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Catching up on the latest "Gaining weight on this diet & lifestyle" by Megan, I have another question. An old one. 
Say s.o. doesn't have children, doesn't do long runs or whatever kind of more heavy exercise and therefore needs about 2000 - 2500 cal/day to maintain their normal (average healthy) body weight  And they would also be including and average of 3 heads of lettuce/day.  Then in my point of view, they would not be getting enough protein. 

now, I see the concept of that amount of energy not being great in the first place, and that durian rider feels only great with sufficiently more energy. 

but is that the only clue? that you need to eat a minimum of 3000 - 3500 cal/ day to get ... also enough protein.
does this amount (3000+) in essence always also require regular demanding exercise? 
therefore, you MUST exercise more in oder to want and eat more cal, to get enough protein ONLY THEN?

because eating 2000 + cal/day would only work protein wise if you had an average of 6-7 heads of lettuce/ day which does seem kind of silly, especially since you're all about fruit.

please answer at least also: is a lot more exercise essential to want more cal and therefor get more protein? 

my doc says I'm clearly protein deficient. 

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Too much (above 10%) protein is toxic and causes smelly sweat, bowels and gas as well as skin problems and inflammation and is hard on the organs and you will gain fluids and puff up throughout the body including your muscles to help dilute and eliminate the toxins like when someone eats salt or other toxic stuff.   80/10/10 is at least 80% of calories coming from carbs and a maximum of/no more than 10% of calories coming from fat or protein.  811 is about whole foods.  Dried and powdered concoctions do not fit into this.  A video on heavy metals in protein powders from

I know you can reach 10% protein on whole foods, several people here do it, mostly body builders.  Just play around with chronometer, adding nuts or greens to find your happy medium.  But I highly highly doubt that your symptoms have anything to do with protein.  It takes just 4 days up to 41 days for most people's bodies to adjust to lower protein intake, but people do adjust.  If I were you I would be looking for other answers and maybe a different guide besides your Doc, especially if he is an M.D., I would ask him what qualifications/nutritional training he has, most Docs have none and most nutritionists are SAD/AMA/meat and dairy trained.  Could you consult with Dr. Doug Graham?


soy products tend to be high in oxalate and may cause many other short term and long term problems such as an inability to assimilate calcium, osteoporosis, and or dental problems.  I would not recommend soy.  

Are you able to eat some nuts everyday?  

And could you share a sample menu with us?

Peace, PK

I think I agree with you here that yes, to eat a balanced diet and or a diet that is not boring like 7 heads of lettuce a day, then getting a minimum of 2500 calories a day for females is a must and I will elaborate why in a second....

Why does your dr think you are protein deficient?   It is an assumption based on your diet, or are you experiencing other medical symptoms, and if so, do you care to share so that I can learn from you?

I think it is better to look at protein in terms of grams verses a percentage.  On average, females need about 45 g of protein a day and males about 55.  


One we go over 60 grams, and definitely when we go over 90 grams, protein starts acting more like an anti nutrient in the body and may contribute to acidic conditions that are bad for kidneys, bladder, bones, teeth, and or be conducive to cancer growth.  

Body builders who consume excessive protein may be doing so at the expense of their health.  We can only grow so much muscle at a time.  Eating more protein is not going to make things go faster.  If someone wants big muscles, eat enough protein yes, but other possibly more important factors may be eating a diet high in oranges and or Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals.  Vitamin C is great for collagen an building strong muscles, bones, and healthy skin.  And of course exercise.  I have known people who did nothing to change their diet, took no supplements, and all they did was start going to the gym and lifting weights regularly and they started to buff up.  

If one eats about a head of lettuce a day, and or a handful of nuts, and eats enough calories from fruit, the protein requirements are more than fulfilled.  

1 large head of romaine lettuce is about 8 g.

3 oz of raw cashews 15 g

A simple math of eating about 20 bananas is about 30 g.  

This gives is about 53 g a day with a few grams of protein to spare for females and add a few bananas and the male requirements are met too.  

If someone was interested in body building and or has a medical condition that would require more protein, then yes, another head of lettuce and or focusing on higher protein fruits like oranges will do the trick.  Oranges are a bodybuilder supplement in a peel.  High in protein, vitamin C, calcium, and have an almost perfect calcium phosphorus ratio of more than 1:1 and more like 3:1.  

Peace, PK

hi PK, thanks for answering to my questions here.

going by what you said, i'm eating way too much protein now. I'm gonna screw it down now. 
on a usual day I'll eat:

3 organges

about 18-20 bananas

3 heads of lettuce

about 20g of chia seeds

my symptoms are hair loss, thinning hair, easily breaking nails and wounds that heal too slowly.
i usually sleep about 9-10h per night. and drink 3-4l of water per day, drinking 1.5 after waking up.

i think i have something going on with my kidneys and probably absorption. 
why do you recommend eating 10 oranges instead of 3? cronometer tells me i'm getting like 700% of my needed vitamin c. not that i'm rejecting the idea of more oranges..

if i have :

10 oranges

1 large head of romaine lettuce 

3 oz of raw cashews 

20 bananas

then i'd be overwhelmed by the amount first of all, but i'd be getting way too much fat. more than 200% of what 8/1/1 recommends.

do you think it's a good idea to double the fat intake?

thank you again, Joesy

Your example of a day's worth of food sounds very close to 2500. Perhaps you have a fast metabolism; you might need more calories. I know that I was losing weight on that amount, even before I really got into exercise. And PK is completely right. Ditch the grains and eat more Vitamin C fruit.

