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Hello everybody!


I want to start tomorrow with the 100 day raw challenge, but wanted to start with banana island. I've been on and off 80/10/10 since 2009.....aaaarrrrrggghh. Whenever I end up eating cooked food I have a HUGE belly, I have water retention and I gained 15 kilos since last year and I am sick of it. I really want to stay 100% 80/10/10, I even avoid "cooked" friends till I am stronger. I've had B12 deficiency, Lyme, celiac and a very difficult stressfull 2010, so enough reasons to stay raw for my health and I NEED YOUR HELP FOLKS :))) 

So, tomorrow I am starting with banana Island (again) and bodyweight exercise 6times a week (bodyrock.tv). Anyone who will join me or has any tips/ideas? Thank you!

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hello Aysel!

i love ur challenge!!!!

i will deffs start with u.. although not on the banana island as bananas in AUS cost $10kg ++ its horrible!
i have just started 811 and am officially 6 days in! so far so good except for constant and painful bloating!!
but my mood energy and everything else is thriving!

i have signed up for yoga 5 days a week and 5:30am.. eeeek and also cycling 40min a day! ur excercise plan sounds great! 

i am currently eating around 2000-2500 calories a day.. still trying to  figure that bit out.... but feeling pretty good! 

i rekon if u get all the support u can behind u (here is great) u will deffs be able to achieve 100 days! 

ooooh i am excited now... i have made the committment now i shall have to stick to it!! :)

mandy xxxx 

Hi Many!


Great you are joining me!! I heard about the prices of the bananas, that sucks. What are you going to eat? Wow 6 days , you go girl :)) Yep, the bloating happens a lot in the beginning, make sure you only eat fruits and vegetables and nothing else. Last time I went on banana island for 8 days, all the bloating was gone and my tummy got flatter! So may be it is a good idea to start with one fruit for 10 days (Freelee did this too at the beginning of her journey).


Wow 5:30!!! Do you have classes that early? That is really great. I am working out at home, because I have a 5 year old daughter living with me :))

I' ve already did my exercises:


I thought I was dead when finished, haha, it looks very simple, but it is not.... :))

In the evening rebounding for 1 hour, if I am not too tired.


Yes, yes, you have made the committment now too, there is no way back for us now, haha.

We have, no MUST stick to it, I hope more people will join us.....


Aysel X

hey :)


Yes expensive bananas deff isnt great.. but it cant last forever... so waiting for the day when the price drops...
i am mainly living off oranges, pears, apples, kiwi, dates and tomatoes at the moment.. and trying to do mono meals which i hope will help the bloating! but to be honest it is getting better anyway.. prob just a detox phase :)!! my skin has improved sooo much tho.. loving that!

so how do u find this lifestyle so far?? and how long have u been 100%?? and have u started banana island?? i would absolutely love to and i think i will one i have been 100% a bit longer and banana prices drop! lol lots of questions there!

i think we are both going great on the exercise front! what is rebounding can i ask.. i have heard it alot on here but never know what it is! 


oooh a am excited top be doing this! we need to get ppl to join us!! the bigger the group the better! 


xxxx mandy



Hi Amanda,


I really hope for you the prices of the bananas will drop soon.  Great you skin has improved! 

This lifestyle really rocks, but you have to stay raw 100% I started in 2008 with high fat/gourmet, then in 2009 found 80/10/10. I was on and off 80/10/10. 2010 Was a very difficult and stressful year for me and I also gave in eating cooked food. I found out I had Lyme and I was B12 deficient. That was also a reason why I lost all my willpower to stay raw.

I am treated for the Lyme and I am doing B12 shots now, so I am starting to feel great. Now I feel stronger it is easier to stay raw for me. 

Yesterday was my first day on banana Island, I already feel GREAT! Yesterday and today did my bodyweight exercises (www.bodyrock.tv). I didn't have the time to do rebounding, but I hope tonight I can do it.


Rebounding has a lot of benefits for your health:



We can do this! Just eat a LOT of fruits! Whenever you think of cooked food, it means you didn' t eat enough fruit :)))

Yes the bigger the group the better :))))

Heeeeeeelllllllloooooooo anybody home???????? Everybody who reads this, come and join us!!! You won' t regret it.... see you soon, I hope :)))


I hope more people will join us now, haha.

Have great day Mandy! 

Sorry, I meant Mandy :)))



Hi Aysel,


Wish you the very best with your challenge. I will be following you and drawing inspiration from you.


I started on 30BAD few days ago. For the last few months, I have been slowly increasing my fruits. The bloating has been going down along with my UC symptoms. Hopefully, one day I will also be on Banana Island for a few days :). 


How many bananas will you be consuming in a day? Will the number be constant all through the 100 days?




hi aysel!! 

well done it sounds like u are off to a great start... keep it up and u will be on banana island in noo time at all! and the bloating does go down... i did 2 days of mono meals and mine went down almost completely :)

keep posting here would be great to see how u are going!


mandy xxx 

Hi Raghu,


Great you started on 30BaD!! It would be cool if you could join us here!!!


Well, I used to eat 3000 kcals a day, but since last year I got Lyme disease and B12 deficiency, so I gained 15 kilos!!!!! And when you are heavier, you have to eat more :))) So I eat 3500-4000 kcals a day. Sometimes I feel like a big gorilla, especially now on banana island, haha.

I am going to eat 3500-4000 kcals a day from bananas for 10 days and then I will add greens for another ten days (so 20 days on banana island). After these 20 days I will add in different fruits and veggies. 

My bananas :)))
My bananas :))
My bananas!!! :)))


Hi Aysel,


If you did not post the picture, I certainly would never ever have imagined that many bananas :).  Certainly a motivating sight for me. Thank You for sharing.






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