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At 11:32am on November 18, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Awww. Traveling is the best alone, believe me. Once you're a free bird you can save up and go wherever you please, it will be absolutely amazing! You can do whatever you want and make a completely new group of friends wherever you go :D.

But to really experience a country its great to get incorporated into it, like taking some classes there or living with a host family or in a dorm of some sort. You learn so much more and make so many more friends, and believe me, if you travel alone like the stereotypical tourist, no matter how many people there are around you, it's just lonely and awkward. 

I haven't actually traveled raw, I was raw several months back and then I went to canada for 5 weeks to study and I had barely any money so I ate the cafeteria food, mostly salads and stuffs... it was dreadful. But now I am more aware, and thinking about bringing kilos of dried fruit with my wherever I go, like dates, figs, apricots and the like. Usually I go where my parents go, which many times I get some say in. It's really cool. How many years do you have before college?

At 3:33am on November 18, 2011, ApeGirl April said…
Thanks, I feel super, just want to share this lifestyle with everyone. Today I rode around on my bike, plastering the area with 'go fruit yourself' stickers hehe - by traffic lights, bus stops etc. How's it hanging?
At 12:26am on November 18, 2011, ♥ Love ♥ said…

Hi Kim! :) Thanks for the add! Hope all is going well... <3

At 6:55am on November 17, 2011, Shay Beauty said…

thank you :-) and Well Today i did an eggplant stir fry...yesterday i had a falafel on pita bread with veggies and some tahini sauce. not the best stuff but just for only one meal. and yes my next step was going to be having a cooked meal every other day. I feel i should go slow because when i speed i fall down real hard. What cooked meals do you think would be better?

At 6:44am on November 17, 2011, Daniela said…

 :) Thank you, i´m glad for friending Kim ♥ 

At 6:34am on November 17, 2011, Shay Beauty said…

Hey. I am better since my last blog. I feel every time I break down I build back up stronger. I'm taking baby steps. I'm doing majority fruits and then 1 cooked vegan meal. I left the junk food alone and i'm shocked because my mom and bro were eating chips and cookies and it didn't even phase me. So i know i'm getting stronger. I still have a long way to go but i Pray through it all. And you will do fine just like me too. keep in touch when you need support :-)

At 4:49pm on November 16, 2011, TheBananaGirl said…

Just the girl next door but thanks! That is lovely of you x

At 4:48pm on November 14, 2011, Shay Beauty said…

Hey. :-) Thank you for commenting on my blog. means a lot to me. how is everything going o your side?

At 5:07am on November 14, 2011, Cecile said…

I'm a few days over a month into 100% HCRV, no salt, 100% overt free. Doing amazing. seeing changes with my body on a daily basis...how r u? :)

At 3:46pm on November 12, 2011, Cecile said…


At 3:48am on November 12, 2011, Cindy S said…

Thank you for welcoming me to 30 Bananas a day! :) 

At 1:03pm on November 11, 2011, Isao Ikegami said…

Thank you for friend request. 

It is gratitude.

I was surprised to Japanese music lyrics.

At 11:43am on November 3, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Yes, it wasn't good for my health. When I feel an emotion, I have a bad habit of needing to fully experience it with music. I was going though a depression at the time and when I listened to jrock it just got worse. I changed to kpop, and it was sort of like the raw food diet.


I used to love anime, but after a while it got old. I liked manga more XD However because of time restrictions and a fair amount of bullying, I ended up quitting. My manga addiction is gone now hahaha. Occasionally I'll go online and see where one of my favorite stories has ended up, but that's at most 1-2 times a year, not 5-6 times a day :P.


I want to backpack around the world. I think I might take a year off of college and just go to Taiwan, Thailand, Korea (though I won't be able to stay in Korea for very long because they don't have too much fruit. I'll have to bring a good 20 kilos of dates hahaha)


I have been to my fare share of countries. Japan, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Peru... :)


I want to visit every single country possible. I won't let my diet stop me, I'll just buy 20 kilos of dates and take them on my back everywhere. I was originally worried about traveling on a raw food diet, but I've been listening to ideas and, even though living on dried fruit for a long time is not great, I could easily do it for 1-2 months.


And you? 

At 9:12am on November 3, 2011, Adroa said…


Well, today I eat 40 bananas!! Which is my personal record. Yesterday was a very hard day...  

At the morning I had a 5kg watermellon and some grapes, then some exercice... then the bananas and right now I'm eating some dates. I think each of them have like 200 kalories... I buy the big ones :P    with 15 will be enough.

And for dinner I'll have a salad with greek lettuce, tomatoes and avvocato.

I'm not sure if I complete the 9000 kalories this time :(


At 4:20am on November 1, 2011, Adroa said…
HI!!! Thanks for the add. :D
At 8:45am on October 27, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Hey so sorry this reply is so late. I kept procrastinating. >.>


I don't know everywhere, probably if you go to a street vendor or someone of the sort you will find fruit, cheap. But if you're going to a normal supermarket your wallet will go ouch. 


Bizzarre in the sense of... well, for example street fashion. The girls look more like dolls than women and the men look like they just came out of a manga XD But that is what made me fall in love with japan in the first place, the people. So kind, polite, and calm. 


I used to be heavy into visual kei but I realized it wasn't good for my health so I switched to kpop. It saved my life, literally.


I love science haha. I can pass on a lot of interesting articles/books if I don't have the time, but but if they're about science I generally waste my time reading them in detail until I am left scrambling to finish everything else. It's a daily hassle. ^^;


What other countries are you interested in?

At 10:55am on October 26, 2011, Windlord said…

Aww, you made my day! :)

At 12:52am on October 26, 2011, Honeydew Gonne said…
Glad you like the name!!  A childhood friend gave it to me a couple years ago when he saw me eating entire melons in one sitting.  The name kinda stuck!
At 4:37am on October 25, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Both XD. 


I used to live in Japan. I love the place and I would love to go back again, but with being a HCRV it's a little hard since the fruit there is absolutely amazing, but not in any way cheap. What I can say is that Japan is very different from anything country I have ever been to. The mentality is bizarre but absolutely beautiful in itself. I love it.


I love dance, music, medicine, learning about the world and everything it has to offer. Every day I try to learn at least 10 new things. 


Are you into jpop of jrock?

At 4:11am on October 25, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…
My pleasure! Do you like Japanese things?

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