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At 12:34am on April 12, 2014, Craig Plunkett said…

I was thinking it'd be a more casual festival kind of like the Thai one where it's more of a meet up kind of deal, to keep it cheap/free. I will have to skip that festival after all

At 6:34am on April 11, 2014, Craig Plunkett said…

Actually that sounds really interesting. Can you tell me more about that? My birthday is in June so it could be a good present jejeje.

My training is going pretty darn well. Sometimes I start thinking I'm progressing slowly but really I have no right in the world to be thinking that..it's only been 10 months after all. OH WHAT A LONG TIME my silly side says..no way. In it for life

At 5:10am on November 19, 2013, Christina said…

Hi James, it's great to know you too! I still return to Newcastle every few months. It'll be very cool to meet you! :)

At 3:17am on August 19, 2013, Julia Silina said…

I know right! Yes to Southampton! I'll check the Facebook page out, thanks!

At 1:53am on August 19, 2013, Julia Silina said…

Ahhh OK haha! I' dbe up for it sounds like fun :) I am moving away form Newcastle in about 5 weeks tough...

At 12:39am on August 19, 2013, Julia Silina said…

Hi James,

I'm not quite sure what you mean by fruit luck?.. Could you clarify, please? Thanks :)

At 6:42am on August 18, 2013, Lyra Donnelly said…

Nice to be friends with you James! (: I know a few lovely James's, I'm sure I can add you to the bunch! :D

At 3:28am on August 6, 2013, James Palmer said…

Hey mate its great to meet you, its great to know there is some like minded people up here! Stay in touch, James

At 7:23pm on July 31, 2013, LyddieBird said…

Why aye, but south of the Tyne, though my running club seems to favour the same pie and mash training plan as the Geordies ;) Great to meet you. I'm sure you will speed past me in a race before long!

At 6:44am on July 12, 2013, Danny said…

Hey, James! James is also my middle name. nice to meet you

At 8:14am on July 11, 2013, FruitRaider said…

Hows the sunburn man....

At 3:49am on March 24, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

That is all you need then :)

I didn't there were any in my area but recently it seemed to have bloomed and raw vegans are popping up left, right and centre! 

Lol, what do you do when you try convert people to raw? Can't say I've ever done that myself, I normally only talk about it if they bring it up or ask questions.

I hope you're staying warm in all this snow!

At 5:23am on March 16, 2013, Pumpkin X said…

Your book suggestions are awesome!! Copy Paste! Thank youuuu

At 6:37am on March 15, 2013, Pumpkin X said…

Thats very scary indeed! I had to google all that! We humans are amazing aren't we? Your a fine example of that. I have had the flu for a few days, pints and pints of orange juice later I'll probs get back on my running thing tomorrow. What causes septicaemia? How are you these days? How long have you been a bananaman? And what are you goals for the future? Looks as though you've been running a few marathons, dude! Awesome.

At 3:01am on March 14, 2013, KittyKatKayl said…

Ahh Newcastle!

You will be having the same gray skies as me here in Merseyside then.

I've been around since August not 100% all the time though. You know how it goes!

On the most part I'm raw quite well, just changing and swapping a few things up as I'm learning along the way though. Have you found many raw vegans in your area yet?

At 10:26pm on March 12, 2013, Pumpkin X said…

Heeeeeeeeyyy Bananamaaayne! Thanks for the adding, i made the dude vegan in the end, he's been vegan for a few months now. Just by example. And the china study and a few documentaries. I'm not one to give up on a persons veggiecation easily. Especially if they really need it. I'm annoying like that. Your story sounds amazing, how is your health now? YOUR A DUDE

At 1:07am on February 26, 2013, Raw P said…

Absolutely! Good if we could all get a meet up going soon- it is tough up norf ;-) 

At 7:26am on February 20, 2013, Raw P said…

Thank you for the add. Good to meet you :-)

At 3:41am on February 20, 2013, Ronnie Smith said…

i'm off facebook for a while as part of a pact with a friend (he's giving up dairy for lent), so will chat to you here or on youtube...would be good to meet up sometime, i have a few friends in the north of england who are 811/fruitarian types that I plan to see at some point.  There was a good UK meet up in decemer in London for about 4 days, be good to do something like that again, I think a UK festival will happen pretty soon too, maybe next year

At 7:00am on February 18, 2013, Ronnie Smith said…

good to see you too Jamma James, i'm not very active on here come stop by now and then to promote my fruitlucks and stuff

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