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Here is my plan for the next bit: 100% raw breakfast until dinner. Dinner will be greens with grains/beans/legumes without condiments (except fresh herbs). I hope to be able to save some money and get my family in on the vegan action. I realize some of my pass failures come from a low intake. I am going to ramp it up to 2500 calories DAILY with pretty much 2000 in by lunch (This will be key - as I normally crash by 3 to 4PM from low intake). I only have 50 to spend this week. So my plan is to go to whole foods for organic bananas bc they are smaller and taste better. (80+ cents a pound). I bought some cheap oranges at food lion, if they taste good ... I'll buy more. I love fresh OJ!!! Anyways, here is the plan for tommorow:

Meal 1: 8 small peaches with raw OJ (1000)

Snack: 7 Nana and water smoothie (700) or just the plain nanas!

Meal 2: Romaine leaves and 5 apples (500)

Meal 3: Adzuki beans and squash (300)

I know I can do this!! This is the best way to incorporate this lifestyle on a budget/with a busy work schedule/toddler. I don't like bananas - but the whole foods organic ones are totally good. When I go back to work, I hope to be able to afford a bit more, but this will due! I'm going to try and keep track of my successes and failures on here! XOXOX

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Comment by Greenmama on May 23, 2012 at 1:30am

Good to see you.   That peach/ o.j. combo sounds yum!


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