Hey Joesy, 

You are welcome and it is my pleasure.  I hope something I have said can be of help to you in your condition.  

Yea, your menu seems to be right at about 2500 calories which is a good start at least energy wise.  However, you are still showing some symptoms of malnutrition and or a deficiency with the hair and nail problem.  So now we want to work with you to tweak your diet nutrient wise and see if we can help you with further improvements.  

Before getting started, I am not sure of your activity levels, do you have a job, sport, etc.  It is possible that you might need to add more calories too.  So may be your current menu is still good, but just add in a few more snacks of oranges to help the hair and nails.  

As far as nails, hair, and skin, I had big improvements just adding one mono meal of oranges a day to my diet and that was even back when I was still eating more of a SAD diet.  Then I went fruity, then I learned about the power of lettuce greens!  

I was thinking about you today and was actually going to come and add something here.  Your symptoms you mentioned previously such as brittle nails and hair problems are also a symptom of low biotin levels.  Biotin is one of the b vitamins, but biotin deficiency is very rare and sometimes it may not be included in recommended vitamins, supplements, or even listed on sites like nutrition data.  

Some people who have compromised digestive systems and or gut flora and or have problems like Celiac disease may have problems absorbing and assimilating biotin too.  

I think in our conventional medical society, blaming a lot of conditions on low protein has become routine.  Someone with brittle hair may be recommended to increase protein, eat things like eggs, and may see improvement.  But is it the protein or was some other nutrient deficient like biotin?

And as I mentioned before, increasing protein without sufficient nutrients like vitamin C and some other key elements like calcium will not help.  

The good news is, if you need biotin, is that it is abundant in some nuts like cashews and in lettuce greens with romaine lettuce possibly being a better source.  

You can read more here:




Regarding vitamin C and or scurvy...

I think I might have mentioned here, and forgive me if I am repeating, that many animals, whether they produce it internally and or consume it, need about 1000 to 3000 mg a day.  It is possible that some humans need as much.  

I am attaching a free ebook called Every Second Child that is an interesting study and journey regarding vitamin C and health...which hopefully will work when I hit reply.


What I gave you was a sample menu and not necessarily something you have to eat every single day.  If you cannot eat 10 oranges in one sitting, eat two snacks with about 5 oranges at each meal/snack.  

Also, If you are having a hard time eating enough, make calorie goals for yourself and some sample menus that fit your caloric and or nutrient goals. 

Then divide that up into about 4-5-6 meals and snacks over the period of a day and schedule your meals and eat whether hungry or not.  Then, if you want to eat less times per day, start adding a little more at each individual meal.  Like 5 oranges the first day, 6 oranges the second day and so on.  


Now regarding my generous recommendation of cashews.  I was not sure if your doctor had found some disorder where perhaps you do not process protein very well.  In that case, which is very rare for others who might be reading, one might need to eat a little more high protein based foods.  

Also, you can again play with  your menus and or with cronometer.  Because you may be in need of minerals, protein, etc, and greens and nuts are good sources, perhaps one day eat a few more nuts, and one head of greens, and another day eat more greens and less nuts.  

BTW, I wrote something about greens a while ago...

30BaD FADs: Benefits of Lettuce Greens - 30 Bananas a Day!

Regarding 811 fat and protein

This is an average goal but not something one has to worry about being precise everyday.  If one day you are at 12-15%, that is ok too.  We do not want people pouring the olive oil on their salads, but we also do not want people missing out on viable essential nutrients because a food item might be a little higher in fat.  

According to my calculation of eating 2500-3000 a day, 2.5- 3 oz of raw cashews still falls within 811 goals.  

If a female eats 2 oz of cashews, about 200 calories are from fat. That would be less than 10% of calories with room to eat up to 2.5 oz.  For those aiming for 3000 calories or more, they could afford to eat up to 3 oz of nuts a day.  

We should not become fat phobic.  We need some dietary and or body fat for the regulation and storage of fat storage vitamins like A, D, and K.  If we are low in dietary and or body fat, our bodies will not be able to assimilate these vitamins, and again, malnutrition could occur.  

30BaD FADs: Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day? - 30 Bananas a Day!

30BaD FADs: Vitamins and B12 Demystified - 30 Bananas a Day!

Having said all that, I take my stats and nutrient guesstimates from this site...


I am not sure if cronometer or other sites tell a different story.  

I hope this helps and it is starting to become a long reply.  If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask.  

Peace, PK

edit here...

You can find the link to the Every Second Child book at the Soil and Health Library...you have to scroll down the page to find it...


Kalokerinos, Archie. Every Second Child.

Dear PK,

thank you for your effort and answering. That has been good for me.

I've given consideration to the hole nut thing. And it seems like that might be a real good hint. I can well imagine, that I might need more nuts, so I've increased my daily intake of them to a good handful. 

And also, I'm eating many oranges now. I like how the vitamin C makes me feel. Feels a lot more perky and awake. 

Regarding the biotin aspect, I'm now taking a supplement each day to help my body with that.

I hope to see some improvement of my symptoms in the long run.

Have a good week!

Love, Joesy 

You are welcome Josefine.  

I would expect within 3 days to a week for you to feel softer and fresher skin.  Nails and hair might take a few weeks or months to see results.  

I remember my own hair though.  I had this prominent line as it grew out and could almost tell BF and AF...before fruit and after fruit:-D

Peace, PK

track your essential aminoacids on cron. Also maybe you are lacking other essential nutrients, as vitamin D. To me only real sun worked.



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