30 Bananas a Day!

25 bananas a day with dates and 800g of Bread Whole Wheat - It's like i have an eating disorder - Why?


I fed up in one way because i like the 811 diet lfrv diet, but it's like i can't follow it more than 2 or 3 days and the dinner is always the worst part.

many of you here said it's a lack of calories then i started to increase my calories with sweet fruits like nanas & dates ...but even with 20-25 bananas a day more date and a green smoothie for breakfast - sometimes like today i've got a strong desire for organic whole bread to make sandwiches with raw veggies...and in one meal got 2 breads ( around 800g )...that's mean around 4100kcal today - for now my activity is low - then i'm a bit surprised - i don't really understand why sometimes i eat so much ? 


I'm pretty sure i'm doing something wrong because it's not really normal to eat 800g of bread mean 4 big sandwiches in one sitting...and the worst thing is i stopped to eat bread since 2 years - so why this desire now?


I could say it's a lack of calories but really i don't feel i need 4kcal - it's already hard to get 3kaday and if yes it's so big that i don't know how to do it - 


If you have some experiences of something similar i would like to know your tips to succeed...

since few days now i stopped grains : rice, millet & quinoa, it was my bigger challenge then maybe it's related...


thank you


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I think giving up the grains is definitely related.  Grains are very addictive and your body will crave them in any form to get you to eat some.  You got to be strong and resist the bread and your body will eventually adjust.

I would lose so much perfomance and productivity and start looking so bloated and tired and add a lot of stress + totally mess up my digestion and so on after eating bread now. So it's a no brainer really I mean I have a demanding life as is no point in adding obstacles, I want to live my life at fullest and be getting things done instead of being dragged down by this stuff. Don't have the time to mess around with my body.

 Oh and 800g of bread is a perfectly normal for a binge, you're just trying to get as much as you can because you think there won't be any other opportuity to eat it. Again the solution is to hold on in there and then your thinking will change completely so the problem will resolve itself.

However I do understand your problem. If you have done only 2-3 at a time the temptation to eat cooked is still very strong and you aren't really getting huge benifits from raw.

My advice just stick with fruit. How long have you been 100% raw? You just need to develop a habit and then it'll be a lot easier. The first days, weeks are the hardest and then it  gets really easy, you just have to hold on in there and then eventually you will forget about cooked food.


It might seem to you that it will always be this hard while you are in the beginning, but then it just goes away (desire for cooked or whatever). It's not like you'll have to fight the temptation for the rest of your life. Your thinking will change, the problem will resolve itself, just relax if you can :)

@ Steven,


thanks for your advices...

In fact i've never been 100% raw - dinner was always cooked with a raw starter...

I tried bananas island but after 3 days, the temptation for bread was too strong to resist...however i stopped grains like rice, millet ....and it was the only food that i ate cooked - i never ate bread since 2 years so it was like something crazy...


i guess i need to take a 30 days raw challenge and an other one until i stay this way...for now it's like i can't imagine do it for 1 year and more - but i will try for 30 days...



most likely your body is still tuned to it. It takes a while for the body to re-tune to a new diet.


how long have you eaten grains. I still get cravings for them too since they were part of my diet since I was very young. They are most likely responsible for my health problems of the past along with the lack of knowledge regarding 80-10-10. There was always a lot of cheese, milk or yoghurt available when I was growing up. I think cheese craving is related to the B12 in it. I don't crave it after my B12 shot.

4000cals a day? Heck, I used to eat that in a meal at McDonalds and not blink.


Double your caloric intake if you want too. Only thing that will happen is you will have more glycogen to live harder with. If your worried about eating 4000cals as a grown male then sounds like your life is pretty boring! ;)


I used to believe that grains were addictive but I dont see people sitting there and eating plain rice and pasta and getting 'off' like we do with 'addictive' drugs. I see people eating grains cos they are HUNGRY vs addicted. People have been eating them over and over for decades and they get carbs from em and their body keeps demanding them. So we might eat fruit for a day or 2 but the body is going 'yeah, great but where is the calories man!'.


