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10 Days into HCRV 801010 diet and feel soo weak and out of energy

Hello all, 

Me and my girl friend started HCRV 811rv diet 10 days ago. Went to woodstock fruit festival and continued the same diet. We both feel so weak and out of energy and wondering what to do. I have been eating papaya, mango for breakfast and couple of banana every 2 hours; smoothie for lunch and veggie salad and soup for dinner. Is this enough? I feel like we are not eating enough but there is only so much veggies we can eat in a day. We dont want to go back to the cooked meals.. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

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Thats the problem with me. I cant eat more than 4 bananas in a row. 

I hate to break the news to ya, but you are going to have to work up to it. When I started I couldn't get through more than 5 or 6 whole bananas... But I worked up to it and and I can do 10-15 bananas at a sitting easy. This occured in just a few weeks, not months.

It's just like when you exercise and you build endurance, eating many bananas or other fruit becomes easier with dilligence and practice. You could also try pounding in the 'Nanas in a smoothie. I find it so much easier to down 1500 calories in a smoothie versus eating 15 banans. Hope that helps.

That helps.. I will work on it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah what she said, it does take some time to build up to eating more, so you can do several meals throughout the day or try to eat things in a way that is easier for now. I personally like having a big smoothie with 6-8 bananas, 10 - 15 dates, some strawberries and water. Yes it's a lot but I can get it all down and it is tasty! Plus look how it comes in for calories, for a "smallish" one:

over 1400 calories! In only one meal. So if you had that for breakfast and lunch, you'd already be close to 3000 calories for the day, then add on top of that whatever you eat in your salad meal. You will be MUCH better off with that than 1000 calories.

At cronometer.com it is free to set up an account and it's a great help to get the data, to see how you are doing on calories and your ratio. Amazing you could get by on 1000 a day by the way, whew! Man life is going to get SO much easier when you up the calories, it's going to rock! :)

Oh and if you are getting 3000 calories and feel run down, then shoot for 3500 or 4000, etc. Until you find the right level for you. You want to feel excellent, ready to go!

Blend the bananas up with water and ice. You should easily get 10-15 bananas in one sitting per person. Allow at least 20 minutes to drink it. When  i have this for lunch it easily keeps me going until teatime. If not, munch on some dates or figs or something similar. hope this helps though. stick at it :-) 

If you having trouble getting enough calories from raw food you can add some potatoes or brown rice or similar cooked carb meals.. As long as you don't add fat and still eat lots of fruit and greens as well you will be fine.

Also to stretch your stomach in order to take in more fruit you can try eating several heads of lettuce and TONS of water. After a few days of this you should be able to cram in way more fruit..

Thanks Trevor..

drink enough water! =)

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha no one said itd be ez.

I think most people on here aren't 100% sure as to what they're talking about.... Really have any of you thoroughly researched this? Anyways, here's my story. When I started the raw vegan diet, after a couple of weeks I felt fatigued, and lost a lot of weight. I had the same symptoms as diabetes. So I stopped the diet. I heard from my friend the same thing happened to her when she went vegan. She looked it up and it was her body detoxing. I think those symptoms are your body detoxing and will get over it in a few days. Anyways I'm not a doctor, but those are my thoughts. 

He did say they were eating around 1000 calories a day witch is WAY to few!

Everyone is different as far as the detox thing goes. Some people have a very hard time and some feel almost nothing.

Weakness is almost always a sign of not enough fuel. People are used to getting calorie dense (but micro nutrient poor) fatty/starchy cooked foods and then they go vegan, eat the same volume, and so they become calorie deficient.

Dude just needs to pig out on the fruit!

Thanks Claire..



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