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Hello fruit bats!

I have been following this lifestyle for 1 yr 3 months and am still struggling with weight gain.

A little background:

*I tried the paleo diet for 6 months prior to finding this lifestyle, in hopes to cure candida. I also come from a calorie restrictive background, no eating disorders, but the typical "want to be slim" girl diet Haha
*went in full steam and was 100% raw 801010 perfectly for the first 3 months...and didn't experience weight loss or gain during this time.
*discovered rawtill4 and was like ooooo yeah rice baby ;-) I started adding cooked meals into my diet for dinner here and there for the next 3 months and completely switched to rt4 at about 6 months. I quickly gained 25 lbs. While eating no salt no oil ever...always within the 801010 parameters.
*exercise every other day cycle, run, HIT work outs
*eat min 3,000 calories/ day
*3 + liters water/daily
*sleep at least 8 hrs night

Typical food log:
20 date daterade- 1400 cal on chronometer
10 banana mylk with cane sugar - 1200 cal
1 head lettuce/ mixed veg
White rice with lime and slices tomato -calories vary but usually get at least 500 cal in

I am more lenient as to what I eat now compared to in the beginning. Meaning sometimes I allow salt, bread, etc. But it's not a staple and is always low fat, high carb and vegan of course! I have not noticed much weight fluctuation with salt so I really don't think that is the issue, especially since I initially gained it while have no salt intake at all. Also I have gone back to fully raw for 3 weeks at a time with little weight fluctuation.

So my main struggle remains to be with weight gain. I started at 129lb and have been stuck at 150+ lb forever now. I know it takes time and I have to be patient. I just thought it would be beneficial for me to get my story out there to see if anyone can pin point anything I could be doing better. Hopefully I put all the info in you need, thanks!

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How tall are you?

Thanks for the reply bananaamerica! I am 5 feet 5. I see so many people on YouTube and Instagram that are smashing in the cooked carbs, averaging 5000 calories a day, and are still lean as. I think that is a thought that was pounded into our heads in our society; but the truth is as long as you're eating the right foods it really shouldn't matter how much you eat. As long as you're getting enough, that is. I really do just think it just takes time. For some people,who didn't restrict as badly in the past, their bodies will trust them sooner shedding the weight faster. I think I remember Freelee saying it took her 1.5-2 years actually so I guess it's just patience I need to remember :-) And to stop comparing my journey to others...

I think the body will do what the body will do. If I stay 80/10/10 or 90/5/5 all raw or raw till 4 3000 calories up to 6000 calories eat more of this or more of that etc.. its pretty irrelevant to the number on the scale in my case. And i still got flab i'd like to loose and I do plenty of exercise etc... I've watched the scale go up and down for no apparent rhyme or reason. 

I think if i started this diet 100lbs over weight i certainly woulda lost a considerable amt of that by now But since I'm closer to the weight I need to be at its going to be slow go.

I've seen pics of people who look like they lost 10 or 20lbs they look rather lean but they really gained 10 or 15lbs

for what its worth I've been doing this for about the same amount of time as you. Still waiting for my 6 pack etc... 

"I think the body will do what the body will do. If I stay 80/10/10 or 90/5/5 all raw or raw till 4 3000 calories up to 6000 calories eat more of this or more of that etc.. its pretty irrelevant to the number on the scale in my case. And i still got flab i'd like to loose and I do plenty of exercise etc... I've watched the scale go up and down for no apparent rhyme or reason."

Same here. This is what I was doing for a long time. Smashing down 4000-6000 calories...it was awesome....but now my body seems to be telling me to eat less...a lot less.....still tweaking it to figure out a #...but for now...some days I eat a lot, when I'm really hungry, but most days I need a lot less...

i wonder if i should eat less but cant help it If i'm hungry i eat plain and simple.

You know they are people smashing junk food that SAD diet and look lean, lean doesn't show whats going on the in body long term and it might not even show externally for them either but it sure will pass onto the next generation and the next. We get sicker by each generation and we keep eating SAD, until we change our diet (im taking humanity as a whole) we will keep getting sicker.

Sure some people can eat like crap and be lean but long term, humanity wont survive and their kids are going to get sicker and sicker.

Do you know your Vitamin D or B12 levels? If these are deficient, they can impact weight, from what I remember reading. Also, what about your thyroid levels? 

How did you feel when you added rice? More tired, sluggish, bloated? If so, perhaps it is a sensitivity to rice. Just a thought. I have food sensitivities, and if I eat corn pasta, for example, I feel like crap the next day and gain weight very quickly. 



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