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Catching up on the latest "Gaining weight on this diet & lifestyle" by Megan, I have another question. An old one. 
Say s.o. doesn't have children, doesn't do long runs or whatever kind of more heavy exercise and therefore needs about 2000 - 2500 cal/day to maintain their normal (average healthy) body weight  And they would also be including and average of 3 heads of lettuce/day.  Then in my point of view, they would not be getting enough protein. 

now, I see the concept of that amount of energy not being great in the first place, and that durian rider feels only great with sufficiently more energy. 

but is that the only clue? that you need to eat a minimum of 3000 - 3500 cal/ day to get ... also enough protein.
does this amount (3000+) in essence always also require regular demanding exercise? 
therefore, you MUST exercise more in oder to want and eat more cal, to get enough protein ONLY THEN?

because eating 2000 + cal/day would only work protein wise if you had an average of 6-7 heads of lettuce/ day which does seem kind of silly, especially since you're all about fruit.

please answer at least also: is a lot more exercise essential to want more cal and therefor get more protein? 

my doc says I'm clearly protein deficient. 

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What quantity of proteins do you think you need ?

about 1 gramm/kg of body weight

id love to hear about what protein deficiency symptoms your doc sees you exhibit.

easily breaking nails, thinning hair, hair loss, easily tearing hair, wounds not healing at normal speed and I've been on this lifestyle for 1.5 years now. i had some cooked grains at times.xxx

could be other issues but these are symptoms of under eating too.  Are you eating ten times your weight in kilos times 4 with a minimum of 2500 calories daily?  Are you eating 2-6% of your calories from greens?

yes, i am eating that amount of cal. in fact, i usually eat more than that. and i do eat 3 heads of lettuce a day which comes to about 5 % i recon. 

when i told my doc about the volume of food i eat, he was stunned and said i might well be overworking my kidneys. i dont know about that. but he says i'm not getting enough protein.

Just to be clear, you are eating ten times your weight in kilos times 4? 

Because if you are eating just 2500 calories and you need more then you would be under eating and this would cause the symptoms you are having.


And, these are also signs of clinical to subclinical scurvy and or eating a high oxalate diet.  

Are you tracking nutrients and or vitamin C in a program like cronometer.  I know the RDA is something like 64 mg, but there may be anecdotal evidence that some humans need anywhere from 1k-3000 mg of vc and in nature, many primates would eat this much in a day and or animals that produce their own VC would product about this much.  

If one if focusing too much on things like dates (or grains) which have no vitamin C, this could set one up for problems.  

Try to eat at least one mono meal of about 10 or more oranges a day to get a good dose of vitamin c and other things like calcium too.  This is not only good for immunity, but good for collagen and promoting the healthy growth of almost all body tissues.  

Now some people are also sensitive to a high oxalate diet.  Oxalates prevent the body from absorbing and assimiliating calcium.  This to could lead to your symptoms.  High oxalate foods include all animal and dairy products, tubers and potatoes, legumes and beans, all grains, most cooked and process foods, teas, coffees, chocolates, and most cruciferous veggies like kale and spinach.  

30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact - 30 Bananas a Day!

So I recommend you focus on fruits with a lot of oranges or citrus, eat lettuce greens only as they are low oxalate verse kale and spinach, and eat a handful of nuts a day.  

Peace, PK

exactly, under 2500 for women and 3000 for men and you do not meet your nutritional needs and not just protein. yes, you must exercise to be healthy, we were made to move. 

Here are  couple of good posts on the protein issue:

Freelee's post:



Adam's posts here:




as we're considering a protein powder.. what's wrong with other soy products such as raw tofu? is it that it's too high in fat? thanks for your response to this.

overall i must say, that i've read much bad about soy products, such as them even being a risk factor for cancer. 

should i therefor try to eat like 6 heads of lettuce a day? can one eat too many greens? or too much protein from greens?

i mean maybe i'm just lacking a hole bunch of minerals which i'd perhaps get in more greens. what do you think? 

why not try sprouts? sprouted soy should be better. You can also try lentils and other starchy high protein sprouts.

yeah lentil sprouts seems like a good idea. thanks!



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