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At 9:15am on August 16, 2017, carine martine said…
Dane passed in Bali last sunday...
At 10:41pm on May 14, 2013, Jesse Radja said…

I have lived in Cairns area 18 years now but always on the land somewhere within 2 hour drive ..... always with fresh water creek coming out of the jungle ...... I decided early on not to worry about owning land in OZ as its a real estate trap ..... take your whole lifes energy just to have it ...... so instead I find poeple wit large blocks of land who could use a hand ...... and are raw/fruit/vegan sympathethic ..... and then make a long term Wwoofing style deal with them ....... so in 18 years mainly lived on 3 properties ...... the last 2 I have grown more then 500 of my own trees from seeds ...... anyway I live at Daintree now ....... 10 minutes from town population 100 ?????? Way more cows then humans around here ..... 45 minutes to Mossman population 5000 ..... good weekly markets and supply base ..... So yeah its gets a bit wet and buggy here in wet season so I generally go to SE ASIA for 3 months a year ..... been running a project in Sumatera since 1997 and spend some time in Thailand too mainly ... come back in May to sunny weather usually ..... busy gardening planting and maintaing trees and gardens until end of year when rains come ..... I also try to spend some time at Fruitpoia the largest fruit farm done by raw fooders in oz if not the world .... its near Mareeba slightly drier country ...... and I help out at 2 other large fruit farms sometimes ...... in between that, foraging coconuts mango citurs jakfruit .... making music at night ..... yeah its a good life ..... better to have time and not much money then money and not much time I found .... OK look me up next time near Cairns ..... and check my Olympia flier for the Asia project if you go into my albums here one is called natural living project you can see the flier ..... under photo click on view full size .... have a read ...... I am famous man there now ..... chief monkey researcher...

At 3:49pm on April 23, 2013, Jesse Radja said…

Did you get to Eclipse Festival ??? I just saw you asking who was going ...... Well it was totally amazing the best festival I ever went to ....... 15000 people shared that moment together and it was a huge crew of like-minded alternative people ...... 5 stages ..... 6 days of music .... at least a hundred market stalls with some really cool stuff no trinkets ...... and the eclipse itself ...... WOW ..... like a portal opening into another dimension ...... OK well we have found out there is an Eclipse in Indonesia in 2016 ..... best viewed in Sulawesi (4 minutes) or South Sumatera (2 minutes)  ...... I wish and hope the event organisers from the Ozzie gig will get onto it and do something there .....

At 4:10pm on May 9, 2012, Stephen James said…

Hey Bro, cool...everythings well at the moment, hanging out and following a work opportunity on a building site my brothers at. Also I've just touched base with a seasonal hire outfit up in GinGin, north of perth with the prospect of work in june onwards.

At 1:28pm on May 5, 2012, Stephen James said…

Hey Bro :0) Do you access to Skype?

At 3:22pm on February 19, 2012, Tutti Fruity said…

Thanks for the invite Dane.  Shame you're on a different island but hopefully this vibe can spread enough to give us all a good reason to catch up someday  :-)  PS I love ChCh btw.  In fact, I love the whole South Island.  Kiwis are so lucky, man.

At 9:00pm on February 15, 2012, Blacksapote said…

Hi Chookie,

thanks for the add, it's nice to meet you!:) I was only looking at how cheap the return airfares are from Cairns to NZ yesterday.....$494 return....so cheap. I am going to sell my house and caravan around Aussie with my partner and 3 kids.......we have also heard NZ is well set up for free camping......do you know if this is true?

At 1:58am on February 10, 2012, SatchFan said…

Happy BirthDay!! :D

At 4:12pm on January 23, 2012, tegan prescott said…

yeh id love to do some earthship type houses here in nelson somewher maybe out gollden bay area tho:)yeh the doco rocks,ooh u would come in handy when we decide to make one then,ahhaha:)yeh imgoing off alcohol alot the last couple years i have got a rubbery arm tho when old friends are around,tho yes my down fall is the other substances aswell,still tryn to push that out of my life..gettn there tho, ive put it in a healther place than what i used to like:)i do want to be on the straight and narroow and find myself gettn angry or fusdtrated with myself when i do,but its a guilt thing ive got to stop doing to myself!!i used to play the guitar,will eventually get back into it,im takn up my little drum to learn fire drumm at luminate cant wait!!;)not long to go nowe..whats ur cell no dane??:)thanks for replyn back :)not long to luminate now whoop woop!!:)

At 11:05am on January 23, 2012, Olivia said…

 Yungaburra :) 700 mtrs above sea level...love these mountains and waterfalls soooo much...miss the ocean lots :)

At 10:16am on January 22, 2012, Olivia said…

Love your pics :) very cool

At 5:56pm on January 18, 2012, tegan prescott said…

yep were definitely going towards living of the land..been our dream for years,u seen any of the earthships??thats something we want to build here,and all around the world..to help others alike:)well u probley could come camp with our group but they are  ur typical kiwi guys and girls..tho i love them as they keep us real,in all the alcohol and junk food they still have,yeh ill addmit i still have the odd beer,or vodka every now and again..but ive come along way since my party four days a week style....how about u,do u still have a drink to be social with friends or family??so what instruent u play??my man alan is called Owl on soundcloud,and finally on the lineup for luminate...hes played alot of different genre since djn but mostly electro,phy trance,tribal,break beats,house,loves 80S cheesy songs..both old bogans hahaha:)but just startn to appreciate the more mellow sounds,we really went to luminate last year to observe everything and we didn't realize the amount of music we had been missing out on,and we are just scratch the surface eh,looking forward to dancing on grass again& lettn my hair down around more conscious people:)ooh he does workshops aswell cool,some of the workshops are wicked out there eh...ooh gettn all excited dane..we got a little burner for a cups of teas,and our tea meals,and few little bits and pieces for the camping side of it:)

