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Instead of talking about adopting, and helping children without parents, shouldn't we actually start helping such children? We all can, we just have to drop the first world desires a little is all...

Is it time the vegan community starting actually doing something other than talking about this subject? After 2 years in among millions of children with no one to care for them, i can tell you now, it is! They cant wait for for the idea to catch on, they need us to learn now, that its in our power to help. Eating vegan is one thing, living vegan is another.. Compassion to all beings that suffer, including our own species...
Why dont we raise the bar a little? Living the solutions that are travelling around the community is a start surely... These children have no choice but to live as they are, so why can we chose to ignore them so as we have more peace of mind in life and often bring more children into the world with it, time to act, not talk... Much love all x

When I lived in the west, poverty and suffering was something i was aware of, something i knew was happening, but at the same time seemed a little unreal with it. I think in hindsight i had bunched poverty and suffering and the idea of homeless children in the same place i had placed movies and entertainment. After all most of the time in the west, i saw poverty and suffering in the media, and not on the street outside my home.
Sure i would see the odd homeless person, or drug addict walking the streets, and my own life was not without its troubles... But i never saw a child who was hungry back in the west, only on TV really.
Now I am here though, those children i recall from the media were portrayed as hungry for food, but i can tell you all now they are hungry for much more.. they are hungry for a home, stability, kindness, love and peace of heart and mind.... when you dont know each day where your meal is coming from, how can you have any peace in life. We in the west ask questions about life, about god, spirit and meaning....
Here to borrow the words of Gandhi,
"There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread"
....and to make that very literal, I cant recall the amount of times iv thrown away moldy bread in life...
We all need to do more, we truly do... even ourselves here where the issue of poverty and suffering is on our doorstep...
There are children out there now, as i hit these keys, and you read these words... there are little ones without any food in their bellies, any love in their hearts, or anyone to comfort them when they awaken from a bad dream later tonight, only to realize that being awake is not much better than the nightmare that just scared them.
I am not saying this to make people donate, I dont care if you share with us, or another organization... but all i am saying is, please spare a thought for them... and think about what you might be able to do to impact their lives some day...?
I believe If we all think like this, some day homeless and hungry children, living on a planet where food that could fill their bellies is thrown away, or wasted daily; along side massive amounts of empty buildings that await a profitable use... might just start to find full stomachs and a roof over their heads, and perhaps even a family to call their own... we might just start being a species we are all proud to be part of, one that puts morals over profits, and hearts over all else...
Love and light from Uchira everyone x

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