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At 3:58pm on February 28, 2012, Erik Nielsen said…

Oh, and yeah, I can get dates here.  They're expensive, but I do buy them sometimes.  I had blue hair too, a year ago.  It was temporary also.  washed out in a month.

At 3:51pm on February 28, 2012, Erik Nielsen said…

Hey!  Thanks for the advice, and the tips!  I'm going to try that, with the potatoes, yams, and corn.  I haven't seen those bananas, not even in the Asian markets.  only Cavendish. I do buy frozen blueberries and strawberries for smoothies.  That helps.  I went to an Asian grocery last week in Seattle (that I found out about from reading a post on here). I got a durian, dragon fruit, coconuts, and mangoes.  That was cool (although the durian was awful).  I'll go again, though it is far from my house.

If you guys start a fruitarian community in Hawaii, I would go.  Seriously.  I've been thinking about it a lot lately, about moving to Hawaii.

Cheers and good luck!!

At 4:24pm on February 27, 2012, Liam G said…

Thank you! :)

At 3:34pm on February 24, 2012, LauraAnne said…

i needed to hear/read some of ur qoutes and ideas...thanks for that...you brought me some calm tonite ;-)))

At 3:40am on February 24, 2012, Krishna said…

"Life is so very difficult. How can we be anything but kind." t's a great quote that touched me, and I'll cherish this for the rest of today. Thank you for being there, Kimberly!!

At 8:51am on February 23, 2012, Linda Davis said…

ty so much for the kind wishes.  yea!!!!

At 7:49am on February 23, 2012, Krishna said…

Love your inspirational quotes!! Fantastic!!


At 10:57am on February 20, 2012, Kayla C said…

yea gotta love smoothies :) i love fifth element and k-pax btw! haha

At 2:59pm on February 19, 2012, Windlord said…

At 6:16am on February 19, 2012, Roxanne said…

Much better now! Rough start from undereating but actually getting enough cals in now :) I feel awesome! <3

At 5:41pm on February 18, 2012, Daniela said…

At 2:54pm on February 18, 2012, Ivegonebananas said…

You are not too far then :)

Np glad you like it. Awesome you checked out the jackfruit, I have to grab some next time!
Few things I would stay away from is the soursop (twice now I got a crappy one, one with bugs in it eww!! but maybe I just suck at picking them idk? :/ ) as well as the watermelon (it's tempting cause it's only $4.99 i think for a big one). Speaking of which, do you know where I can get some GOOD watermelon right now? I keep buying all these crappy ones but it's one of my fave fruits :(

Are you sure the Ataulfos are cheaper? Your other case might have 16...These are missing 2 mangoes so it's only 14 not 16 which I thought at first. I know, sneaky right? :D

Hmm, that durian deal sounds like heaven. Must try. I honestly can't remember which store had the fresh ones but when I go do my shopping (prolly tomorrow) I'll stop at the other ones and see if I can find them again. There's one at central parkway and burnhamthorpe and another one on central parkway and mavis and also another one somewhere in the area lol

At 11:18am on February 18, 2012, Windlord said…

"the lolcats have ripened" 


At 1:36am on February 18, 2012, Kayla C said…
I'm just getting started actually! I tried it once before after doing high fat raw but I never really did it properly! So I'm gonna see how my body likes it. Perhaps do a lot of smoothies as I transistion in. Any tips? 
At 2:55pm on February 17, 2012, Windlord said…

At 10:35am on February 17, 2012, Ivegonebananas said…

Thanks for the add :)

Sure thing, we should go on a shopping mission sometime :)

Whereabouts are you? I'm just near QEW / Winston

Thanks for the recommend. Not sure why I've never seen this place before as I've been to all the other Asian markets around the area. Guess there's nothing in Oakville eh? They stacked them all in 'sauga!

Will definitely check it out if not today sometime this week as I need to re-stock. I've actually been going all the way to Oceans which isn't bad but it's a bit more of a drive: http://oceansfood.ca/store.html

They also have ataulfo's for about the same price. They have fresh jackfruit but I haven't got around to trying it yet.

Ty for the heads up on the mangoes as well. Is that for the organic ones? 

Yeah I don't get everything organic either, it depends on the fruit. Like bananas and mangoes I don't really care but stuff like apples/blueberries/greens I prefer organic if I can find a good price.

Hahaha sounds like you have it all figured out. Find blue man, point to banana! Have you tried the frozen durian? How is it? I actually saw fresh ones at another one of those Asian stores..can't remember which one but it was either the one on central parkway/burnhamthorpe or central parkway & mavis. I was afraid to buy it though because I wasn't sure how to pick up a good one so maybe next time.

At 9:56am on February 17, 2012, Ivegonebananas said…

Hi there :)

I see you're from Oakville. I'm actually near the border but on the Mississauga side :)

Curious if you have found any interesting places for fruit? I shop at Organic Garage sometimes but have been wondering if there's any lil Asian shops or anything. The closest ones to me are like near Square one and that's a bit of a drive.

At 2:43am on February 12, 2012, Julina said…

Thanks for accepting :)

At the moment I can manage it very well, but I am afraid of a backslide. Two years ago I also tried to life only on raw vegan foods, but with much more fat in my diet (nuts and avo). At this time I sometimes felt uncomfortable - gravings came up and I had some occasional relapses. A few month later I stopped eating raw, cause it doesn't worked for me (at this way). Now I feel much more better, no severe detox symptoms and a good energy level. Maybe (after trying so many different diets) I finally find the perfect nutrition for me (I hope so).

And how are you doing on the lfrv lifestyle?

At 1:17pm on February 11, 2012, Suzie said…

hey just looking for more support on 30BAD =). my journey is going okay. I have been raw for the last 4 days but had a cooked vegan meal today. It surprised me that I really didn't like it as much as I normally did. Happy to be raw again. I really want to adapt fully to this lifestyle

At 4:46am on February 11, 2012, Josh Fossgreen said…

I buy 15lb boxes from Bautista, sometimes two at a time. Looks like I have to stock up quick, they're running out for the season already! Last year they had them until April or May...

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