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Hi All,

It's been a while since I posted but thought that now would be a good time to let you all know, just how great and rewarding becoming vegan, has been, for both myself and my wife, Nora.

Personally, I've noticed that I have more energy, stamina, focus, concentration, love and empathy and have also developed a keen spiritual awareness through reiki, which has been complimented by the cleanness and lightness of mind and body, that I feel, as a vegan.

It also feels great to be able to help people with advice, from scientific backed research, through what I've learnt from Harley, Freelee, Dr, Neal Barnard, Dr McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, Professor T. Colin Campbell and many others.

Perhaps the biggest contribution so far, that I've been able to make, is to help an 80 year old man, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer, almost 5 years ago.

I recommended that he become vegan, in October last year. I sent him a copy of 80/10/10 and also Healing, The Gerson Way. He decided to refuse chemotherapy, despite his doctor's recommendation and instead, threw all of his tins and jars and packets into the bin and became vegan, there and then.

Thirteen months later, he continues to thrive, as a vegan and his blood work numbers improve every month. He is now 81 years old and feels great in himself, is in no pain whatsoever and is on no drugs, either.

He smashes the carbs in, every day and has got down to the same weight, that he was when he was in his early 20's, with single figure body fat too because of the high carb, low fat, no salt, vegan plant-based diet that he is on.

My wife looks great on her vegan lifestyle, too and her skin is now glowing with health and vitality. Previously, she had used an inhalator pump, for an asthmatic condition but has not used that for 3 months now and is really noticing the difference in her breathing.

I think that she's being incredibly brave, by not using the pump, which she had previously used for more than 15 years and although I've never had such problems myself, I saw, first hand, just how frightening the condition can be, when she had an attack, whilst we were on a work related holiday, in Shanghai, last year.

Anyway, all is good and we're both loving our vegan lifestyle...

Love and light,


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Thank you for the vibrant update, Peter.  You're an inspirational leader and I like your style!

Hi Eva,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I've always found that the knowledge we acquire, is always best used, when we pass it on, to help others and this is what this great forum is all about.

My Mum suffered from chronic rheumatoid arthritis, for more than 15 years, gave up dairy products and within just 4 months, saw a 90% plus, improvement.

Peter, the elderly gentleman, that I mentioned in my original post, now passes on the information that he has learnt, about a vegan lifestyle, to his friends, most of whom, sadly, are in pain and on numerous medications, due to various ailments, responsible, in large, due to a western diet.

At the age of 81, Peter really is living life to the full and in actual fact, flew to Hungary yesterday, on his own, to have a short holiday! The last time he was there, he enjoyed eating at the famous vegan restaurant in Budapest, (Napfenyes) so much, that he decided to go back!

Love, light and healthy eating!


Well done to you and your wife! Hearing vegan success stories like this one is such an inspiration.

Thank you very much for sharing, Peter, and all the best going forward. :-)

Hi Lydia,

Thank you very much for your reply.

My wife told me, only last night, that the father of one of her work colleagues, died yesterday, of a heart attack.

His daughter, having spoken to my wife, about her vegan diet, had tried to convince her father to eat less meat and spoke to him about the benefits of a plant baseball vegan diet. Of course, he thought it was nonsense and in fact, most of her family tried to dissuade her from changing her own diet!

Sadly, however, most people are conditioned to the extent that they feel threatened by such a radical change and literally cannot believe or even begin to process information that goes against the grain, so to speak.

But we can only do our best, to spread the message of health, vitality, compassion and love, associated with a plant based lifestyle...

Interestingly, yesterday, I read in the Daily Mail, in the UK, that type 2 diabetes is now being closely linked to Alzheimer's disease and in actual fact, a huge 75% of type 2 diabetics, go on to develop Alzheimer's!

That sounds like a very good reason to me, to adopt a plant based vegan lifestyle, for all people that are concerned about their own health and that of their loved ones and friends, too.

Love, light and healthy eating,


Hi Peter

I know, it’s tragic that people find it so difficult to move beyond the norm and what they are familiar with. Although what we do to ourselves, our planet, and the animals who are forced to suffer beyond endurance hurts me to the core, I can’t hate other people for it. I know there is something that needs to somehow “click”, something that needs to align perfectly in our thought patterns to allow us to open up and see things differently. I always tell my partner that we are just lucky that it happened for us.

I often find myself agreeing with Auschwitz survivor Frieda Menco when she says that she believes in the ideal of Tikkun olam (our duty to heal the world), but that it is in fact not possible.

That is why your story of your personal success and those whom you have helped is so important and inspirational. Maybe we can’t change the entire world for the better, but we can definitely change someone else’s life for the better, and this could mean the world to them.

You are a fantastic role model. Thank you!

Hi Lydia,

You are very kind, thank you very much indeed.

The sheer fact that we have all chosen to become vegan and to share its incredible benefits for the animals, the planet and for ourselves, is evidence enough, that at our core, we are all, pure beings of unconditional love.

Which, if you have nor already come across her incredible story, leads me to recommend 'Dying To Be Me' by Anita Moorjani.

You can find her on YouTube, or buy her book on Amazon.

Her story in so incredible, so inspirational, that I'm buying copies for family and friends, so that they can spread the message of unconditional love, too...

Love, light and healthy eating!


Thanks Peter, looks like a truly remarkable story.

Take care!



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