30 Bananas a Day!

 Hello Everyone!

I am totally up for going for 100% for the next 100 days. I have been vegan for 10 days now and have done 5 days all raw and 5 days 95% raw. I am BRAND NEW to this lifestyle and want to give it my best shot!

Anyone else ready to give 100% for 100 days? We can support each other!

Also, I want to set some intentions for the new year, and welcome you to do the same.

Here are mine.

In 2012 I am abundant and able to give of myself and my resources often and this is super enriching for me.

In January 2011 I was6 months pregnant and in Egypt when all of the riots broke out and when the banks, internet cell phones and telephone lines were shut down country wide. My friends and family put the money together to get me out of there and I came to stay with a friend. When I left, I did not know if I would get to see my husband again. He was in life threatening situations many times and did get to eventually join me 3 weeks after our daughter was born (I birthed her alone in my room- it was magical.) We still live with our friend Amy but are now able to pay her rent. Amy, and so many of my friends gave of their resources to help us with diapers, bikes to ride, baby clothes and such. I am so grateful they were there for us. this past year I had to take a lot as I cam back to the us with little money and 7 months pregnant. In 2012 I want to give a lot! Joyfully and out of abundance!

In 2012 I have the BEST health of by life thus far.

In 2012 as I cleanse my body all the old fear, regret and stinkin' thinkin' is also cleared out and I consistently find my self in a healthy positive place.

In 2012 I finish and publish the book that I have been saying I would write for over 10 years.

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Hello Adora!  I have been vegan for a few months and after finally reading 80/10/10, I started the diet on December 30th and I have no plans on going back.  The hardest part of all of this for me is my social circle.  I actually had one of my friends say to me, "You're going to die." when I told him I was going raw (they are pretty ignorant).  I am hoping collaborate with others online to make this as easy as possible, so I'd love to join you in the 100 day challenge :)

Since you shared yours it is only fair that I do too.

In 2012...

I will strive to stay as healthy as possible and exercise regularly.

I will regain my confidence and abolish my depression that has plagued me for a large part of 2011.

I will do what it takes and follow through to achieve both my career, and personal goals.

I will write some fantastic music.




Ken I am thrilled that you will be joining me in this challenge, thanks for sharing your intentions as well. I support you 100 %. What type of music do you create?

 I know dealing with social pressures can be challenging. My husband was a meat eating body builder and questioned me every step of the way. He is super supportive now and after watching some movies and discussing things he has officially switched to a vegetarian diet which does make things a lot easier than before. Lots of our friends question us and if they knew what I was doing, they might even be more concerned.

 Have you lost weight since going 811? What is your typical daily intake of fruit?

Let's RAWK this!


I haven't noticed any weight loss as of yet, but I am not really looking to loose much.  I am a pretty small guy, 5"6 and about 150lb.  However, I would like to see my stomach flatten out, but I am trying not to make looks a primary goal of this diet.

I should also mention that I am actually aiming for a 84/6/10 since I have a medical condition that is caused/worsened by an excess of protein.  And in the 80/10/10 book there were a lot of valid arguments towards lowering the protein levels below 10.  The one most prevalent argument to me was the fact that a mothers milk only contains 6% protein, so why would we need more than a fast growing infant?

I'm not sure how well I am doing with this yet, but here is what today looked like:


3 bananas

7 oranges


1kg of strawberries

1kg of blueberries


30g of shelled hemp seeds

150g of spinach (still unsure of exactly how much leafy greens to eat, but from what I have read on 30BoD I should actual move away from eating too much spinach)

lemon juice (half a lemon squeezed over my salad)

4 bananas

In total: ~2280 cals 83.9/6.9/9.2.  I think the most difficult thing is actually eating all the fruit!

I'm glad to hear your husband has become supportive of your diet, once he sees your results maybe he will even follow your lead! :D

I used to write mostly hard rock/metal but lately I have been starting to experiment more with electronica. (House/Techno/Dubstep)

Thanks for sharing what you are eating. Is your calorie intake enough?

I wasn't active that day so I think it was enough.  I am going to up my intake as I get back into going to the gym/yoga more regularly.  My job requires me to sit on my ass for 8 hours a day unfortunately :(

Hi Adora,

I'd be happy to join you in the 100 day challenge. I am vegan almost two years and I want to start eating raw at last. I've been trying a lot of time, but thanks to my strong will, which is very like to succumb to my family meaning, I was never able to be 100% raw some longer time. Actually, they hated me just for being vegetarian and after going vegan, my loving parents placed me into a mad house to cure me out of this "decease" till I was 18.

Since it's new year, I told myself, that this yer I will go completely raw, fulfill all I want and stop being addicted on internet and nuts with honey :)

Cheers and let's see, if we can do this 100 days :)


We can do it!!!!

Thanks for sharing your journey. Woo sounds like it has been tough! Are you living with your family now?

Of course! :D

Well, would you live with your family after this? I still love them and I don't think anymore (too much) about it. But now, I have to be a guide for them. I cannot afford to be slave in their house... But I really like them and I know they love me as well, but their expression of love is, at least for me, too weird. They just don't understand I am not their copy, plus they believe in doctor's more then anybody I know. They have piles of pills with, after, before and between every meal :)  But recently, my mother told me that maybe they will buy a juicer, so it made me rally happy :)

Good luck!

How is everyone doing so far? Are you eating raw? Drinking enough water? Moving your body? Let me know!

I am doing okay, although, I cooked a few potatoes last night, Im trying not to force myself into a 100% raw thing overnight so it doesn't bother me, I dont mind if I am only 90% raw for now.  It is still a step in the right direction for my health and well-being.  On a side note, after 6 days on 80/10/10 I am noticing that the dark circles around my eyes, which I have spent the past year trying to minimize, are starting to fade!  That's motivation right there for me to stick with this.  I also started bikram yoga classes this week and I am hoping to do find time for 3-4 classes a week in addition to running/strength training at the gym. 

My main challenge still seems to be drinking enough water.  It feels like I am drinking enough, but my urine is still yellow at times.  I guess I still need to work on this aspect of the diet.

How about you Adora?


I think I am doing fine so far. I have my coca-cola giant jar full of water on my table, I overcame my cooked-food cravings by making absolutely delicious avocado paste and eating cases of bananas, mangoes and oranges... Although when my grandma is doing cooked potatoes, I cannot stop thinking about slipping a little bit :) I know how does it feels on not 100% raw and I see a big difference (even though I cannot tell if an avocado a day is not too much fat...).

And about that exercise, I am not able to do much those days because of my exams this month, usually from 30 to 70 minutes of hill running with walking around the city, riding my bike and carrying all the fruit and vegetable few kilometers from shop home. 

I registered some red spots on my face, but they are starting to fade day by day, but otherwise I feel really great. I hope everyone in doing as well!

Great!!! You sound like you are in great spirits! 100% raw is new to me as well and one of the things I have been doing is making this recipe : http://youtu.be/eLi5657CSos minus it is freakin delicious! I know we are not supposed to blend things but it is so good!



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