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So I got my blood test results back today.  I'm low in Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.  Discussion here:


I still continue to have irregular elimination and gas.  Based on advice I got from a lot of people I decided to simplify my meals and take a 1 week trip to banana island.  Let me tell you, I am on banana island day 2, and the gas is as bad as ever.  I had 36 bananas and 1lb of spinach today.  I've been gassy all day.  This is one of those nights where I have trouble sleeping because of constant gas discomfort in my stomach and the fact that I am stinking up my bedroom, I have to leave it for a while and go somewhere else.  It's not painful, it's just uncomfortable as all get out.  It's like cruel and unusual punishment.

Stress due to various events in life is at a relative maximum.  The stress, lack of sleep and poor digestion all compound into each other, making them all worse.

I want this hell to be over.  There's an old saying "If you're going through hell, keep going".  I sure hope to get out the other side soon.  I've thought about eating cooked food just to get away from all my pain for a few hours.  The taste isn't even a consideration at this point.  I just want to be numbed out for a little while.  But I know I will probably just end up feeling worse in the end.  Plus, I've come waaay too f***ing far on this 44 days to throw in the towel and quit now.  I said 60 days, and I'm going to do 60 days.

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Comment by Iron Clad Ben on March 15, 2012 at 4:00am

I am drinking 32oz upon rising and then another 24-36oz throughout the day.

For my lunch break I left my building and went out a babbling brook within the city that is sort of an isolated nature spot.  I waited until I got really relaxed, and then slowly drank my smoothie.  I walked back to work and had an epic elimination.  I have had no gas or discomfort since!

Comment by L on March 15, 2012 at 1:44am

Also, don't forget that you are detoxing  right now!! You may have little pockets of food/air in your intestines and colon that are being cleansed out and released through the movement of all of the fiber. The release is a good thing, embrace it! Omg, I remember when I first started experimenting with raw 2 summers ago, the amount of flatulence I had was insane, and not to mention that my bowel movements were not as pleasant smelling as I hoped.

Now, I still have gas, but it doesn't smell, they are just air pockets, and as each day passes by it gets better, as long as I don't do crazy food combos!

Banana island is  my personal recommendation as well. If you are going to eat greens, blend them up into your smoothies real good. You might be having issues digesting them. It used to be a major problem for me as well, and causes only minor issues now. Patience! <3

I hope this helps <333


Comment by L on March 15, 2012 at 1:39am

What is your water intake like and how close between meals do you have water? That totally may affect your digestion, as you may be sensitive right now, especially because of the stress. Personally, I have no problem drinking water 10 minutes before a smoothie, but it may differ for you at this moment in time.

Comment by Iron Clad Ben on March 15, 2012 at 12:12am

The digestion issues are probably 90%+ due to stress.  On vacation my digestion is worlds better.  This past winter when I was staying with my mom in Boston where my bananas were crappy and I was eating lots of rice and potatoes to get by, my digestion was champ level.  I think I need to work on not eating while stressed.  Since I eat breakfast and lunch at work, at my desk, in a hurry I think that really effs up my digestion.

Comment by Marius ~ constantiN on March 14, 2012 at 4:55pm

I think sunlight and mushrooms are great sources of Vit D... as for B12... Seems like a shot may be the way, there are a few kind of b12's out there some are less expensive than other but also the more $$ the more readily available for ur body... as for the gas... i dunno what to say, just blame a duck.

I eat 5+lbs 'naners a day and have no gas issues.

Keet up the good work and make sure you keep on breathing and drinking water.

Comment by Roxanne on March 14, 2012 at 3:54pm

Uhhhhh.... Could you maybe have a sensitivity to bananas?

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