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Hi everyone,
I am a 14 year old girl (vegan) wanting to become even healthier and happier by getting into the hclf lifestyle! The only problem is, my parents are so unsure about my new way of eating. My mum thinks I'm eating waaay to much fruit and sugar, which she thinks will result in me getting fat. (I have previously been overweight and through hard work, I lost the weight) my dad thinks I won't get enough protein, and when I told them I was going vegan he made me eat tofu every day just to make sure I was getting enough protein!
Now the real question is, how do I get them so accept me eating so much fruit every meal? I cannot eat more than two bananas without my mum giving me looks. And I know I will gain some weight on this lifestyle, which will just make my mum lecture me about how bad carbs are. My family is Asian (Korean, to be exact) so rice is a staple in our diet and I love it, but my mum will again, look at me funny when I eat more than a certain serving of rice. She always glances over and asks "I thought, you were trying to lose weight?" And "Too much rice will make you fat" and "I've dieted before and fruit made me gain weight so easily" and "Do you even know how many calories are in _____ bananas?" Etc etc.
I really hate my parents telling me meat is needed for me to grow, meat is needed for protein, milk is good for you and all that bullshit.

So please help me, I'm 14 so I can't move out or make my own money. My parents don't give a shit about documentaries or whatever, so I need a way to persuade them that a fruity, high carb life is optimal for humans.

Thank you for reading this everyone!!!!

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my parents are exactly the same especially because i come from anorexia and gained a lot of weight 

the thing is they just dont undertand why iam gaining...

they dont know how stress affects the hypothalamus pituitary gland and therefore the adrenals or how quickly a hormonal imbalance (which i have...) can hinder your metabolic organs to function properly 

iam also still learning about all these body function and trying to really pin point what can help me bacome healthy and lose the weight again (sleep, or less stress or things like that)

but my mom doesnt really give a damn about me being healthy she be like well eat less and then i said but calorei deficits are unhealthy and induce rebdomyolisis and she wa like it doesnt always have to be healthy....

i think we young peeps really need to deal with those things on our own and try to avoid talking about it with our parents as long as we arent fully healed.

i find as soon as i start complaining about me gaining or not losing weight my mom starts to pick on this lifestyle

if you gain a lot of weight i would try to go to the doctor and get your hormones checked or to get a saliva test so you can prove that te weight gain is not due to the carbs and calories 

the happier you seem and are the more your parents will accept your way of eating i think...

yeah i agree, maybe if i prove to them that this lifestyle will make me happy they'll accept it! Thanks for the tips! Xo

good luck :D

I am in a similar situation, I am also 14, and turned vegan about 6 months ago, after persuading my parents for soooo long.  They also think I am crazy with how much food I eat, and also they wonder how I am almost proud and confident with how much I eat.  Of course every family is different, but for me, the only way to let them see the good in the lifestyle is to laugh about how much I eat, and how crazy I am about my bananas, instead of looking at the serious side.  I think its important to show them that you are educated, and this is something you want to do, even if they don't want to know about the specifics, show them a picture of free lee and see what they say!! Good luck and endless support xx

Thanks so much xx I have shown my parents Freelee and they think shes crazy, haha. But yeah I'll explain to them that I am educated on this and that all my needs are being met!

I feel your pain... My mom is exactly like that it was really bad at first but she had gotten over it somewhat my dad doesn't really care though. My mom still sometimes always lecturing me about potassium and protein. What I did to get them off my back was tell them to get me blood tests to read and make sure my blood work was ok which proves I'm fine so whenever she's on my back about it I can say "well my blood work was good". Another great idea (I'f they'll do it) is maybe go to some vegan conferences. I went to one with my mom and after that she shut up a bit about me being vegan. She still doesn't like it and makes comments here and there but I'm allowed to which is most important. You also have to know they are just worried it may sound dumb but they are that's just how parents are. So if it would help tell them that you understand that they are worried about you, however you,ve done a lot of research and this is the right decision for you. It will take time but, they will get used to it. My parents still don't really like it but' they tolerate it. As for the fruit thing if you have any money of your own offer to help pay for it, or maybe ask if you did any chores around the house for them if they bought you fruit. Depending where you live a 40lb box of bananas cost about $22-$23 dollars and if your store sells the spotty ones at a discount price then that can work too. Sometimes if you ask the produce department of your grocery store they might even have a bin of nanners that are considered "bad they might give em to you for free. Another thing to remember is don't get impatient if you don;t see results right away because I did that and fell off the wagon for about a week. Worst decision I ever made, I felt so sick and gained some weight. So don't do that haha. Also if you need encouragement feel free to message me anytime, I know exactly how you are felling right now and its not fun. Best wishes, hope it all works out. xx Victoria 

That's awesome your parents are starting to be a little more open minded! Hopefully my parents will start accepting this lifestyle soon! And as for the bananas tip, thank you!! I will make sure to look for any ripe bananas selling for cheap, it'll save ne loads hahah!! Thanks so much, I appreciate your help and support! Xx
Thanks Christo! Yesterday I got 10kg of 'overripe' bananas for $10. And they were organic too! And I will soon be legally allowed to work so I'll be spending every dollar on fresh fruits and veges. Thanks for the protein tip, will make sure to show my parents that I'm getting enough!
Wow... my parents are super suppoetive. I never was overweight but hey I'm also korean ^^ except i live far out of korea where fruits are bloody expensive x-x i didn't have to do this cos my parents are awesome butsay you watched a traumatising video on how animals die u can't help but not eat meats wihout being disturbed psychologically which may prevent u from studying too well! There you go ^^
You may think i'm indian but that was actualky the ibtentian cos i wanted to stay anonymous (hence the black filter hat and sunglasses ) this def does not look like me but hey... anonymous ity :D (evil laugh)
Oh hahah smart idea! I want to stay anonymous too lol :P your parents are pretty damn cool to accept you eating so much fruit! And yeah freah produce can be crazy expensive sometime! Thanks for the idea about watching a traumatising vid, will be of good use! Xx



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