30 Bananas a Day!

1.If you want to release extra weight eat fresh fruits & raw vegetables. Why?

Ø They contain far fewer calories per bite in comparison to cooked food.
Ø Raw fruits & vegetables are more nutritious so your body is less likely to crave for non-nutritious heavy food
Ø Raw fruits & vegetables have a much higher water content than their cooked counterparts which makes them more hydrating.
Ø You can enjoy a lot more food guilt-free!


Ø One of the most widely overlooked but a very important factor in keeping fat at bay is to participate in exercise that you enjoy.
Ø Activities like dancing, indoor rock-climbing, adult gymnastics and outdoor adventure racing are all good examples.
Ø Not only do you get a great sweat up, have a good laugh, improve co-ordination and skill but you burn loads of calories as a bonus!
Ø Exercise should be a joy that you look forward to and participate in out of eagerness, not out of guilt.
Ø So get on the internet or phone and find a club near you, join up and like a child does everyday start enjoying life and exercise again!

3.We as humans naturally love sweet food, so don’t deny your cravings, satisfy your sweet tooth with as much fruit as you desire when you are hungry until you are full. So, replace one of your meals this week ( e.g-breakfast) with an all fruit meal.

ØHave a lush fruit salad or a satisfying green banana milk
Ø Fruit is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream then converted into glucose which is the main fuel for the brain and body
Ø Little to no digestion time is needed for fruit so energy is freed up instantly allowing you to get on with your daily activities.
Ø In the hours between 7am & 11am the body is busy eliminating waste so fruit is the best - least energy draining food to be consumed, enabling the body to perform important internal ‘house-cleaning’. Note: Ofcourse eating fruit all day is the goal but if you aren't at this stage yet, eating fruit for breakfast will definitely be beneficial.

4.Get a rebounder! There are numerous benefits to rebounding.

Ø You can get almost as much aerobic benefit as you would receive from jogging
Ø The only thing you miss out on is the injuries commonly suffered by runners: knee injuries, shin splints etc.
Ø Due to a change in gravitational forces that allows greater blood flow, rebounding assists the body in removing toxins out of the system that build up during the day.
Ø It also helps slow the effects of aging, revitalizes vision and reduces stress, not to mention a great way to burn calories!
Ø With a rebounder you can now exercise safely and effectively in the privacy of your own home. Available at your local fitness equipment retailer or browse online.

5.Did you know that taste buds are renewed every 10 days?

Studies have shown that white sugar & cabohydrates share similar addictive properties as heroin & opium.
If you’re struggling to keep away from substances like white sugar, chocolate or any other processed foods that keep you fat…Stop eating them for under 2 weeks and you can jump off that addictive treadmill.

Ø Set a challenge for yourself, start today and for the next 2weeks, stop eating sugar-filled cooked foods,
Ø Make sure you go to nutridiary.com and work out how many calories you need to maintain your current weight, aim for this with sweet juicy fruits.
Ø Replace starchy carbs like breads & pastas with fibre-filled scrumptious salads, vegetable wraps and most importantantly lots of fruit !!!

6. So what type of exercise is the best for weight loss??

The truth is that there are 4 main facets to weight loss which are all very important. The one we will focus on today which is often overlooked or performed incorrectly is weight training. I will give you a little bit of advice which has worked for myself and many others I know.

Ø To maximize your time during a session, instead of isolating a particular body part like body -builders do, work your whole body each exercise.
Ø Compound exercises that incorporate a lot of muscles at any one time consequently burn the most calories, not to mention building a nice balanced shape.
Ø A good example is a squat..

7. Earn your food – always do a little exercise before you eat even if it’s just cleaning or a quick 15min walk. Exercise aids digestion and weight-release.

8. Are you stuck on a plateau?

Well you may just need to start interval training! There are many different prescriptions for interval training out there; personally I began many years ago by starting off with a thorough warm up of walking for about 10mins.

Ø When outside, say in a park, set your sights on a tree about 100metres in the distance then jog or run to it followed by walking for another 100-200metres.
Ø Repeat this throughout your 10mins walk.

You will be surprised at how energized you feel afterwards. Aim to increase the intensity of the run to a sprint or decrease the walking time as you become fitter, and trust me you WILL dramatically improve your fitness and break through that frustrating weight loss plateau. Give it a try on today’s walk.

9.Adrenal fatigue makes weight loss almost impossible. The more ‘stressed’ your body is, the less likely you will achieve your desired results. What factors contributes to Adrenal fatigue?
Ø Stressful traffic
Ø Morning coffee
Ø Stress at work
Ø Sugary carb laden processeds cooked/gourmet snacks or other ‘fastfood’
Ø News that consists of destruction & death
Ø Medication and recreational drugs
Ø High fat diets are probably the most significant factor in adrenal fatigue

A big step in the right direction to help counteract stress would be to cut out coffee everyday this week, I mean cold turkey people! The results will speak for themselves.

10. Create a 'Vision' Board or Book...

Get a new scrapbook or board that you can make into your 'vision/dream' book/board. Dedicate different sections on the board or separate pages in the book to different goals you have and get creative, cut out pictures you like, how you want to look & feel etc, on the facing page write down exactly what you want to achieve in each category. Make it colourful, lots of photos, drawing etc (we want to harness the creative power of the creative mind).

Everyday peruse the pics/drawings & read what you have written - this process intitiates visualisation, once you see it you will believe it!

By Freeleaxo

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Awesome Neety! Yes by all means post it here!Or start your own discussion in fitness so everyone can add their fitness for the day? You have done a lot today?! that's great, 30mins on the legs Hey? Woah that'll feel nice tomorrow! Ah love ze soreness the next day, i find day 2 the best for that tho, i really feel like i've worked, although my goal isn't to be sore!

Ah the blended rockie....is there anything better? I don't think so, its such a refreshing smoothie.
Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to get out for a jog!
Great tips Freelea!
GASP...so much awesome info. My head is gonna pop. That's why we need fave links!


I'm supposed to being working on that, aren't I?
Woot! Woot! Oh you've passed that onto me now!!!

Awesome work on the roadie babe, you're becoming a real regular, cliped in & everything....boy i am impressed. Oh yes the webbing between our fingers, i think that's for when we evolve to flight? Don't ya reckon? Could be the next step...:-D
Haha you got asked about the tour!? Awesome well u must be 'suited' up & 'fitted out' with those sorts of questions!! Up against Lancey....he doesn't have fruity power like you babe so i like your chances :-) Harls is badly trying to get to show Lance around town, his visualizing everyday!

Oh hill-talk!! Hehe great work, you have never been one to back down to a physical challenge in a hurry x
This so good, Free!

INDOOR ROCK CLIMBING!!! woohoo!!! I train indoors at a large climbing gym in the U.S.A... There are climbing gyms all over the world in more places that you would think. Go to www.indoorclimbing.com and click on the link that says something like "climbing wall listings" to find a gym near you! ITS SO MUCH FUN!!! I often forget that it is EXERCISE!!!
Awesome Ashley! Yeh indoor rock climbing is amazing hey?! I would rather try it outdoors like you tho....im going to get you for a lesson one of these days young lady...
Thanks for the link babe :-)
WOW...I love this site, thanks for the info
Thought I might recycle this one for newbies :)
Great tips!
Freaking love you freelee!



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