At 5:41pm on January 16, 2012, tegan prescott said…

yeh ive suffered it on and off for years it finally cleared after seeing a herbalist last year but after going raw its resurfaced it,im glad im not the only one:)ill go have another look,i get into thses full on researchn modes were for days,weeks or months ill be tryn to find asap info into i get over loaded...hahah but im a perfectionist so i gotta find out the info frm all sorces..shocker aye!!only two weeks to go now till luminate we are going to be there on the 2nd we have decided and be ther for about four nights,by then ill be missn my animals and bed:)i know wat u mean about settling down were finally reday for that stage,its creapn in..hahaha after years off abuse and partyn so hard were finally ready to cleanse and eat our way to good health and look forward to havn some vegan kids too:)im really keen to see egypt,thailand,africa,acia,dubai,london,paris,mexico and guatamala city just to name a few off the around the world trip we been eyeing up for about a year...one day!!;)by some of your pics u done a bit of travelling anything you would suggest??i still looking to the fruitarian paradise tho:)to be self sufficent,.if thats possible??or is that too selfish of me??i was soo stocked to get free nanas frm the 4square down the road...one of those thanks u universe moments!!:)so u coming along with friends who are on this lifestyle too??we are going up with a big group of friends whom arent but are quite supportive no matter wat we do,but still question it;)gets hard some days,depends wat mood im in get quite upset by peoples judgements eh,think im gettn more sensative aswell,maybe its just damn hormonnes playn up who knows??so wat kind off tunes do u get into..u  more into dance/dj style or the more melow/folk music??my mans going to be djing one of the nights up ther so be a goodie,but after last year man all the music last year blew me away specially that katin and sekker think they're called wow that was a magical moment wen i heard them!!:)

At 2:25am on January 16, 2012, Jes said…
Thanks for the add, little jealous that you're based in NZ but seeing how I'm not planning on being in Georgia but a few more wks i'ma try and get over it...is it summer over there now?
At 7:26am on January 14, 2012, tegan prescott said…

thanks soooo much for the help,stopped takn supplements about a week ago was takn spiralina,and some herbs to detox then i realized  i should just cleanse naturally:)its workn my eczema has come back on my legs and under my arm pitts, ive been detoxing thro them the last few months cant even wear natural deodorants,as wen i went to oz for a holiday a couple months ago i drank alot of naughty beverages,that i haven't had in a while:(and i was reacting frm it in nasty welts under my arm pits and ive had them before i usually get them wen i dont exercise enough,like little hard lumps in my lymph nods...its amazing how many people panicked about them,and told me to see a specialist,i just took a few herbs to get rid of them and started walkn heaps,but they eventually went away after returning home to nz:)but since then my eczema's wont go away,im only using coconut oil  and essential oils and haven't shaved for about two weeks..haha my poor man!!;)as i been reacting to shaving too,do u know what else i could use??by the way love your pics on Facebook!!your so blessed to be able to see the beauty all around the world,ive always wanted to travel but have only got as far as australia so far,but would like to see it before the world changes as we know it:)

At 3:22pm on January 9, 2012, tegan prescott said…

ok thanks for the advice,ill start looking around my area maybe smaller companies;)yeh ive just started off having heaps of nanas but my friend whos stayn with us at the mo was worried about the level of potassium in them..with how many we are having??shes studied nutrition/and becoming a natupath i guess its the whole putting trust into this lifestyle is a big step for anyone....and were always going to get challenged wen people ask questions,and realise ur one a different eating lifestyle than they know of have heard about,how do u deal with that??and are u on facebook??;)

At 8:35pm on January 8, 2012, sunnied said…

I'm loving New Zealand! Every bit as beautiful as I was told and then some.

The quakes didn't bother me at all. Brought me back to my childhood in fact, as I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. :)

It would be awesome to meet up if you came to Qtown. Hope you do!

At 5:32pm on January 8, 2012, tegan prescott said…

so were do u get ur  cheap bananas from ??wow,i just got my first box from the supermarket that were fair trade for $75,so how long have you been having that many bananas daily??im loving all the summer fruit at the mo too,im not sure how im going to get through winter tho eh??

At 12:10pm on January 8, 2012, Susannabanana said…
You're more than welcome to hang out with me and my friends if you like? I went to a festival by myself last new years (rhythm and vines) nad had a great time meeting lots of new people :)
At 6:22pm on January 7, 2012, tegan prescott said…

swt,look forward to catchn up eh have to get some advice:)think theres a group of us going up for four five days,do u know if they have raw meals there??i cant remember from last year as we brought most of our own food last year,was hoping we wont have to this year,i can remember the bicycle guy with a blender on it..cost i think $4..so mite have to use that a bit,as i have smoothies everyday..wats most of ur daily meals if u mind me askn as im fairly new to this:)


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