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Hello everybody!


I want to start tomorrow with the 100 day raw challenge, but wanted to start with banana island. I've been on and off 80/10/10 since 2009.....aaaarrrrrggghh. Whenever I end up eating cooked food I have a HUGE belly, I have water retention and I gained 15 kilos since last year and I am sick of it. I really want to stay 100% 80/10/10, I even avoid "cooked" friends till I am stronger. I've had B12 deficiency, Lyme, celiac and a very difficult stressfull 2010, so enough reasons to stay raw for my health and I NEED YOUR HELP FOLKS :))) 

So, tomorrow I am starting with banana Island (again) and bodyweight exercise 6times a week (bodyrock.tv). Anyone who will join me or has any tips/ideas? Thank you!

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Oh, btw, maybe stupid question, but i never put my bananas in the fridge, dont they overripe a lot faster like that?

Hi Ivete,


Nice to see you here!!! Welcome!! Great to here you are going to join us :))) Take your time and let us know when you are able to join us. We are all here to help each other. The best and most support I have is here on 30BaD, other people just don' t understand. It really is a good thing to join here, because there is more chance you will stick to it.


I've put my bananas in the fridge because all of the fuitflies over here.... it is no big deal if they overripe a lot faster, because I will be eating all of them within a week or so.... haha. I am feeling a bit like a gorilla, haha.

Hi DGee,


put them in the sun or put a couple of apples on the bananas.

Calculate how much kcals you will need, otherwise you will be eating cooked food again. 

One box ripe bananas and one box unripe ones: very important!

Good luck :)))

You're welcome DGee :))

Hi Everybody,


I'm on my 4th day today :))) 



- http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/02/21/sucker-for-sweat-workout/

it was really hard :)))

- 1hr rebounding


sleep:9 hrs

water: 3l

bananas: 3500 kcals


I feel ok emotionally. Still love the banana smoothies, they really taste great!




Hi DGee,



I am tired most of the time and feel a little emotional because of the detox. This is normal, so I just listen to my body and keep going on ;)))


You are doing great also! How are you feeling?

oh wow u are all going soo well!!


i did 40min cycle

1 hr yoga


30 dates

4 pears

tomato and cucumber salad

all equalling around 3000cal...

i know its nat mono but im trying to stick to dates!! bananas are too expensive!



You too Amanda, that' s great! 




Day 4 (yesterday)


exercise: bodyweight exercise (was really hard!) 

water: 4l

bananas: 3162kcals

sleep:9 hrs (I am still tired probably detox, so I have to go te bed earlier)


Today I feel a little emotional and I am tired most of the time (detox). So I will give my body the rest it needs. AND WE ALL JUST STICK TO IT, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT FOLKS? :))))

Ok bedtime for me: counting sheeps, 1, 2, 3,..............ZZZZZZZZZ


Hi Mandy,


Here' s a video to stay motivated:



Aysel X

oh its so nice to know im not the only one struggling a little... thank u so much aysel for ur support!
i think i would have given up by now if it werent for great ppl like u <3

unfortunately my internet is slow atm(over my monthly allowance) so i cant watch the video :( but i will as soon as my internet is renewed!!! 

im still feeling very tires and moody.. and a little depressed! but hopefully it will pass! i am in this for the long hall!

 today i went for a 1hr walk and a 40min cycle...

5bananas and 10dates


5bananas and 20dates

is about 3000cal i think!

i hope this feeling doesnt last too long! 

Hi Mandy,


You are welcome!!! We are here to help each other ;)

If you feel tired and moody, may be it is a good idea to sit down and really feel the emotions and let them go. You can give you body rest for the weekend by resting a lot and reading. Don' t overdo with you workouts.... just listen to your body. 

I didn' t do my exercises today, may be I will do rebounding in the evening if I feel so.


Hang on there.... :)))))




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