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Hello everybody!


I want to start tomorrow with the 100 day raw challenge, but wanted to start with banana island. I've been on and off 80/10/10 since 2009.....aaaarrrrrggghh. Whenever I end up eating cooked food I have a HUGE belly, I have water retention and I gained 15 kilos since last year and I am sick of it. I really want to stay 100% 80/10/10, I even avoid "cooked" friends till I am stronger. I've had B12 deficiency, Lyme, celiac and a very difficult stressfull 2010, so enough reasons to stay raw for my health and I NEED YOUR HELP FOLKS :))) 

So, tomorrow I am starting with banana Island (again) and bodyweight exercise 6times a week (bodyrock.tv). Anyone who will join me or has any tips/ideas? Thank you!

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Has anyone lost weight eating 100 days of 811?

Hi Aysel,


You shouted so loud I came to join!  I'm fairly consistently hcrv for maybe 9 mths, 99% last 6 mths. I seem to be going thru long long detox, with one cold (called flu in most countries)/chest infection after another with no real break; symptoms die back to restart again, with fever.  Don't be afraid this will happen to you; I've had this kind of pattern all my life but going raw has intensified it.


I just gave up my last non-raw sin: drinking Pepsimax!  A bad habit I maintained after giving up coffee, it helped me stay awake during evening work, and has no cals!  So I'm really raw now, tho not entirely organic.


Good news on your challenge and resolve.  I  am hoping to get back to exercise later this week; my energy is still quite low but picking up slowly.  In my case it's not doing too much; if I try to do what I used to 3-4yrs back, it just sets me back again...sooo frustrating.


Happy eating everyone!  I too will post regularly to keep on track.

Hi Kate,


Great you are joining us here, welcome!!!! I hope you' re detox will clear up very soon...

Yeah pepsimax is very addictive. Good for you for giving up that poison :)))

I try to be organic most of the time, but sometimes I have no choice. We' re doing our best :))

You can start with walking maybe? Good luck!


We would all like to see everybody post here :)))

beautiful pic! i started three days ago, no cravings at all! I  feel very happy in the morning when i wake up knowing i get to eat all this fruits!i didn`t read that book(80/10/10)  so i dont know how i should go about it. i eat about three bananas and handful spinach in the morning, then half pineapple  before lunch. lunch is one or two bananas with one mango and maybe a salad ,apple or banana between , and  two bananas and apple for diner. this makes me feel fool but should i eat more? also i dont feel very thirsty but some people said that they drink 4-5 l water? any advice welcome:))) thanks

Hi Green girl,


Thank you!

I was on and off rawfood all the time. I started again and I am 9 days 100% raw.

If you want to stay raw, you have to eat at least 3000 kcals a day!!!! If not, you'll definitely get huge cravings and you'll eat anything. You can check at www.nutridiary.com and calculate how much kcals you are eating.

And drink 3l water a day!!! 40min before each meal.

Read the book and educate yourself on this subject, this is the best way to stay raw.

All the best wishes, 

have a fruity day 

XX Aysel.

Hi DGee, 


Of course you can join in!! That' s GREAT, welcome.

If you are an adult eat 3000 kcals a day!! Drink at least 3l of water each day....

Everybody can post daily here... :)))

Hi DGee,


Good to hear you' re working on upping your kcals and water!!!! It can be challenging in the beginning....but if you exercise it will be easier to eat more fruit.

Let us know when you can join us :))))

hey aysel and every one who has joined us!!!

wow im so happy ppl are joining in! this will be fantastic!

aysel u sound like ur going soo well!! and ur fridge AMAZING... golly i wish i could wake up to that every morning!!

i have been going well... went for a 40min cycle and 1 hr of yoga today.. and aiming for 2500cal.. of bananas, dates, oranges and apples... a bit of a mix i know...

regarding calories.. i am a little confused... i nutridiary recomends i eat 1700 cal.. but others on here consume way more... what should i do.. ignore nutridiary and aim for around 2500 or stick to its advie.. i am only small(156cm) and quite slim... ?? any suggestions would be great!!!

how is everyone else going?? and how is ur banana island going... how many bananas today?? and are u eating them in a smpoothie or straight up?

xxxx mandy  

Hi Amanda,


Harley and Freelee always tell: if you're an adult (no matter how tall you are or how much you weight) always eat 3000 kcals MINIMUM!!!!! So if you' re not a baby :))) eat 3000 kcals!!! This is vVERY important, ohterwise you will be eating cooked food after a couples of days and even quicker when you workout (you burn calories). Whenever you' re thinking of cooked food it means you didn' t eat enough fruit. So for the calories you can drink/eat dateorade, use a lot of dates. Every meal shoud be 1000 kcals!

I hope this will help you :)))


I am eating 4000kcals a day!!! But I learned over the past years to eat a lot of fruit.... 


Good luck Mandy

Aysel :)


gosh thank u soo much for this info makes me feel alot better.. guess im just scared of packing on the pounds if i consume that much!! but i shall give 3000cal a go :)!!

I haven't had any thought about cooked food yet.. which is weird coz everyone goes on about cravings for it!! maybe im just lucky!! i hope soo! 

how is ur banana island going???


mandy xxx 

Hi Amanda,


May be you can gain a little in the beginning, depends on what you did in the past, but in the longterm you will have the perfect weigth!!! Never ever restrict on you fruit cals!!!! Get enough sleep, also very important (9-12 hrs).


If you are eating not enough kcals each day, after a week/month or couple of months you will be craving cooked foods.... but it is a good sign you don' t have cravings :)))


Third day of banana island and going good :))) Did bodyweight exercise in the morning and 1 hour rebounding, had 2 l of water and 1700 gr (1500 kcals)of banana smoothie :))))

Feeling like a grorilla, hahah......


He Aysel,

You know what, u motivated me to join this challenge. Just seeing your fridge and reading your story i feel like a challenge. Im gonna pick a right time, and start a 100 day challenge myself! Thank 4 adding me as a friend, thats just what i needed, someone to remind me of why i went raw in the first place, before i forgot how good it was for my health!
Funny how you forget how good it feels. Like exercising! Have always been exercising, but after a while of not doing it, u forget how good it always felt, so you can do fine without it, until you start again, and suddenly remember how good it used to feel to have that sense of accomplishment!
Ill be following your progress, and as soon as im ready to start my challenge, ill let u know! U know, just for social control, hahahaha!



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