Its like going to the gym and doing a few sets of bench and then looking in the mirror and saying 'where is the muscles man?!"


Give it time and if you want to eat fruit vs starch then just keep eating as much fruit as is needed until your body wants fruit over starch. Its that simple. No will power, no emotional work, just calories. Ive even done it before, go back to starches and get 'addicted' and then go back to fruit carbs and see what techniques work and I can honestly say its PURE CARB CALORIES at the end of the day.

HI all Thanks for your Message


Well i guess i did what most people who switched did. 3 years ago after one week of fasting with only water i switched from SAD to vegan and i tried to be at least 70% raw...Even if bread was easy to stop ( i was surprised because i used to eat bread from breakfast to dinner ), i keep to eat cooked grains - brown rice, millet and quinoa ( in fact i didn't know millet or quinoa before - i used to eat pasta, white rice or potatoes most of the time )

let's say i switched from white bread to whole bread and from whole bread to sprouted bread before i finally stop bread 2 years ago.

And i switched from white rice to brown, from pasta to millet & quinoa, and from potatoes to sweet potatoes, but i stopped to eat them since few days now without feel a craving ...so i was a bit surprised to get this strong craving for whole bread (  i didn't want white bread )


I guess i need support because i thought 3000 calories from fruits was ok and i thought i was doing well...so 4000k seem crazy but i will try- However my level of exercice is slow and usually i don't feel a strong hunger...


Now if i want to eat more fruits it's because i feel better when i only eat fruits & veggies - no matter how much i eat in one sitting, i feel light - with grains ( bread or cooked grains) i feel heavy, and slow as i said except for quinoa...


I would like to get support for the next 30 days - write what i eat, at what time, same about water and exercise....to see if i'm doing the right thing or not...

Don't know if i should do it on the forum with a blog, join a group or start a new discussion, but i feel i should be coached to achieve the last gap...





By curiosity, i used Cronometer to see how much calories i've got from my SAD diet 3 years ago...

i was shocked - i tried for an average day from breakfast to dinner with no snack...

Nothing special a breakfast with bread, butter and jam, a bowl of cereal with soy milk, juice fruits, 1 banana and soy yogurt...A classic chinese restaurant for a lunch and a plate of tagliatelle pasta with salmon, a little bit of goat cheese, yogurt and tea...all of that with normal dressing...


Shocked i found around 5300kal - around 160g of protein, 900g of carbs and around 140 of fat - mean 12% of protein - 64% of card and 24% of fat...

just a basic meals without eat too much - my weight was pretty much the same, and my level of exercise was a bit more.

Then now i undertand i was focused around 3000k - if my average 3 years ago was around 5k/a day i think i was starving myself for a while and now i understand better why i've got some up&down and some cravings...


If i want to follow this diet i suppose i need at least 4K/a day and more....but how to get there - to be honest i like nanas but eat 30 and more a day it's a bit boring and now i have only access to kiwi, orange, apples, nanas and unripped mangoes...if i want them organic...





thanks ...

hope i could one day meet someone like Arnold to get support for 21 days - time to make the shift..

it was easy when i switched from a mediterranean diet to raw vegan for the first 2 months because i was in the right environment - i moved to an other country and it was a bit difficult - so low fat cooked vegan with 70%raw became my diet during 2 years - Now i feel i can do it and be 100% lfrv, it's just a small cape but it's an harder one...

i will try savory recipes and i could get the book of Roger also it could be helpful..

thanks a lot Meg

No need for lots of variety, each fruit has a unique taste and the Palace rises each time.

Eat more is actually very often a solution to the crisis of bulimia.Bananas are really very useful to provide calories.Of course take them very wall.

But is not harsh with you, you can't delete all years of your life in 2 days, so these cravings are may be normal.


I feel for you Phenix--I am in the same darn bread boat!!



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