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Hey everyone, I was just wondering if you guys think eating about 2000 calories would be okay. I come from a past of severe calorie restriction/self hatred and, even though my clothes fit the same as they did before, I cannot help but feel like the most fat, disgusting being alive every single day. I feel like I'm eating SO much more than I need and these constant destructive thoughts have really been wearing down my spirit. I've never been less confident in my life. I've literally cried every night for the past few months, and I can't take it anymore. I just want to be happy in my own skin like I was when I was eating less, and I know I would be sacrificing some physical energy by doing so, but I feel like it might be worth it for my mental well-being. Thoughts?

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2000 is too little, eat enough so you feel so happy and energetic you can't feel bad, read here:

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Hey girlie-

I totally know what you're going through. I've felt the exact same way. From my personal experience, try not to focus on calorie counting  -it'll literally drive you crazy. Redirect your focus to the physical energy you are feeling from your food. Always be moving even something as little as tapping your foot. Instead of constantly worrying about the number of calories your body intaking, try to FEEL what your body needs. Eat healthy, raw foods and expel that energy in a positive way whether it be going for a walk or dancing in your room - whatever is it - redirect your focus on moving. I know when I exercise regularly (even if it's only for 20 minutes), I feel so much more emotionally relieved & I notice the same different when I sleep well.

When you eat a lot of fruit like this program recommends, your body is producing energy. I don't know about you, but I know I feel a lot more energized throughout the day - some days more than others, so when you're feeling more energized than normal, expel that extra energy by doing a little extra physical exercise.

And remember to love yourself, you are already taking the steps to a brighter more energetic and happier future by eating all natural. Be proud of yourself for that! That's a huge step that most people can't do. All you have to do now is take it one day at a time, love your body and trust yourself. If you have a bad day, don't sweat it because tomorrow is a new day to start again! You got this, girl. If you need a friend to talk to through this, feel free to reach out :)

Good Luck <3 

>Try to FEEL what your body needs

This advice is subjective and not reliable when coming from a SAD diet and/or ED background, 30BaD recommends using objective measurements along with feeling things out.  We need to use all our senses including our intellect.   


Yeah, cause most days I feel fine with only eating 2500 cals. The whole "Feel what your body needs" is what caused my confusion to begin with because people would say "eat 2500+" for sedentary females but then others will say eat until full/satiated/don't calorie count, but since eating until satiated might not be close to 2500-3000 for me, I felt like "I don't know how much I should be eating D:". I must track calories so I know how much I'm eating since I don't have an abundance of food constantly due to finances. 

My advice for everyone: if you come from a past ED, give yourself small goals. Strive to add more calories every so often so your stomach can hold more over time. Trying to force feed yourself a lot more too soon will make you feel miserable and not want to aim for eating more. I didn't have a ED growing up, just ate the usual SAD diet and now I know I wasn't eating enough calories throughout the day, just a lot of fat and sugar-laden foods which resulted in way too much body fat for my height. Could barely hit 1800 on this lifestyle, let alone 2500. Still hard to hit 2500/3000, but getting there. 2000 is definitely not enough for an adult. Please no restricting!

You are beautiful and you ñeeed to tell yourself that. I am over 300 pounds and I feel like eating over 2000 calories is to much sometimes but that's your bad thought that's the old mentality telling you your not good enough just look at freelee and you can see that if you eating good food then there isno need to worry about calories. I wish I was your size I wish I didnt get to the point I am but you have to not let the past hold you from your future. If you want to be better forget everythinb and start new. Just love you the way you are now or you will never love who you will be.

Personally 2000 calories and above is not too little below that is restriction, sorry to burst the bubble but telling someone to eat over 2000 calories is hard like some people don't have the stomach for it just aim for 2000 and above then if you like go above that it's unlikely you'll gain weight from that.

Arey, please read 30BaD guidelines that you agreed to read and follow upon signing up as a member here.  The 30BaD guidelines are not arbitrary but a formula that works.  Weight gain is not something to focus on or a way to gauge how much to eat, please do not give any more advice contrary to the program here.  If after reading the guidelines you find that you do not agree with them then please feel free to take it somewhere else.

Eating 2 large mangoes or 4 medium 7 inch bananas every other hour , for 7 meals is doable for just about anyone and gets you to 2800 calories for the day.  

2000 calories is different with what ever food you eat. Like 20 bananas is 2000 calories and three Mcdonald burgers are 2000 is dependa on what you eat. And if you can't eat 2000 calories a day push because even the U.N. says under 2000 calories is unhealthy and considered malnutrition. So no you will not get fat from eating 2000 calories a day or whole plant foods but you will if you eat the burgers. PLEASE DON'T EAT UNDER 2000 CALORIES A DAY THAT IS NOT GOOD FOR THE BODY.

Plus 20 bananas doesn't have excessive amounts of saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, and insane amounts of salt and preservatives in them :) you're doing animals and yourself a favor by not eating 3 McDonald's hamburgers.



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