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2500+ Calorie rule - help me answer my Mum's questions!

Hello!  I want to convince my Mother of the benefits of following the Raw Till 4 calorie guidlines and she has brought up some questions that I'm not fully able to answer.  I'd really appreciate some help.  

She has been vegan and eating lots if raw while keeping fats quite low for around a year now.  I recommended the 80/10/10 book which she is reading now.  I have been following the Raw Till 4 lifestyle now for 2 months and last week I moved back in with my parents to study.  Me and my Mum have been talking alot about diet as healthy living is a shared passion of ours. :)

She's fully on board with Raw Till 4... Apart from that she can't get her head around eating 'so many' calories.  In the past we have both followed the 'Eat to Live' Dr Fuhrman plan to lose weight, which is at least vegan and promotes lots of fruit and salad, but is restrictive on cooked starches and calories in general.  Now I have discovered this lifestyle and I really believe it's the key to achieving the healthy body and lean figure we all want.  

I judge based on the results of the long term followers of the lifestyle, not so much on theory.  But I would love to convince my Ma on the calorie debate.  What's hindering me now is that I have gained a bit since I've been eating my 2500 a day minimum and this fact puts my Mum off as she's said she 'couldn't bear' to gain back any of the weight she's lost.  She is 61 yrs old and is 56kg at 5'4 down from 65kg - weight slowly lost from daily exercise, and vegan (not calorie counting but certainly restrictive) diet.  So here's some questions I need answered:

Healing?  Why is it that the commonly experienced initial weight gain is described as the body 'healing'.  What is it about gaining fat that is inherently linked to healing?

-I have explained that we need the minimum 2500 calories because the body needs extra fuel on top of what we use for everyday activities so that it can do the internal healing it may need to do.  But she says if people are putting on weight then those extra calories are NOT being used for healing, just being stored as fat.  Please explain?

Says Who? Who originally came up with the idea that we need this minimum?  I've been wondering this too.  I know Freelee is probably the best example of the long term application of this lifestyle (for weightloss) but I wonder what gave her the idea and made her stick to it when she was taking years to heal and eventually lean out?  My Mum is reading Doug Graham'S 80/10/10 book and as we know, he does not suggest eating quite such high ammounts.  For her it's not enough for me to point out that it's worked for Freelee and Sasha (Rice n Raw) and a few other examples.

Eating beyond being full?  She has witnessed me really struggling to finish my huge meal of bananas or potatoes that I need to eat to meet my calorie minimums and doesn't think it seems healthy.  She believes that we should 'listen to our bodies' and only eat when hungry, stop when full as a rule.  -I have explained that appitite varies according to how much we get used to eating but I think she still doesn't accept that we should get used to eating MORE.

I've been trying to show her Freelee's videos as they really inspired and convinced me but the other day she found a video from some 'Megan Elizabeth'  who talks for half an hour trying to debunk 30 bananas a day.  I don't want to give her the hits by linking it here but she goes on about 'why should people have to gain weight to be healthy' 'we shouldn't be consuming more calories than we actually burn' 'eat for your activity level' and claims she has many clients who have suffered on 30BAD after 6 months or a year of gaining 'up to 50 pounds'.  I think it's all BS but I can see how it could be convincing and as I'm new to this lifestyle I guess I don't have full, articulate answers to my Mum's doubts.

She justs lets me get on with eating my big calories and says she will 'believe it when she sees it' which as I've told her, could potentially take a long time! (Talking about weightloss).  I don't have a huge ammount to lose (maybe 15lbs) but we're talking about the 'ideal' lean bean figure Freelee says all long term followers will achieve.

Thanks for reading this rather long post and thanks in advance for any input.

CTFU!!! :D

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People who gain weight on this life don't always gain fat, a lot of it could very well be water weight.
How do I know that? Because I gained 15 pounds in one night. And the scale hasn't moved since. I should be at least gaining a pound a week of fat going by normal people calorie requirements but nope nothing... This alone proves to me the diet works.
When you spend your life eating "just barely enough" your telling your body to store every extra calorie you eat. So the second you overeat on a normal diet you gain weight. Your body is frantically saving it for a time when you might need it.

When you eat high carb low fat vegan with tons of calories you're telling your body "oh you don't need store that as fat, I'm giving you tons of calories every single day, just use what you want and burn off the rest as body heat"
Meanwhile your body might be all like "no way bitch, I'm not getting rid of it, I remember your Atkins phase and 1500 calorie phase, I'm keeping this weight until you prove it to me you mean it"

Lol so for some people their body doesn't trust them. It holds onto the weight for a few months or up to a couple years depending on how bad they calorie restricted.
But the weight loss always happens.
About the recommended minimum calories... It truly is a good number, I personally suggest the more you smash in the quicker the healing. I've read countless threads about calories and more truly is better!
Plus the requirement is right on target with what the National heart and lung association recommend for daily calories
By the way maybe you should snack more if you have trouble getting in all your calories, I eat about 6 meals a day to do it without ever getting uncomfortably full
I personally can't eat 2500 calls without feeling sick/in pain. I seem to be doing well on 2200-2300. I don't doubt that some people need tons of calories, and I don't doubt that carbs don't make you fat. I simply can't eat that much, and I'm like your mom in thinking that force feeding yourself to the point of pain can't be good. I also think that maybe the 2500 minimum was set up to cover their own butts, so that nobody can bring legal action against 30bad if they don't eat enough and get deficiencies (it's really easy to under eat on this lifestyle if you aren't careful).

So, do we need more calories than most people think? Yes. 1500-1600, even 2000 is just not enough for a healthy active adult. There is no need to calorie restrict on this lifestyle. But if you are tracking your food, getting all your nutrients, and feeling great, then I wouldn't worry to much about hitting an arbitrary number.

No force feeding to pain, just eat high calorie fruit mono meals, skip the low cal stuff until your stomach gets used to eating higher water content foods.  2500 is the bare minimum for ladies following 30BaD protocols for good reason, read here:

Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day?

Yeah with the amount of people coming from eating disorders here... its a pretty good recomendation.

I think its not just to eat 2500 calories+ a day but to strive to use those calories too because whats the point other than producing @#$%.



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