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Hello everybody!


I want to start tomorrow with the 100 day raw challenge, but wanted to start with banana island. I've been on and off 80/10/10 since 2009.....aaaarrrrrggghh. Whenever I end up eating cooked food I have a HUGE belly, I have water retention and I gained 15 kilos since last year and I am sick of it. I really want to stay 100% 80/10/10, I even avoid "cooked" friends till I am stronger. I've had B12 deficiency, Lyme, celiac and a very difficult stressfull 2010, so enough reasons to stay raw for my health and I NEED YOUR HELP FOLKS :))) 

So, tomorrow I am starting with banana Island (again) and bodyweight exercise 6times a week (bodyrock.tv). Anyone who will join me or has any tips/ideas? Thank you!

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Hi everybody,


Day 5

exercise: bodyweight training

water: 3l 

bananas: 3709 kcals 


Day 6

exercise: restday

water: 3l

bananas: 3868 kcals


I have a lot of bananas, but they are not ripe yet :(( so I will continue with orange juice  untill my bananas are ripe......


Hi everybody,


Where are you guys??? It is so quit here, make some NOISE!!! :)))


Last couple of days I didn' t feel very well. I had flu like symptoms, I was very tired, my stomach was upset, I had a headache and I was nauseous.


Day 7:

exercise: 1 hour rebounding

water: 3l

food: 3,400 kcals (orangejuice)


Day 8:

exercise: nothing, was too tired

water: 2l

food: 3,032 kcals (oranges & datorade)


Day 9:

exercise: 30 min. rebounding (will do bodyweight exercise when I feel better)

water: 2l

food: 2,073 kcals (dateorade)


Day 10 (today):

exercise: 1 hour rebounding

water: 3l

food: 2500 kcals (bananas)


Let me know how you are doing....DGee, Mandy,........

Hi DGee,



I started in 2009, so I am used to eat large amounts of fruit. Your stomach has to stretch. And exercising really helps.....


I have to confess: yesterday I didn' eat my banana smoothie on time and I was sooo hungry, I ate the cooked potatoes I made for my daughter. I started today with green banana smoothies.....


I feel very isolated when I eat 100% raw, I don' t know if I am ready to be 100% all the time. May be I have to be flexible and eat some rice or potatoes now and then. I don' t know, I really hesitate. Who can give me some advise?


Oh, DGee, I blend my bananas without water, that way you can get in more kcals. Every time I make a banana smoothie I make sure I make 1000 kcals...


Good luck :))


Hey girl :) How does your challenge goes?? I feel the same as you. I am on and of all the time. And now Im done being a failure ;) he he! So my first day is today, and I have eate a whole lot more that I should have :) but its okey, the first days is the toughest.

How many calories are you eating a day??

I think I try 3000 kcal, så that I dont failure and get some cravings ;)

love clara sweden.

Hi Clara,


Well, I ended up eating cooked food again and was on and off rawfood again:(( Didn' t eat enough calories probably. Started again yesterday and now I make sure I eat 3000 kcals minimum a day :)) And also started to exercise. I am reading every day to stay motivated. 

When I exercise I try to eat 3500 kcals, in order to not get cravings. Good job you started too, so we can motivate each other :)))


Good luck!

Hi again :) Yeah sounds familiar. And yes, I also think we get cravings because we eat to little. We don´t get all the nutriens we need. To little protein mabye? YES, awsome ;) we support each other :D Today is my secound day. I eat 5 mangos to breakfast. A big sallad to lunch with tomato-avocadodressing. I don´t know if its better to eat so much fat in the end of the day or if it doesn´t matter? anyway, I was craving sallad to lunch, and thats a god sign, isn it? :D

god luck to you to :)))

Hi Clara,


This is my third day :))) It is always better to eat fat at the end of the day. Good job girl :D

Hey you :)

god job you tooo :) Its getting easier the more days it goes, isn it?? :D I think before we have clean our bodys from other stuff ;) So.. we are both clean soon ;) feels good!! Now is the challenge to get enough calories in our body so we don´t faluire. I have two breakfast today. I start with watermelon and 2 bananas. I couldn´t take in more ;) And after 2 hour I had 5 bananas ;)


Yeasterday, its was so good. I have to tell you. I felt sooo saticfied when I go to bed. In the eavning, for dinner, I have a lots of dates, with cucumber in the middle. Like a handburger ;) It was so good to just eat dates until I was saticefied. Because I know that I havent had enough calories during the day. And I woak up this morning fuilled with energy :D
It is so good because I have always been so scared that I eat to much. But yeasterday I was so saticfied that I left 4 dates ;) That has never happend before ;) My feeling use to be, "oh now.. I can´t eat any more, its to much calories". But now I left these dates because I was saticfied.

Now I will eat when Im hungri, but just the right food :)


Hug to you girl :)

Hi Oriana,


As always I was not able to finish my 100 day challenge :((( So I didn' t loose any weight. And because I have digestive problems, bloating and water retention I am reading "Self Healing Colitis&Crohn's" - David Klein (rawfood) at this moment, so I am going to concentrate on my health instead of weightloss now. I want to stay raw to get my health back and weightloss wil come anyway. 

Don' t know if anybody else has lost weight?



Hello I will do the 100 day challenge with you I have been doing the 80/10/10 for 11 days now bit I think I got way to many bananas I'm going to need to freeze some of them soon so they don't go bad lol. I have been sticking to working out for 80 mins every other day but I think I need to increase it some because I'm not tired or anything after my work out if anything I have more energy and my boyfriend swears I'm jumping off the walls. lol.



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