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So i have been on LFRV lifestyle for about 2 weeks. I am obviously just adjusting to this lifestyle and have not nearly SCRATCHED the surface of the health benefits, but i have some questions.

So my stats are
(was 184lbs 2 weeks ago) now 174 lbs

coming from mostly vegan lifestyle (had some eggs) but still very unhealthy. Lots of take out (phad thai, veggie burgers, fries, toast, hashbrowns, fried greasy foods)

I had some major health issues that lead me to this lifestyle, frequent Gallbladder attacks/Gallbladder disease, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) Infertility, obesity, lots of vomiting and nausea, FREQUENT migraines (causing me to pop a bunch of Ibuprofen) Almost certain that i was borderline or diabetic. (have all of the symptoms).. some more too.. ANYWAYS

Been eating as many fruits and vegetables as i care for (mostly fruits) for about 2 weeks
Ie: a typical day for me has been:

10 bananas blended w/ 1 pineapple and 1 coconuts worth of water

1-2 lbs of strawberries
5 nectarines or peaches

2 cucumbers
( i was in transition eating about 1/2 an avocado per day, but not anymore)
salad greens 1 box (plastic store bought box) and some tomatoes (cherub)
Any other fruit i want to munch on, mangoes, kiwi, but mostly nectarines and peaches (about 6 per day) would eat more if they were ripe
1/2 large watermelon per day

Right now my main thing is to stay on this lifestyle. I have been averaging about 2,000 calories per day, maybe more, maybe less. Everything i have been eating is raw (with the occasional bit of honey mustard on my salad (having a hard time with just the fruit squeezed on greens)

As of day 11 i felt AMAZING, like.. the best i have ever felt in my entire life. No more Gallbladder attacks, no more headaches, nausea, vomiting, NOTHING. Well that is when i introduced Dates..

I think i have come to the conclusion that the dates are what is causing me (for the last 3 days) to have some headaches (not as bad as before, but still there) and are causing me to get nauseous and vomit a bit. I feel like i am getting slight heart palpitations when i eat them. I want to love dates, i make dateorade, put dates in with bananas and pulse them
I am making sure that EVERYTHING is ripe before i eat it. And i mean spotty, soft, thin skinned, and amazing.

I have felt crummy today, and yesterday. (day 12&13)

Wondering.. maybe i need more H20? I have not been drinking water, since everything i eat already makes me pee clear, guess it is not enough. So i will start incorporating water in.

But i am noticing that every time that i eat dates, i am getting headaches, and heart palpitations (or shortness of breath and chest pains)

This happen to anyone else? I hate to "diss" one of the most important fruits that fruitarians eat, but i am just wondering if this actually IS the problem. I will not be eating dates for a while to see if that is whats going on, i will continue to get my calories from sweet/juicy fruits. (these headaches are annoying, painful and crummy and i don't want to risk it for some dates (that i don't really like the taste of anyways)

I will also Up the water intake to about 1-2L per day

Yes i have been sleeping enough (at LEAST 8 hours per night, but more like 10 or 11)
Anymore sleep than that and i feel like s*** (neck, back pain)

Don't know if that is ANYTHING else that you all need to ask, but ask away. I felt AMAZING before day before yesterday and want to feel that way again. I am also going to start exercising. No i am not going to be perfect HCRV right off the bat, but i am trying, and trying really really hard. Just don't want to feel cruddy.. possible detox? who knows



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Thanks Alison <3 i appreciate it. I will add in more water and just see what happens. Most important to me is to not be sick. If that is the case, the dates are going bye-bye. Cutting out dates is more important than popping ibuprofen. <3 I do NOT want to revert to medicines.. ugh

Thanks!! that is what i am hoping for. I think i am just still sensitive and very very sick in my body. I need to adjust and realize that things come in time. In the mean time, i will drink lots of water, pack in the juicy fruits (and bananas ;) and just see what happens! i am loving HCRV so far, but these headaches are a B!#CH! i really appreciate the comment, thank you a LOT! <3

Thought i should leave another comment on this for anyone wondering, i cut the dates out and the headaches went completely away. So did the "heart palpitations, and chest pain, and screwy vision"

Basically, once i cut out dates, i am feeling completely fine and normal and almost 3 weeks LFRV.

Thinking that i will stay away from them from now on and start to add them in once i have been successfully LFRV later on (if they don't cause headaches)

Thanks for the feedback guys! <3

Them stop eating dates. Are you tracking??? You should be. Don't guesstamate on this program.

Dates make me feel bad too! just don't eat them!

I get very similar symptoms when I eat them.



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